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Student Success Stories

Hear real-life stories from students who have trained with eBusiness Institute. Real lives, real change, real online entrepreneurs.

6 Figure Income (Monthly!) With Automated Websites

Several years ago Lucy Walter and Gary Clements were facing an extremely challenging period of their lives – Gary’s traditional business once worth millions of dollars was being decimated …

How They Make $8,000 / Month, Working Only 8 Hours A Year

If you’re a beginner in buying websites for passive income, how do you imagine your life four years from now? Consider the possibility of owning a portfolio of income-generating websites …

How This Father and Son Team Turned $1 Million into $2.5 Million in Under 2 Years

If you had a $1 million, could you turn it into $2.5 million in 2 years? That’s exactly what this father-and-son team did, except they didn’t have a million dollars sitting around.

Beginner Makes $5,000 a Month Buying Websites For Passive Income

How do you make $5,000 a month buying websites for passive income if you’re a total beginner? And how much does a website with the potential to make $5,000 a month even cost?

How She Bought $5K Bargain Website (Now Worth Over 6-Figures)

How would it feel to drive out of your driveway in your brand-new four-wheel drive and caravan on the trip of a lifetime?  Imagine doing a lap around Australia with no deadlines and no end date.

How Mark Bought 2 Websites on Flippa And Made Over $100,000

When it comes to buying websites on Flippa, there are people who are doing this really well, and there are other people who are struggling to find the opportunities.

Website Investing Masterclass

How beginners are buying websites for passive income. The new way to financial independence.

How He Makes More Per Month Working For Himself Than 15 Years In Corporate (2 Year Update)

Calem worked in a high-stress corporate role for 15 years and got paid really well for it, but he decided to leave it all behind to pursue a lifestyle business.

How This Stay At Home Mum Earned Her First $30,000 Online

Jing is a testament to what’s possible when you pick one strategy and give it your laser focus for one year. Even though she had no experience and no network but she still grew an online business from 0 to 30k while raising 3 kids.

Online beginner earns over $100,000 working from home building passive websites

This is one of our favourite student success stories of how a total techno-phobe and internet newbie – the amazing Chriss Smith, absolutely blitzed it …

Want To Leave Your Corporate Job and Start a Profitable Online Business?

Leaving a corporate job and a great salary behind can feel daunting, so how do you plan for that and how do you replace that income?  That’s what this amazing couple has achieved that and in this interview, you’ll hear exactly how they did it

How This Couple Started a Travel Blog and Now Get Paid To Travel The World

2 years ago, Bec & Chris didn’t even want to own a travel blog. Today they have an online business with millions of followers and travel all over the world. Here’s how they did it…

Single Mom Makes 6-Figures Within 2 Years By Retraining in Digital Skills

It’s one thing to earn 6-figures within 2 years from an online business.
It’s another to achieve six-figure success when you’re a single mum of a neurodiverse daughter while juggling a consulting business.  Yet Hilary has been able to achieve this all while working part-time on her online business.

Listen to Matt and Liz

Follow Matt and Liz Raad on the Digital Investor podcast for real-life stories that will inspire you and provide insights for online investing.

Burnt Out Teacher Transitions To Digital and Earns An Extra $32,000

When Matt started training with us, he was so disheartened and mentally worn out from his teaching career that he was already starting to look for work at his local Bunnings warehouse just for a change.

Champions Grad Shares How He Future-Proofed His Family’s Income

Greg is not our typical student. He already had 6 years of experience running his own online business.  Yet, his results were typically a painful hit-or-miss.  Fast forward 10 months and Greg has not only turned his online business around …

How To Start A Web Design Business With No Experience

Can a total beginner really replace their income by starting a website business? Especially with no digital skills and no prior web design or …

Engineer Retrains in Digital Skills & Replaces His Income In 18 Months

Richard was already very successful with his corporate career in engineering and in real estate, with multi-million-dollar deals. But he was always stressed and had limited cashflow to support his young family.  He was looking for something more…

Burnt Out Employee Quits 6-Figure Income And Surprises Herself with a New Digital Career

Are you sick of the rat race and looking for an alternative careers for lawyers? As leading educators of digital training, we’ve helped people …

Why Jack Is Happy He Didn’t Go To University – He Became An Online Entrepreneur

To get a high paying job in Australia, the traditional thinking is you need to finish high school, get high grades, go to University, and then …

Begin Your Story

How beginners are buying websites for passive income. The new way to financial independence.​

From Corporate Grind To Lifestyle Digital Business Owners

How this couple quit their full-time corporate grind jobs & incomes to spend more time with their young kids by working online.

How to Replace Your Job with This 6 Figure Work From Home Career

Deciding to create a work from home career for yourself can mean much more than just the money it provides.  Imagine for a moment if …

How Joe Burrill Did Over $1 Million In Website Deals

Joe Burrill, dubbed the most successful website broker of 2020 by Flippa, started his buying websites for passive income journey with us in 2012.  Joe went from working as a customer service 9-5 government clerk …

Military Officer Quits High-Pressure Job and Replaces His 6-Figure Salary with Websites

This is the story of how Mr X (name withheld by request) was able to transition out of the military by retraining with digital skills to start …

From Offshore Oil Rig To Digital Income In Just 9 Months

Today we speak with one of our Champions graduates, Chris Dinham. Chris doesn’t do things by half – he went from quitting his job to working online full-time in just 9 months!

Digital Skills Hand Pete A Million Dollar Deal

Even though our eBusiness Institute students are all learning the same digital skills to create online businesses, it’s really interesting to see how some of our students use these skills …

Introductory Training Session

The 3-Step strategy to buy & renovate websites for passive income... even if you have no online experience

From Teachers To Online Entrepreneurs

There’s no doubt about it – the Anner’s are a family who take a lot of action! And it’s really paying off for them too. They’ve gone from being full-time teachers …

How Damen & Sheree Quit The 9-5 Grind For the Online Lifestyle

If you want to learn How to QUIT your 9 to 5 job and START your own business online, you’ll want to hear their story.  Damen and Sheree are a mum-and-son team…

How Buying Passive Websites Set This Couple Free Financially

Mark and Silvia set a goal last year – to replace Marks teaching salary with more passive income from digital assets.  On our website investing program they learned how to …

How Ward Replaced His Income Digitally After Losing His Job

In today’s student success story we interview Ward who suddenly found himself retrenched and decided to retrain in digital so he could work from home.  Ward was working in the oil and gas industry as a senior engineering manager.

How To Earn More and Work Less With Websites

Today we’ve got a really cool story to share about how one of our graduate students, Chris, has used websites to earn more and work less.  If you’ve been dreaming of being able to travel anywhere in the world while still …

From Buying Websites For Passive Income To Building A Digital Agency with Yvette and Jasmine (Part 2)

Yvette and Jasmine are a mum-daughter team who started their buying websites for passive income journey with us in 2017.

What Our Students Say

Because of the skills I’ve learnt, I'm now able to present myself as a professional web designer in networking groups. What I'm learning is really valuable, and I’m also so grateful to be surrounded by the Champions community Matt and Liz have created.

My most valuable learning from this course is that anything is possible. Who would have thought that an accountant from the corporate world and a nurse could develop websites? Wow!! – we now know how to develop a fully functional website. We now know what to look for when buying websites, we have learnt the art of patience and the skill of negotiation. I have achieved something that I never knew was even possible – developing websites.

Matt and Liz have been most supportive and motivating to help us transition from 5-9 job to online entrepreneurs. It has been tough for us but made much easier and more sustainable with Matt and Liz’s inspiration, mentoring and motivation.