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From Buying Websites For Passive Income To Building A Digital Agency with Yvette and Jasmine (Part 2)

Buying Websites For Passive Income Started Their Journey To Earning Money Online

Yvette and Jasmine are a mum-daughter team who started their buying websites for passive income journey with us in 2017.

Yvette went from knowing nothing about buying passive income sites to now having her own website portfolio while building websites for local businesses.

Jasmine had no experience with websites either, yet with our free masterclass on buying websites for income and the Digital Investors Program, she bought a website for $320 and sold it for $6,000, earning $10,000 in total.

In today’s interview, you’ll hear Yvette and Jasmine’s journey from buying websites for passive income, to starting a digital agency, and now working where they want, whenever they want.

Watch this interview to learn how you can go from being totally computer illiterate to loving everything that websites have to offer and making a full-time income as a mum of four.

CLICK ON THE VIDEO BELOW to hear how Yvette & Jasmine achieved their lifestyle goals with the digital skills they’ve learnt from Matt and Liz Raad.

An update on Yvette and Jasmine’s online journey…

Matt Raad: Today I’ve got mother and daughter team, Jasmine and Yvette with us.  Thanks so much for coming along to do this update interview.

I’ve asked Jasmine and Yvette to give us all a bit of an update of where they’re at. I wanted to see where they’re up to in their online journey, and what they’re doing today when it comes to buying and selling websites. 

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A lot of our community have heard so much already about these two amazing ladies. So, I also wanted to share their success story with you.

And I especially wanted to share Jasmine’s first website purchase, because it’s a bit of a legendary story in our community!

Yvette & Jasmine started their digital education in 2017 with the eBusiness Institute…

But to start with, when did you both begin your digital education with us?

Jasmine: It was late 2017 that we joined the Champions program.

Matt: Awesome. So, you both joined and worked through the online course together. And at that time, Jasmine, what was your background? Were you into computers, and had you worked online before?

Jasmine: No. I had studied science at university and then funnily enough was just working in an admin job. So, I didn’t really use my degree and it was a very under-stimulating job. 

Being a 28-year-old, I was definitely familiar with computers. But I had no experience on websites or servers or affiliate programs or anything like that.

Neither of them started with any website or online experience…

Matt: And what about you Yvette? What were you doing at the time? If I remember, you were doing manual labor working in a pretty full-on role that started at five in the morning.

Yvette: That’s right. I started at 5:00 am and I worked at Sydney markets. The job was full on. I had brawn but no brain! I was getting up very early and working really long days. It was hard work. And I had no idea how to use the computer. I could send an email, but I couldn’t send attachments. I was just totally computer illiterate.

Matt: And so fast forwarding to today. As I just mentioned, a lot of our community have watched both of you and your amazing journey. You have both done everything we teach at eBusiness Institute. You’re real action takers!

buying websites for passive income yvette and jasmine

And just so all our readers know, Jasmine and Yvette are our Ultimate Champion Cup winners.

That means, in their year of the Champions program with Matt and Liz Raad, they were our ultimate students for that year.

And I think we’ll all agree that it’s because you have both done every strategy that we taught you.

You’re buying websites, you’re building websites, and you’re also building websites for local businesses.

And now, you’ve each started your own digital agencies. 

Jasmine made $10,000 on her first website, bought for $320…

But first, I want to take a look at that famous website you bought. This was your first website you purchased. Can you tell us a bit about that, and how much you paid for it? 

Jasmine: Yes, so I bought a website called trampolizing.com. This was just a very basic Amazon Affiliate review site about trampolines. I purchased this back in late 2017 for USD$320. This was maybe the second website that I’d ever bought off Flippa. 

Based on what we learned through eBusiness Institute, and Matt Raad’s recommendation, we were just buying really cheap websites. This was so we could learn how to transfer them and renovate them for profit. 

Jasmine’s made her money back within four months…

Within four months I had made my money back on this website. I then sold this site on Flippa in mid 2020 for USD$6,000.  For the time that I owned this website, I earned around USD$4,000 in income. So, at the end of the day, I bought it for USD$320 and ended up earning around USD$10,000 in total.

buying websites for passive income matt and liz raad

In the end, Jasmine added one article every other month to maintain her passive income website…

Matt: Very nice! So back then, you were working online, you were learning how to buy and sell websites online, and you’re probably thinking, “Wow, this is actually pretty cool!” And to then get that result to sell it for $6,000.

Jasmine: Yeah, it was pretty awesome! Particularly because this was such a learner site. I didn’t really buy it with any big expectations. But when it paid itself off in four months, it made me think, “Ok, this could actually end up being pretty profitable”.

Matt: And while you owned it, did you do much work on the site?

Jasmine: In the beginning I did. But in the end, I think I added maybe one article every other month (whenever I felt like it!). I also did some very minor SEO tweaks along the way, but nothing major at all.

Once Yvette & Jasmine learnt on how to buy and renovate websites for passive income, they started building websites for local businesses for faster cash-flow…

Matt: What a fantastic result, and you must be very proud of what you’ve achieved here Jasmine. And I wanted to say a big thank you too, for letting us share this story with our community!

