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Private online training courses designed specifically for those who want to re-train for the digital future or earn income online working from home.

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Ebusiness Institute Australia web design course

WebDev Accelerator Program

An Accelerated Web Development Course Suitable For Beginners, With Step-by-Step Guides To Get You Certified in Website Design and Creating Monetised Websites

A fully guided course designed to accelerate your digital marketing knowledge and skills. At the completion of this course you will have designed, built and launched a business website incorporating digital marketing strategy, keyword research, Search Engine Optimisation, UX design, conversion optimisation, monetisation and website security.

Course Units

Module 1: Digital marketing foundations and strategy

Module 2: Webmaster skills including domain and hosting setup and management, cpanel management and wordpress installation and setup

Module 3: Search engine optimisation for business websites including keyword and competition research, and SEO optimised website design

Module 4: Website layout and sitemapping

Module 5: User experience (UX) based website design

Module 6: Design, development and live launch of a fully functional wordpress website that will be indexed by search engines and designed to convert leads into sales

Course Outcomes

These skills can be used to:

  1. Build your own business website - with better marketing and SEO than many agencies will provide
  2. Build websites for other businesses - our graduates earn $1,000 - $5,000 for website builds
  3. Gain the foundation skills you need to build your own portfolio of automated monetised websites, and invest in cash-flow generating websites

Certification In Website Design and SEO

This course has the option of full certification from the eBusiness Institute which on completion of assessment includes a graduation certificate and transcript, and official certification badges to display on your website or social profiles.

In some industries this certification may be used towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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The thought of building a website myself was never in my wildest dreams. I have now built 3 and have 5 clients wanting sites built. Thank you for the knowledge and ongoing encouragement.

- Peter Curran, Burleigh Heads

I'm most proud that I am not from a very technical background and I can now build or contract out the building of websites

- Andy Cullen, Brisbane

Proudest moment? Selling my first website build to a client I had not even met over the phone plus a years worth of SEO for just under $8,500!

- Claire Hones, Sydney
Ebusiness Institute Australia web designer certifications

eBusiness Institute website flipping course

Digital Investor Program

Learn How To Buy Websites And Build An Automated Online Portfolio

Rare and exclusive training in how to buy and sell websites and building portfolios of websites that generate income from automated sources including advertising, information products, corporate sponsorship and referral programs.

Learn from Australia's leading experts in website investment, Matt and Liz Raad, who are experienced and successful online entrepreneurs through buying and selling websites.

This online course is suitable for all levels of experience including beginners, and will guide you through the website investment process from research and website due diligence to renovation and sale of websites.

Course Units

Module 1: Introduction to website investment and the master strategy

Module 2: How to buy your first website for less than $300

Module 3: Essential accounts and tools you need for buying websites, including free resources you can use

Module 4: Buying smart - how to target the best website buys and the full due diligence process in an easy to follow step by step checklist, plus how to negotiate a website purchase

Module 5: Website transfer - how to finalise the sale and ensure the website is transferred to you safely and securely

Module 6: Renovation - our smart strategies to double website income quickly and easily, and how to improve website monetisation, conversions and traffic

Module 7: How to sell your websites for top price, and have them prepared in the right way from day one

Module 8: Outsourcing and how to leverage your time and money, so you can earn a full time income working part-time hours or less

Module 9: The entrepreneurial mindset - how to change your thinking from swapping time for money to earning leveraged, automated income

Course Outcomes

  1. Buy websites safely with instant cash-flow or profit potential
  2. Increase website cash-flows with fast, simple renovations
  3. Build an online "real-estate" portfolio of simple websites that generate automated cashflow
  4. An alternative way to work from home, work the hours you want, with no office, no onsite staff, no stock and no debt!
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I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to learn website building or buying and selling websites - Matt and Liz are very genuine and supportive and inspiring!

- Liz Tepper, Alice Springs, NT

Matt and Liz – you are a total inspiration! You are so relatable. Your system of presenting is very easy to follow. You are down to earth and respect that others do not have the same knowledge as you do. You have the belief and pass it on that people with nil website knowledge can be successful and learn what has to be known.

- Ros Neill

I watched my parents retire on their real estate portfolio and earnings. Now my parents will soon see me retire from “work” on my website “digital estate” portfolio and earnings.

- Clinton Giraudo , Perth WA

eBusiness Institute Kickstarter Digital Marketing Certificate Course

Digital Marketing Kickstarter Course

Start Your Digital Marketing Training With Three Essential Money-Making Digital Skills and a Certificate of Completion In Digital Marketing Foundations

The simplest way to get started and learn three money-making digital skills - perfect for beginners or business owners wanting to quickly improve their website performance and ranking

In this 6-hour online course you will learn how to design a website and digital advertising that delivers the leads and sales a business really need, immediately recognise why a website isn’t performing and how you can fix it, and find out how to leverage social media without wasting time!

You will also get step-by-step checklists that help you assess and then design a money-making website that ranks in search engines and converts sales

Course Outcomes

  1. Look at any website and know how to increase traffic and profits
  2. Know the 10 questions to ask any business before building or renovating a website
  3. Step-by-step checklist for website design that will increase search engine rankings, clicks and sales
  4. Use social media effectively in your business or career
  5. Understand the future digital trends , how they will affect your business or job, and how you can position yourself for future success
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Matt and Liz have an excellent way of sharing information in plain English so that we beginners can understand and utilise. They instill confidence in learning complex processes & support us to move beyond our ‘limitations’. You are both seriously awesome!

- Robyn Spooner, Brisbane

I have been to and paid for many information programs, but have not had the level or quality of information given by Matt and Liz. Thank you both very much.

- Carol Fisher, Sydney

eBusiness Institute Champions Digital Entrepreneurs Masters Program

Champions Digital Entrepreneurs Masters Program

A comprehensive growth marketing and business success program personally taught by the founders of the eBusiness Institute, including full digital marketing certification

A 12 month program designed to develop a full range of entrepreneurial and growth digital marketing skills with personal support and coaching from the founders, Matt and Liz Raad

This private online entrepreneurship coaching program is designed to accelerate your online results by having Matt and Liz work with you personally on your online business and strategy, hold you accountable to your goals and give you access to close-knit community of online entrepreneurs.

This program has only one intake per year and is only open for applications from students who have completed the Digital Profits Program or have attended our 3-Day Digital Profits Workshop.

Through this program we offer Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing in the following areas:

  1. Strategic planning for online business and website portfolios
  2. Marketing and Effective Digital Design
  3. Webmaster Competencies Including Domain Setup and Management, Hosting Setup and Management, cPanel Management, WordPress Setup and Website Security
  4. Search Engine Optimisation For Business Websites including Keyword and Competition Research, SEO Optimized Website Design and SEO Auditing
  5. Website Design Using UX and UI Principles
  6. Content Marketing and Scheduling
  7. Design, Development and Live Launch of Websites
  8. Leverage Through Outsourcing and Team
  9. Digital Agency Setup and Processes
  10. Full SEO Audit Process
  11. Build and Buy A High Cash-Flow Website Portfolio
  12. Full certification in the following areas:
ebusiness institute advanced digital marketing certifications
ebusiness institute webmaster and web design certification

When I joined I thought I would learn how to build websites, buy/sell/evaluate/invest I websites. I never realised I would come to think like a Champion. This for me is the greatest gift I will take away from this course in addition to the amazing skills I now have under my belt to create an income!

- Vicky Trainor, