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Champions Digital Entrepreneurs Program

High level coaching program designed to help beginners change careers and transition to earning online income and create a portfolio of semi-passive websites.

A 12 month program designed to develop a full range of entrepreneurial and growth digital marketing skills with personal support and coaching from the founders, Matt and Liz Raad and their team. Includes full Digital Marketing certification.

This private online entrepreneurship coaching program is designed to accelerate your online results by providing comprehensive training and education with proven strategies to help you replace your income through making money online.

If you are ready and serious about making a change in your life and want to quit your job, work from home, stop swapping time for money, earn semi-passive or recurring income off website assets or set up an online business then this personalised program will help accelerate your journey through:

  • Weekly premium level level training and education
  • Personalised coaching
  • Personalised accountability
  • Personalised strategy
  • Personalised website acquisitions and renovations advice
  • Helping you keep up momentum
  • Hold you accountable to your goals
  • Access to close-knit community of online entrepreneurs.
  • Strategic planning for online business and website portfolios
  • Build and Buy A High Cash-Flow Website Portfolio
digital marketing course graduates

This program has only one intake per year and is only open for applications from students who have completed the Digital Investors Program or have attended our Annual Digital Investors Summit.


Digital Skills You Will Gain

Understand Online Strategies

You will learn about the variety of strategies available to digital marketers for generating income online.

Build Quality Websites

Elite level training and education will provide you with training to structure and design websites for generating income.

Master Online Skills

Set up your entrepreneurial business for success in the future with skills for business management, negotiation, sales and more.

Develop Successful Systems

Accelerate your results and leverage your time be developing systems to allow you to connect with outsourcers and manage your team.

Clarify Your Vision

Achieve more in shorter time frames by creating a Champions Success Mindset to set you on a path to financial success and freedom.

Develop Your Million-Dollar Idea

Experienced trainers to help you with strategy, viability, point of difference, and opportunities for industry connections with potential buyers or investors.

Recent Feedback From Graduates

At eBusiness Insitute we are extremely proud of all our graduates. The achievements of our Champions
this year has been outstanding and we love seeing the successes our students have when they put into
practise the things we are teaching. Here is some of the feedback from this years graduates.

The Champions Program is a holistic program. Not only are we setup for success in the website and SEO world. We learn business skills to ensure success (beat the odds in a world where 90% of businesses fail in year 1). What I found most powerful about the Champions program is that Matt and Liz ensure graduates are well equipped for continued growth post graduation in a sustainable manner.

Champions is a supportive community of like-minded go-getters! The learnings around webdev, SEO, digital marketing, and business and personal development are perfect combinations to succeed online.

The Champions Program has transformed our lives. The comradery and sense of community among the fellow champions is exceptionally rare, a joy to be a part of, and provides a huge sense of belonging. Matt & Liz have created a wonderful course that can empower anyone to become confident and highly competent in the online space of web development and SEO.

A great program for upskilling anyone to a level where they confidently tackle good web design and understand solid SEO principles whilst also reinforcing a positive mindset, showing how valuable web skills are and providing support for business launching.

This programme Liz & Matt have created and continually refine and improve is life-changing if you are ready to embrace a real and positive change in your life, built around digital skills. The community they have attracted and nurture is like no other and just gets better year on year!

If you want a place where you can learn practical digital skills and know-how, gain invaluable insight from Matt and Liz and all their amazing guests, while going through the experience and being inspired by other like minded individuals, you cannot go past the Champions program!

Who Should Enrol In The Champions Digital Entrepreneurs Program?

Online Beginners

If you have no experience in digital marketing or know little about it, don’t worry, our courses are designed specifically for beginners who wish to retrain or earn income online.


If you have a big idea, you need to know how to create a website and digital marketing campaign that will launch your business and get the word out fast.

Working From Home

If you need a flexible career or home-based business that’s future-proof, Digital Marketing can be done from anywhere.  This is the place to start something new.

Upskillers & Career Changers

Looking for a new career or perhaps upskill into a more secure career? Get the qualifications you need and learn new digital skills that can help you change careers, earn more and secure your position for the future.


Whether you’re finishing school, college or uni, this course will give you training and certification for an exciting new career path.  Learn practical skills you can use to help find a great job or create your own business and income online.

Business Owners or SoleTraders

Wondering why your online advertising isn’t delivering top results? Digital marketing skills are essential for any serious business owner and can give you the edge in your industry, helping you drive sales and expand rapidly.

Current Online Entrepreneurs

Already online and looking to extend your knowledge and take your online income to the next level? Learn from experienced online entrepreneurs and leading digital experts – understand the complete picture and learn real online money making strategies.

Rural, Remote or Distance Learning

Learn alternative ways to generate additional income. If you have internet access, you can create income online.  There are no geographic barriers to online learning and income generation. Ideal for rural or remote people.

Early Retirees

It’s never too late to earn new skills and start generating an online income.  With our easy-to-follow strategies, step-by-step teaching and helpful support, you can be well on your way to learning how to make money online to supplement your early retirement.

Start Your Online Income Education Here

To learn about our strategy for building, buying and renovating websites, the first step is to watch our introductory 90 minute training session. You will learn: how website investing works, our time tested methods, case studies, and course enrollment details.

Success Stories From Champions Graduates

In my 10+ years in online marketing, Matt and Liz Raad's Champions program is by far the most comprehensive, and highest quality program in online marketing I have ever come across. The content is superb, easy to understand, step-by-step, and delivered exceptionally well. I particularly liked the accountability aspect which is often missing from other online programs. By following their advice I have managed to double the revenue of my existing online business - and also started a profitable digital agency! Matt and Liz clearly have their best interests of their students in mind and it has been so inspiring learning from them throughout this program. I highly recommend anyone that wishes to quickly build their skills in online marketing to join their programs.

Ebusiness Champions not only teaches you comprehensive digital skills to take you into the future but personally invites you to be a part of the community that inspires the road to health, wealth and happiness.

The Champions program has given us the digital skills to set us ourselves up for the future. The coaching we have recieved from Matt and Liz has been so valuable and has accelerated our growth online. But more than this, the personal growth we have achieved has been huge and we can't thank them enough.

The program takes one on an in-depth, step-by-step process of many aspects of building websites with strong SEO for client/agency work as well as building portfolio sites. There is a great support system to get you through any blockages and hurdles. It is an investment for future income.

More than technical skill development, more than marketing knowledge, more than digital strategies, more than business basics, more than mindset shifts - this program can lead to a lifestyle of your own design.

This has been the best program I have ever attended, great way to learn Digital Marketing skills with great teachers and mentors, Matt and Liz Raad.

Fab, fab, fab. Can't rate it highly enough.

Fantastic, life changing, the ongoing support from Matt & Liz is amazing! So glad I joined forever grateful!

No matter where you are on your digital journey Champions will definitely help elevate you on your life journey. It will arm you with great and valuable digital skills that will give you the confidence to help yourself and help others (including businesses) improve their digital footprint and gain greater exposure which equates to more business. A very worthwhile and content-rich year of learning.

I could not recommend the Champions program enough for someone ready to transition to acquiring the digital skills needed to thrive in today's digital economy. It is so much more than a web design and SEO course. This course has changed my mindset and outlook on what is possible for my future entrepreneurial endeavors and even my future outlook on my health, wealth, and family. It has truly changed my life but yet I feel like I'm only just getting started!

A lot of times in the past we have been very enthusiastic when we first start a program but the delivery or the content hasn't lived up to expectation. Champions on the other hand has EXCEEDED our expectations and delivered. Not just the techie details we needed to change our career course but the mindset to go with it. Add in the great people you choose to take on this journey and the awesome team to support us along the way and you have a winning formula. Simone and I just want to thank you all so much and to anyone thinking of joining Champions and you are really looking to make changes to your future then this is well worth the effort.


What You Will Learn

The Champions Program is designed to take you on a journey from where you are currently, to where you want to go.  We provide the training and skills you require for a variety of successful online business strategies, and also focus on your mindset and goals to help you clarify the direction you are heading in.  Our supportive team will give you expert, personalised advice and guidance to help you navigate all aspects of online business.  

Create your masterplan, set your goals and intentions, and discover new ways to create a fulfilled, productive and happy life.  Become part of an exculsive and unique group of Champions who build, buy, and sell websites for cashflow and online assets.

Website Design and Structure

Learn our step-by-step process for building quality websites that will be targeted to the right audience and market for generating leads and income.

Master SEO and Traffic Driving

We share our personal learning from the SEO laboratory to help you understand powerful and simple ways to drive more traffic to your wbesites.

Master Monetisation

Understand all the options for monetising your websites so you can get the best returns.

Master Sales and Negotiation

These are essential skills you need to be successful in business and in life, and to get your message across effectively in any endeavour.  Plus, negotiation strategies for doing JVs and getting part of the business income and ownership.

