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Digital Skills Hand Pete A Million Dollar Deal

Digital Skills Hand Pete A Million Dollar Deal

…this has created a lot of extra cash flow for me which has allowed me to invest back into passive income and digital assets

Even though our E-Business Institute students are all learning the same digital skills to create online businesses, it’s really interesting to see how some of our students use these skills to not only create their own online digital opportunities, but also to enhance their existing offline business or work opportunities.

Today I chat with Pete, who is a successful graduate of ours at the EBusiness Institute. What we love about Pete’s story is that he’s used his new-found digital marketing skills to turn his existing job into a lucrative business partnership.

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Pete creates million dollar business opportunity through negotiation

Liz Raad:                   I’m here in gorgeous Adelaide watching the sunset over the water with Pete. And I wanted to catch up to find out what he’s been up to because he’s done something really different with his digital skills. Pete – can you give us a quick rundown of what you’ve been up to?

Growing Your Entrepreneurial Mindset can quickly get you into million dollar deals with no money down…

Pete:                Well I guess for me the big part is mindset. From the study (with you and Matt Raad) and learning all about digital marketing with the E-Business Institute got me in the entrepreneurial mindset to actually end up asking for a percentage of a business that I worked in. This makes quite a bit of money, which is always very nice. Now I’m part-owner and I run the business, which is fantastic. And this has created a lot of extra cash flow for me which has allowed me to invest back into passive income and digital assets.

Pete’s Strategy to create passive income AND increase his casflow:

Liz:                   That is awesome! So, from zero digital skills now being offered to own part of a business because of those skills.

Pete:                That’s right. And I always thought cash flow was the most important thing. So, in my mind I was saying, “How do I get the easiest cash flow?”

My answer to that was working on the business that I was already in, getting a stake of it, and then converting some extra money. This now allows me to leverage up my income, to create the passive income, which is what I wanted in the start.

So, it’s a little bit of a different way of getting there, but it’s the same result at the end.

Liz:                   And that’s what I love, that you can get there in a different way that you find, and the path may take different turns.

Pete:                Correct, and not to be discouraged by people saying that you can’t do it because there’s always a way. It’s just everyone’s way is a little bit different.

Pete’s unique way to develop a large passive income stream…

Liz:                   Actually, that’s what I was going to ask you. For someone starting out, what’s that advice that you would give someone who maybe doesn’t have any skills yet, but has those big dreams?

Pete:                I think for me in that journey, I really liked the job I was in and it resonated with me. So, I wanted to do the best I could at it and also make the most money I could outside of it. But I also wanted to have that passive income to be able to scale down the work eventually.

Pete’s new wealth mindset made the difference…

So, for me it was focusing on the cash flow, and also getting the courage and the mindset to ask for what I thought I was deserving of with my new digital skills. That was a massive part, asking for something and not being ashamed to ask for it.

Liz:                   That’s awesome, congratulations. It’s so awesome to see where you’ve got to. Thanks so much for being with us.

Pete:                Thank you very much.