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Matt and Liz Raad
Podcast Media Kit

Matt and Liz are experienced Podcast guests who will bring energy, clarity and actionable website investing advice to your listeners

Matt and Liz Raad
Website Investment Experts and Educators With Successful Students From All Over Australia

Matt and Liz Raad are highly successful Website Investors, Angel Investors, and Digital Educators who have been involved in Mergers & Business Acquisitions for nearly 30 years in the $1M to $20 Million range.

They are regarded as Australia’s leading experts in website valuation, website due diligence and investing in digital assets. They were one of the first in the world to buy & renovate a portfolio of websites, a strategy they now teach beginners to reach 6 and 7-figure incomes.

They love to inspire listeners with their insights from their journey as successful entrepreneurs and investors, starting out as zoologists (with no money), buying their first business, expanding into multi-million dollar mergers and acquisitions, transitioning to tech and the digital world, and how they successfully worked together as a team for the last 30 years.

Their primary focus is teaching total beginners to do what they have done – how to transition and replace a high-income job or business income with more leveraged, high cash-flow, location independent digital skills & online businesses.

When they are not researching, buying and talking about cash flow online businesses you will find them out training on their mountain bikes or training for Ninja Warrior/CrossFit with their kids.

Matt & Liz Raad Specialised Skillsets

Matt Raad website investor and educator

Professional Speakers
Key speaker at eBusiness Institute live and online events for 100-800 attendees.  Guest speakers at conferences worldwide on topics of business investing, M&A, website investing & SEO.

Exits & Acquisitions – Business Valuations Advisors
M&A advisors to Private Equity, 7-8 figure entrepreneurs and high net worths.

Private Advisors & Coaches
Advisors for high net worths & high performance individuals in business, entrepreneurial mindset, life balance, goal setting, business growth & online strategies

Topics Matt and Liz Raad Can Speak On

  1. How To Buy And Renovate Websites For Income & Assets
  2. How To Replace Your Income Within 12 Months Using Websites
  3. How To Buy, Renovate and Sell Online “Real Estate”
  4. How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income Using Digital Assets
  5. How to Use SEO To Build A Million Dollar Portfolio
  6. How To Make A Million When You’ve Never Earned More Than $100,000
  7. How to Work With Your Partner 24/7 for 30 Years And Stay Sane!
matt & liz raad livestream workshop

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Inspiring website investing knowledge and advice from Australia's leading website investors

Example Interview Questions To Ask Matt and Liz

Matt Raad Presenting live
The Buy, Renovate and Sell Website Strategy:
  • How did you discover your website investing strategy?
  • What sort of sites do you buy? How do they work?
  • What are the returns on websites?
  • How much money do you need to do this?
  • Can you give me some examples of website buys and renovations?
  • How do you do due diligence on websites?
  • How do you run the sites? How passive are they?
  • What are the trends in this market? Has anything changed over the last few years?
  • Am I too late? Have I missed the market or the best deals?
  • Can a non-tech person do this? How would they get started?
Liz Raad Podcaster

Digital Investors Podcast Hosted By Matt Raad

Follow Matt and Liz Raad on the Digital Investor podcast for real-life stories that will inspire you and provide insights for online investing.

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Podcasters, Presenters and Educators

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Champions Program Student Graduates
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Podcasts Matt Raad Has Been Featured On


Making Semi-passive Income From Website Investing

Could website investing be your next side hustle or FIRE strategy? Today’s guest and entrepreneur Matt Raad has created financial freedom by buying and renovating websites to generate cashflow and build wealth.


Matt Raad on being an Angel Investor and buying and selling $20 million businesses

In this episode of the Niche Website Builders Podcast, host Adam Smith talks to Matt Raad, an online investor of businesses and sites.  Matt realised the opportunity of investing in online business over 10 years ago and now has a portfolio of passive money-making websites with his wife, Liz. 


Get Invested: Matt Raad on investing in digital property

Buying, renovating, selling and investing isn’t just limited to bricks and mortar, the digital world offers huge opportunities for property investors to diversify and unlock more cashflow, says Matt Raad.


228. Leveraging Digital Assets For Passive Income With Matt Raad

You’ve been told to invest your time and money in traditional avenues like stocks and real estate, hoping for passive income that never seems to materialize. The pain of constantly working hard but not seeing the results you desire is all too real. But what if there’s a more effective action you can take? Imagine discovering the untapped potential of website investing, where you can leverage digital assets to build long-term wealth and finally generate the passive income you’ve been longing for.