Leverage and Outsource

We provide resources, education and tools to help you manage and grow your website business using the power of a team.

Complete Local Business Website Resource Pack

Set up your website agency the right way from the beginning with business assessment and website design ckecklists, legal document templates, setup guides and sales processes.

Master Website Renovation

Take clear, focussed action towards increasing a website’s income and boost the cashflow of your own portfolio, as well as consult to people who already own websites.

Maximise Conversions

Use our systems for increasing a website’s conversion rate and learn how to maximise leads and returns.

Personalised Training

Help with SEO, UX, website design, cpanel, domain names, WordPress and essential Google business tools such as Analytics, Adwords, Keyword Planner and Search Console.

Advanced SEO Tools

Get access to our swipe file of advanced SEO tools and full training on how to use them.  These are the same tools the pro’s use and can put your website leaps ahead of the rest.

Buying Websites

Strategies and support for indentifying and buying profitable, automated websites and renovating to increase value and cashflow.

A 12 Month Life-Changing Program

student learns how to build websites online course
profitable online income from websites
digital student online investing in websites
building websites for businesses
online entrepreneurs learning how to build websites


How You Will Learn

This web design course is delivered online so you can learn at your own pace.  You get 24/7 access to the exclusive members area, which includes everything you need to gain the digital skills to future-proof your income.

Online Learning

Study at home at your own pace.
Live, weekly webinars provide progressive training.
Online Bootcamps & private presentations

12 Months personalised training & coaching

Fully Supported

Premium Course with 12 months private coaching.
Extensive private one-on-one coaching support from subject experts.
Bootcamps provide intensive training.
All lessons are recorded and available in private members area with access to all course materials.

Unique Student Community

Learn & share knowledge with our close-knit active student and graduate Alumni community via the exclusive Champions private Facebook group and private networking events.


What You Will Achieve

Through this course we provide foundational and premier certification in Digital Marketing in the following areas.

eBusiness Institute digital marketing certified
eBusiness Institute Champions Graduate Badge

eBusiness Institute Digital Certification
eBusiness Institute Champions Masters Program

Website Design Certificate eBusiness Institute
Digital Marketing Fundamentals Certificate eBusiness

Website Design & Development
Digital Marketing Fundamentals

SEO UX Certification badge eBusiness Institute
Website Development award eBusiness Institute
SEO Auditing Certification badge eBusiness Institute

SEO & UX Optimised Website Design
Rapid Website Build & Launch
SEO Auditing

SEO Content Marketing Badge certified eBusiness Institute
SEO Guest Posting Certified badge eBusiness Institute
SEO linking certification badge eBusiness Institute

SEO Content Marketing & Publishing
SEO Guest Posting
SEO Linking

growth digital marketing badge eBusiness Institute
Outbound Marketing award eBusiness Institute
Website Designer Badge Certified eBusiness Institute
Certified Growth Digital Agency badge eBusiness Institute

Growth Digital Marketing
100 Call Challenge Outbound Marketing
Website Designer
Growth Driven Design Agency


Awards You May Receive

Throughout this course we recognise students who are excelling in developing their digital skills with the following awards. 

eBusiness Institute Student Award For Excellence
eBusiness Institute High Achievers Award
eBusiness Institute Graduate Of The Year Badge

eBusiness Institute Award For Excellence
eBusiness Institute High Achievers Award
eBusiness Institute Graduate Of The Year

What Our Graduates Say

This is the best training program available for developing an income through digital marketing. Not only does it cover the technical aspects in easy to understand blocks, it also covers the personal growth journey that is necessary for online success.

Thank you Matt and Liz for an amazing year of growth. You’ve opened our eyes to how far we can take this online business journey AND provided us with a plan to get there. We are so grateful to you both for starting us on this journey.

I’ve learnt more in digital/marketing/website development in this course so far (six months in) than I have in 4 years at University! And so much more engaging! These skills are so valuable and will last me forever, in all aspects of life! Thank you Matt and Liz!

Working with Matt & Liz, through the program and with the community is the closest I've come to creating my dream future of multiple streams of income to support a nomadic lifestyle. Thank you for your personalised support and guidance along the way to help keep us focussed on what is the most important for us, our family and our future!

The program has been a phenomenal experience. Matt and Liz are masters around teaching and explaining complex content into everyday language. I have been able to build up my confidence as an entrepreneur and will always be grateful to them!

I am so excited, that being part of this group has helped me to think differently, I feel free that I can create my own future and won't always have to work for others.

