Digital Investors Program

How To Buy Established Websites Training Program - Build Your Online Income Portfolio The Fast, Smart Way

Exclusive training on how to make money buying and selling websites and building an online portfolio that generates income from automated sources including advertising, information products, corporate sponsorship and referral programs.

Learn from Australia's leading experts in website investment, Matt and Liz Raad, who are experienced and successful online entrepreneurs through buying and selling websites.

This online course is suitable for all levels of experience including beginners, and will guide you through the website investment process from research and due diligence to renovation and sale of websites.

buying and flipping websites course australia

Course Outcomes

  • Website Investment

    Learn how to buy a portfolio of cash-flow positive websites that make money while you sleep

  • Website Due Diligence & Valuation

    Know how much websites are worth so you can buy the bargains, make maximum returns and sell for top dollar

  • Website Renovation

    Simple steps for doubling cash-flows so you can make more money and increase value

  • Accelerated Training

    Our unique Accelerated Learning Program gives you the right skills quickly and easily so you can be buying great websites sooner

  • No Pre-Requisites

    Step-by-Step training designed for absolute beginners – we have even had students who started out scared of computers now making 6-figure incomes!

  • Future Security

    Don’t get left behind in the digital age, these are skills you can use to set yourself and your kids up for life.

These Skills Can Be Used To:

1. Buy a portfolio of high cash-flow websites - and get a new income stream for the future

2. Build your own website portfolio - if you don't have a lot to invest just yet, you'll learn how you can build your own money-making websites for free

3.  Gain confidence online and create cash-flow from anywhere in the world

Why Do This Website Investing Course?

For many people, digital marketing is a foreign world full of unfamiliar terms and high-tech, complex sounding processes. It's hard to know where to start, and even harder to find someone who can break it all down into simple, easy to follow steps.

They don't realise that with the right course, the right teacher and the right key knowledge, they can create and buy their own online portfolio and be making money from the comfort of home - or anywhere in the world.

This course is designed to get beginners trained in buying websites, website design, marketing and investment and be able to make extra income as quickly as possible.

  • A Whole New Way Of Making Money

    You’ll be able to take advantage of the huge opportunities opening up in the trillion dollar online marketplace – without ever having to talk to a customer.

  • Totally Beginner Friendly

    Even if you are a complete technophobe, you can now take control of your online income and accelerate your results by learning from experienced entrepreneurs

Secure your future, earn money while you sleep, work from home, free up your life

What Graduates Say...

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Who Should Enrol In The Digital Investors Program?

  • Beginners

    If you don’t know much about websites or online business, then this is the perfect way to get started quickly and easily (and successfully!)

  • Upskillers

    Learn new digital skills that can help you change careers, earn more and secure your position for the future

  • Working From Home

    If you need a flexible career or run a home based or MLM business, this can help you generate more leads and sales with no more daily commutes!

  • Students

    Whether you’re finishing school, college or uni, this will give you an introduction to an exciting new career and practical skills you can use to help find a great job

  • Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs

    If you have a big idea, you need to know how to create a website that will launch your business and get leads and sales in the door

  • Business Owners

    Wondering why your online advertising isn’t delivering the results you want? You’ll get the skills to build your own lead-generating website

Matt and Liz Raad

Join the online revolution and transform your income. You don’t need to swap time for money any more – with the right skills and knowledge, you can be free

Matt and Liz Raad The eBusiness Institute

Course Structure And Inclusions

This course is delivered online so you can learn at your own pace, and you get 24/7 access to the exclusive members area, which includes everything you need to build a 6-figure online portfolio.

To find out more about the course and our strategy for buying and renovating websites, the first step is to watch our introductory 90 minute training session.

You will learn about the website marketplace, how we value websites, where we buy websites, the specific websites we target so we have automated income, how we renovate to double their cash-flows and how we built our own portfolio.


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5 Reasons Why Our Website Buyers Training Session Is The Best 90 Minutes You'll Spend This Year

1. You'll get a powerful new investment strategy and immediate value from attending the training, with knowledge and skills you can apply immediately

2. You'll be ahead of 99% of people in the world who don't even know this marketplace or strategy exists yet

3. You'll learn directly from successful online entrepreneurs the strategies they use to buy and renovate websites, real live practical training with real live examples

4. The chance to start from scratch and really understand how the online marketplace works  - for many people it's a mystery and it feels like everything is moving so fast. This training session will put everything in place so you have more confidence going forward into the future.

5. You'll learn how to create leveraged ongoing income for your future - without having to invest in stock or manage deliveries, returns or product issues, and without ever having to talk to a customer or supplier

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