Ep 17 Part 1: Matt Raad on Website Funds, Startups & Domains

In this episode of the Website Investing podcast, Richard speaks with Matt Raad from eBusiness Institute which teaches website investing through their Digital Profits Program.


Using Websites To Earn High Cashflow with Matt Raad

Matt Raad will discuss generating cash flow and building wealth using digital assets like websites, offering real-life success stories and examples. This episode aims to motivate listeners to pursue new side hustle opportunities.


The Untapped Potential of Online Business Ownership - Episode 51

We are joined today by our guest, Matt Raad, an expert in the field of digital real estate, to explore the often-overlooked world of online business investments. Matt shares his journey from brick-and-mortar business ownership to mastering the art of buying and selling online businesses.


Episode 36, with Matt Raad

On this episode, we have an awesome guest. We have Matt Raad, who is regarded, as Australia’s leading expert in training total beginners how to buy websites, website valuation, website due diligence and investing in digital assets.


354 - Generating Wealth From Buying and Selling Websites with Matt Raad

The business world is continuously being shaped by digital growth and creating an online presence these days is a must. A digital presence may be considered underrated, but it’s guaranteed to bring extensive impact. 


931 – Why Some Students Succeed More Than Others with Matt Raad

The most impactful of success tips for business may be to have the right mindset. eBusiness Institute’s Matt Raad chats with James about why this is so.

Looking to put your surplus money to work? Digital investor Matt Raad discusses the option of alternative passive website portfolio building.

What is digital real estate investing? The Raads discuss opportunities and trends around buying and selling websites, which they both do and teach.


The surprisingly simple wealth-building strategy of website investor Matt Raad | #641

Some people buy, renovate and sell property in the hope of creating the perfect lifestyle. Not today’s guest. Matt Raad (and his wife Liz) buy, renovate and keep (although sometimes they sell) websites, and they have created the perfect lifestyle.


How To Buy Websites For Cash Flow, with Matt Raad

Want to skip the start-up phase and jump right into a business that has cash flow? Today’s Side Hustle Hero guest Matt Raad will tell us how. He and his wife Liz became rock stars in Australia, analyzing the value of bricks and mortar businesses for potential buyers. Fast forward some years, and today they have an extensive portfolio of “website” businesses and earnings well into 7-figures.


How to Make a 400% Increase on Your Investment With Matt Raad

Today he shares his client Lisa’s inspiring tale. He delves into how this stay at home mum wanted to capitalise on the increasing web asset profit market without sacrificing quality time with her children. We’ll hear how she did it and what steps she needed to take to achieve— and exceed— her goals. 

In this episode Raad shares John’s story. John was in a senior corporate role that had slowly eaten away at his enthusiasm for his job, and he felt unfulfillment creeping in. After trying his hand at property, he encountered one too many roadblocks and realised that wasn’t the path he wanted to take either. Enter The eBusiness Institute!


Unconventional investor and leading expert in digital investments, Matt Raad

Matt Raad has defied convention and achieved financial freedom through a unique path. Starting with nothing, he built a high cash flow portfolio by buying and selling businesses. Today, he is a recognized authority in website investments, using digital assets to generate wealth. As a pioneer in the field, Matt was among the first to explore the potential of buying, building, and renovating websites. He now teaches beginners how to reach six and seven-figure incomes using this strategy.


44 - How To Buy An Existing Website The Right Way With Liz and Matt Raad

Buying an existing website which is already getting traffic is a quick and easy way to enter a market. However, you need to do proper due diligence first. In this episode, I chat with Liz and Matt Raad about the metrics and key things you need to look at before you jump in and buy a website.


How To Start Out On Flippa

Matt is the CEO and Co Founder of eBusiness Institute and with wife Liz, they have been recognised as Australian experts in buying online businesses. Their courses help students to look for businesses that they can buy and build and their platform of choice is Flippa.


The Unconventional Approach to Financial Freedom, with Matt Raad

As Ecommerce entrepreneurs, we may not consider ourselves traditional investors. But in today’s digital landscape, we’re all in the business of selling and investing in our future. We may not have a stock ticker or a brick and mortar property, but we have websites and digital assets that hold incredible potential and can produce amazing cash flows.