Why Join The Champions Digital Entrepreneurs Program?

We are a boutique high end private training organisation that specialises in training 40 & 50+ year old professionals who want to earn income online, quit their jobs or reskill for a new digital career.

1. Expert learning – founded by real internet and business entrepreneurs who have over 27 years experience in buying and selling businesses up to $20Million.

2. Our courses are designed specifically to train beginners online.

3. Established as a training organisation for over a decade and successfully trained over 1000+ students.

Liz and Matt Raad are website investment experts & advisors, and founders of eBusiness Institute, an online education and training organization with people all over the world using their practical system of reaching $10,000/month working from home by buying, renovating and profiting from simple content websites.

matt and liz raad media image

We designed the Champions Digital Entrepreneurs Program to train beginners to succeed online through personalised coaching, accountability and in-depth knowledge of key online money making strategies that we know work through personal experience. We are proud of this course that has allowed so many of our graduates quit their jobs, change careers and secure their financial future by earning online income working from home.

How To Enrol

This program has only one intake per year and is only open for applications from students who have completed the Digital Profits Program or have attended our Annual Digital Investors Summit.
experienced website investors and educators matt and liz raad

Enrolments Open Annually

Enrolments open at the Digital Investors Annual Summit by application only.

Re-train for digital marketing

Testimonials From Our Graduates

We’ve managed to secure a good base income from our SEO clients, which allowed us to book a couple of holidays, we’ll be spending the rest of the year building our portfolio in Thailand.

Selling a website to a cabinetry company for $2,800.

Champions isn’t just a course, it is a life change textbook. The resources, support and information that is shared with the group is a game changer for those ready to take the journey.

Champions has turned our life around. From being made redundant to owning a profitable website marketing business in one year. AWESOME. Thank you!

I think this course is fantastic. It is so practical and will enable me to have a career I didn’t think possible post divorce. Matt and Liz know their stuff and teach from a place of huge competency and care.

At first I joined this course to learn the technical skills but it was during the course I realized the mindset training was more important and relevant and Matt and Liz deliver this very well. I have been in other courses and Matt and Liz beat them all – there is no comparison. One noticeable difference also is they genuinely care about their people which is unique. This is much more than a money making course.

You both are awesome! You are experts in what you do. We trust and believe in your knowledge and methods which has lead to a life changing spot in our lives and we love doing what we do. As I always say – the words of thank you are never enough.

Matt and liz and the team at eBusiness Institute have shown me how to make money online. But more importantly the structure and strategies they teach apply to my current business and my personal life. The support network is also amazing.

Wow! Where do I start? There are a few. I can build websites – who knew?!! Building websites & building a digital agency with my son Damen and his two sisters, just to name two. Ive said it before and Ill say it again “thank you” just doesn’t quite cover all id like to say to you both. You are both very inspiring, positive, understanding, friendly and your incredible knowledge is just astounding. So keen to keep learning. Thank you very much.

Awesome program year after year, and it is getting better every year and every event.

Real Lives, Real Stories, Real Online Entrepreneurs

We could tell you why we think the Champions Program is so great, but the following stories are from a few of our very successful graduates who have changed their lives by putting into practise the Champions program.  We think their stories say it all.

We are currently earning about $15K+ per month from website design, coaching and funnels. We will be increasing prices ongoing but are happy to have built sites for paying clients. I am very confident that we can take the business to $50K per month.

I love this program! From the beginning, when buying a website or building was unkown, to now, when we are confident and competent in so many digital skills. I love the beautiful community, amazing training and Matt and Liz’s skill to break down the complex and make it achievable at all levels.

Matt Raads alternative to university education

We joined champions for the technical knowledge and skills – we got that. Turns out that was just a bonus. Best thing we gained was personal development & mindset changes and a new lifestyle.

You guys are awesome and always blow my mind with the amount of value, effort and quality of every single thing you do, share or present. It's like watching you two paint a masterpiece - I am inspired by how you two do business, always add value and genuinely heart-centeredly care about the community. This has been so much more than a website course or about learning how to buy an online business - it's a course that has enabled me to rebuild my life - To create a life of my own design, with strong foundations and structures so that I can move forward with grace, strength and the courage to thrive! You guys inspire me so much. (This includes Toni) When I signed up, I committed myself to 3 years with the two of you - and I am grateful when I say that it has honestly changed my life. To find community, connection, compassion and to be able to contribute in helping others has changed my world so much and I am so grateful for both of your guidance along the way. You have an gift in bringing beautiful, warm, encouraging souls together and I am so happy to be a part of this community! A massive, heartfelt thank you to both of you and the team at ebusiness for such a wonderful year in Champions! With love,