As you know, at our Digital Investors 3 day events, it was always so much fun to talk about this. It’s almost a shame that you’ve sold it now! But it’s such a great example because it was a simple site, and everyone understands it. 

So, in addition to both of you purchasing and building lots of websites for passive income, you also use our local agency strategy. You’ve both been able to quit your job by starting your agency and building websites for local businesses.

Running your own digital agency is great cashflow, but building a website portfolio gives you passive income…

Jasmine: Yes, I started a web design agency a number of years ago. And, over that time, I’ve actually branched off into social media and running my own agency aimed more towards social media. 

Mum still does the website builds for local businesses. But for me personally, I’ve actually come full circle and I’m now focusing solely on my portfolio sites again. Running my own digital agency created great cashflow from my ongoing clients. But I’ve now wrapped this up and am really focusing on my portfolio which is creating me more passive income.

Matt: Awesome. So, you’re now back into buying and building a portfolio of passive websites and you’re doing that full time. 

The skill of buying, renovating, and building websites gives you the freedom to work where & when you want…

And I heard Yvette say earlier that you usually work most mornings, but this morning you decided to go to the beach. So, it’s great to see that you’re living in a beachside suburb, where you can work from your laptop whenever you want.

You get to do the laptop lifestyle, that I’m sure most of your friends probably dream of. Just sitting there in a little trendy café over Manly Beach or something? That’s very cool to hear.

And I should also mention, Yvette is a super mum! You’ve got four beautiful kids, don’t you?

Yvette: Yes, I have four kids, and now I just love working from my computer. I’ve come from being totally computer illiterate, where now I just love all the different things that websites have to offer. 

So, I have really put a lot of time and effort to lay the foundations into building up my leading digital agency in Strathfield, and I’m getting some really good clients. And for my own portfolio, I’m also starting to purchase some bigger websites, which are around the $7,000 mark, which is excellent. 

You can double your business by being in the right community…

As well as all that, I’m now working with another couple from the Champions community who have recently gone overseas. I am helping them run their agency as well. So I’m earning additional income for their clients that I help get across the line. So that’s really cool as well. 

Matt: Basically, when you think about it, you’ve just doubled your business by being in our Champions community. You’ve done a deal with a joint venture arrangement with one of our other Champions students, who wanted to travel with their laptop lifestyle. 

They’re a little bit younger than you aren’t they, and they’re doing basically what Jasmine does except overseas. They’ve just said to you, “You run our agency and we’ll share in the profits”. So, it’s win-win for both of you. They know you’re such an action taker and highly regarded amongst all of our community. 

Yvette went from being a computer illiterate to now running two digital agencies…

Matt: If you think back to where you started just 3 years ago. You were working at the market starting at 5:00 am, to now in 2021 you’re running two digital agencies. And I know you’ve mentioned sometimes even your kids are impressed with what you’re teaching them about computers and websites now!

Yvette: Absolutely. I even impressed myself sometimes! It’s a totally different life. And even though I’ve always been an action taker (even more so now), I just jump into every and any opportunity that I see.

Whether it’s an online or offline opportunity, I’m there, I’m in, and I’m just doing it, because I know I can. And that’s really just the mindset that you learn on this whole journey – you can do anything.

Matt: That’s a really good point. So, would you both say that going on this journey of learning how to make money online, to being part of our community, has made you both far more entrepreneurial in your thinking?

Jasmine: Absolutely. It’s like a whole new world, and a whole new mindset that comes with that world.

Matt: Yes, and you’re seeing lots of opportunities which is fantastic. 

So, in parting – do either of you have any advice for someone who is starting their journey now, back to where you were 3 years ago? 

Parting advice from Jasmine and Yvette for those looking to start their journey …

Jasmine: I would say, just stick with it.

I’ve definitely had my fair share of days where I wanted to throw my computer out the window, as everyone on this journey does. But now three years later, I’m talking to you about sitting by the beach, on my laptop, making money online. So, it’s totally worth all the initial pain to get to the heaven that you reach after you see through it all.

Matt: That’s fantastic. And what about you Yvette?

Yvette: I have a little saying that goes, The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

And for me, I literally show up every day. Some days I sit down and think, “Nope, not today!”, and I’ll walk away.

But generally, I do something every day. And if you just keep doing it, it’s a bit like riding a bike. You’ll fall off the first few times, but if you keep going, you can then ride forever. For me, that proves that anyone can do it. 

Like I said, I was totally illiterate. And to now be sitting here with the big boys and being able to do these big websites with the rest of them – well, if I can do it, anyone can! But, you’ve got to show up every day and just be persistent.

Matt: Fantastic. A big congratulations to you both. It really stood out to me that you guys were very serious about this. You never, ever gave up. You pushed hard every single day and Yvette, you’re just such a go getter. And that’s why I can see where Jasmine gets it from as well. The two of you are the same and big congratulations to both of you. You’ve done so well, and you deserve the success. Thank you so much for helping inspire everyone in our community, and being so active on our Facebook group. Thanks so much guys. Awesome.

buying websites for passive income video matt and liz raad