EP61: How Matt Raad Teaches Beginners to Buy and Grow Content Websites

This week, Michael speaks with Matt Raad, the co-founder of eBusiness Institute. Matt has acquired over 100 content websites and he now teaches people how to buy and grow online businesses and content websites.


Unlock financial freedom: Generate passive income through flipping websites

Join us live as Infinite Wealth will have an in-depth webinar with Matt Radd to show you how you can quit your job in 12 months by flipping websites.


183: How to Achieve Financial Freedom and Lifestyle Flexibility With Matt Raad & Kevin Bees, Profit Maximisation Expert

Matt Raad has created financial freedom in his life, starting from zero and using a very unconventional method. Both he and his wife, Liz Raad are website investors, which means they use digital assets to generate their cash flow and wealth.


206. Buying and selling websites aka Flipping Websites with Matt & Liz Raad

In this episode of the Website Investing podcast, Richard speaks with Matt Raad from eBusiness Institute which teaches website investing through their Digital Profits Program.


Ep. 84: How Building A Content Website Can Help You Make Money From Home With Matt Raad, eBusiness Institute

In today’s interview, Online Business Launchpad podcast host, Trudy Rankin, talks with Matt Raad, from the eBusiness Institute, about his favourite online business model (spoiler alert, it’s all about content websites) and the one skill he thinks is more important than any other, if you want to be able to make money online.


Ep 17 Part 1: Matt Raad on Website Funds, Startups & Domains

In this episode of the Website Investing podcast, Richard speaks with Matt Raad from eBusiness Institute which teaches website investing through their Digital Profits Program.



How To Buy And Sell Websites For Profit

Usually when I talk about websites, I focus on YOUR website.  It is something you invest time as well as love and attention on (just like your business). Today we look at websites differently. We’re going to look at them as a commodity. Something you can buy, sell, renovate, earn an income from and sell for profit.


EFP 197: Entrepreneurial Couples

In this episode, Joe and I discuss how building a successful business can be difficult, however, it’s all the more rewarding when you get to celebrate with someone who is both your business partner and your spouse.


12 - Buy to Sell: Acquiring For Growth

Kickstarting, selling, acquiring, and merging several companies with his wife, Matt Raad has built a life for himself in the Australian countryside doing what he loves. He believes that business is the vehicle through which you can realise the life of your dreams and then created a company that supports it.


Building Cash Flow with Online Real Estate with Matt Raad

How can you get more out of the books you read and turn those lessons into real results? On this episode of The Passive Wealth Strategy Show, host Taylor Loht interviews Nick Hutcheson, author of Rise of the Reader. Nick shares his insights on how to read more consistently, get actionable lessons from the books you read, and turn those lessons into results in your life and business.


Unleash Your Decade: How to Achieve 10 Years’ Worth of Success with Matt Raad

Our guest, Matt, takes us on a riveting ride through his life, sharing how he went from growing up in a poor environment to becoming an international speaker, acquisition business expert, and advisor to high-net-worth individuals.


EPS 42 - How To Buy & Sell Profitable Business & Websites With Matt Raad

Matt Raad and his wife Liz are business and website investors, Angel Investors and leading educators in website design, website monetisation and digital marketing. They are recognised as the Australian experts in flipping websites through buying, renovating and selling profitable websites and businesses.


EP 65: The Top Five Tips For Buying Websites For Income & Assets

There is a famous saying isn’t there, you always start out with the end in mind. And I guess that is very relevant to anyone listening to this podcast because we’re all in business. What we find is when people start thinking about, even if they don’t want to sell now and the next five years, but when their mind is on the exit, they naturally create a far better business.


Investing in a website: How to drive business growth via SEO easily

Matt Raad is the CEO and Co-Founder of eBusiness Institute (a digital training organization and is passionate about helping others to buy online businesses.) and with his wife Liz, they have been recognized as Australian experts in buying online businesses.


How to Renovate your Digital “Real Estate” for Maximum Value with Liz Raad

How to value & grow your digital real estate.


Search Engine Optimization For Beginners

5 Simple SEO Tactics To Double Your Website Traffic, Leads and Sales


Is Website Investing the Key to Passive Income?

In this episode of the Rich Dad Radio Show, guest host Greg Arthur interviews Matt Raad, an expert in website investing. Matt shares his experiences and strategies in buying and selling websites, emphasizing the potential high returns and low risk compared to traditional businesses.