Matt, Liz, and the entire team at the eBusiness Institute are absolutely amazing! They always share such awesome content and have a real heart to see their students succeed and change their lives for the better. I have learnt soooo much from going through both the Digital Profits Program and the Champions Program! This stay-at-home Mum now has a new set of extremely valuable skills for life, a new time and location flexible career path, and numerous proven strategies to create a good amount of cashflow and excellent digital assets, while still being able to spend quality time with her kids. Thank you, Matt, Liz, and the entire team for this wonderful opportunity and an incredible weekend!

Matt Raad celebrating student success with Chriss

Hitting the 6 figure $ mark and realising I can rinse & repeat on any website! Realsing I am far more capable than I would have believed. There is not a day that goes by without Matt & Liz influence. They have been influential in helping me create a 6 figure income and giving me a skill I can use for life. Matts reno sessions are priceless & I love his words of wisdom. Matt & Liz are the most inspiring couple & I am so grateful for them.

Champions has given me income generating options for the future that I simply did not and would not have had I not completed this program. Specifically for me, having worked in my own business for over 15years (which is now no longer!) employment options at 59 were limited and unappealing! And certainly now with the ecomomic crisis caused by covid, I'm thinking they would be near non-existent! The digital learnings have been extensive and I'm so grateful for the skills I have picked up. Because we get access to your vast experience and knowledge, Champions has fast tracked those learnings 10 fold! I'm sure I'd be floundering around at the beginning if left to my own devices! I'm also grateful for your incredible generosity in sharing your hard fought knowledge, The Prava Project and the bonus SEO Webinars come to mind. And with the digital and mindset education components of Champions it has been a complete program that I really feel will increase my chances of success.

What does Champions mean to me? A chance to change my life. Accelerated learning of a new skill that will free me to do what I love anywhere in the world. Guided help every step of the way with Toni or Jack. Direct access to two incredibly kind, generous and empathetic mentors in Matt & Liz who are living their dream and helping us to achieve ours through mentoring and sharing their experiences. And last but not least, what a wonderful group of like-minded people the other Champions are past and present. I have never come across so many generous, kind and helpful people who are all learning, sharing their learning and happy to help others - everybody has a bountiful mentality that there is plenty out there for everyone and so shares their experiences and learnings. I have made some good friends and hope to continue on this journey with champions for the next intake. With all the addons too - PRAVA and SEO and Goal setting it was the course that just kept giving!

We have learnt enough to be able to build a variety of websites, including content sites, directory sites, amazon and adsense sites. We have also built sites for small business owners and contributed to the community. Pretty good for someone who two years ago had no interest at all in websites! Also in the course of Champions this year we have purchased a number of websites. Coming to the end of the second year for us, now things are in place to be able to earn 40-50k per annum in passive income in the future from websites. That is a combination of income from sites I have built and sites I have bought. So that is pretty amazing. I am proud of that. And that income is only going to go up.

I have loved the step-by-step process of learning to build websites and then the logical branch into building portfolio websites and then buying and renovating websites. Having not done anything online before except emailing and google searching, it is astounding to see what I can now create. The way Matt and Liz identify your strengths and areas that need work and then gently encourage you in the direction you need to go is truly a remarkable talent. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Matt Raad Alana and Eva Champion Cup Winners

It has also been wonderful to be connected to so many positive, supportive, go-getters that are passionate and excited about what they are doing. It is great to be on the same journey of so many others that are so encouraging of each other to succeed. Wednesday lunch-time webinars and bonus webinars has quite often been the highlight of my week where I can forget everything else going on with my health particularly and concentrate on something that puts a smile on my face and a feeling of happiness in my body - something in itself important to recovering my health.

We have an income that rivals some of the highest paid executives in the country and we only work part time! We have freedom, fun, a shared interest and an inspired lifestyle. We are just currently discussing income and things we want to do and its as easy as “well we’ll just earn more to get that!” knowing that it is completely possible with no compromise to our lives. I look at friends of mine who are taking redundancy packages and worrying about how they are going to survive and I just feel so grateful that we have this education. I take for granted that this is how we live!!! We have expanded in all of our beliefs around money and how we can generate it….with ease and grace! I hope you both know how grateful Gary and I are for all you have taught us. Our lives will never be the same again and we will alwys hold a special place in our hearts for you and your generosity.