Online Business With Matt Raad

On board the pod today is Matt Raad, from the eBusiness Institute, who is joining us once again, to discuss changes to the online real estate landscape, to discuss Matt and Liz’s business philosophies and to cover some of the Frequently Asked Questions about online businesses and websites that popped up in the recent webinar. 

On board today we have two VIPs in the first class cabin. These entrepreneurs were able to light the afterburners on their own wealth engines through a number of successful business ventures.

On board today we have two VIPs in the first class cabin. These entrepreneurs were able to light the afterburners on their own wealth engines through a number of successful business ventures.


Turning the Internet into Income: The New Age of Entrepreneurship with Matt Raad

Have you ever dreamed of swapping the 9 to 5 grind for the freedom of running your own online business? Join us as we sit down with Matt Raad, a man who traded zoology for the digital business world, and hasn’t looked back since.


Unlocking The Digital Goldmine

In this episode, you’ll gain insights into Matt’s entrepreneurial and investment journey, which took him from being a zoologist to a business buyer, expanding into multi-million-dollar mergers and acquisitions, and transitioning into the tech and digital landscape. For the past 27 years, Matt and Liz have successfully collaborated as a team, and their mission is to inspire others to replace their incomes with highly leveraged, high cash-flow, location-independent digital skills.


Buying, Pimping and Monetising Websites (Liz Raad with Jason Barnard)

Liz Raad was at SMS Sydney to get some extra SEO knowledge – but she knows more than she lets on. Liz and her husband (Matt) buy fully functional domains that they can monetise, or sell on – a bit like buying property, apparently. But the ROI on websites is incredibly high. MUCH higher than real estate.


Family & Financial Freedom

In this episode, Josh talks to Matt Raad. Matt has created financial freedom in his life, starting from zero and using a very unconventional method. He shares his insights into his journey as a successful entrepreneur and full-time investor, starting out as a zoologist, buying his first business, raising a young family and having lots of great adventures on the way!


Owning Targetted Traffic with Matt and Liz Raad

Discover a one-of-a-kind way of owning targeted traffic with Australia’s website investment experts, Matt and Liz Raad. Passionate about educating business about online, Matt and Liz founded H1 Digital Education, the Queensland-based digital marketing course provider.

Live and Livestream Digital Training Conferences and Events

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Liz Raad website investor & digital educator
Matt and Liz Raad digital investment summit
Digital Training Event Matt and Liz Raad
Liz Raad Podcaster
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Matt and Liz Raad studio recording
Matt and Liz Raad on stage media
Liz & Matt Raad presenting fun
eBusiness Institute live conferences
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Matt and Liz Are Getting Great Reviews

Digital Investors Apple Podcast review

Matt and Liz Raad are great teachers, able to make a complex subject easy and very do-able. Just get in and follow the program - it works!

Review for Matt Raad Digital Investor Podcast

Matt and Liz have a unique way to present and explain concepts and their vast experience in business and in life makes then a role model we all would like to follow.

Review of Matt Raad Podcast

Matt and Liz are successful internet entrepreneurs and teach it as it is. They take you step by step, from fumbling around in a fog, to clarity and success – and they make it fun. They show you how you can reach the same level as them.

Matt and Liz Raad are THE experts in teaching you the keys to buying and selling websites for profit. There is no one else with such knowledge that are willing to share this so freely.

Matt Raad review Digital Investor podcast

"Matt and Liz are the most down to earth presenters I have come across. We have both been to a number of seminars and courses but this course is by far the best value for money. You both give so much of yourselves during the year. Everyone I'm sure feels that their success is personally important to both of you. Thank you so much."

Positive review for Matt Raad

You will be amazed at the amount of info you will receive, delivered in a generous and friendly, easy to understand way. Do not miss it – or you will be missing a life changing opportunity. Just make the time to, you’ll never regret it. Current Legend – Best decision I ever made!

Great review for Digital Investor Podcast

I think Matt and Liz Raads personal style in presenting and coaching website and online skills makes something daunting for most an exciting and empowering journey.

Digital Investor review

Very enlightening event revealing several ways with numerous techniques to realise financial freedom that the uninitiated general public, could not even dream of ever achieving in their lifetime, let alone in a few years.

Positive review for Digital Investor Podcast with Matt Raad

I've been to a lot of money making seminars & goal setting ones but these guys are the real deal. They practise what they preach and more, they are like onions – every time I hear them I get more information.

Great Review for Matt Raad Digital Investor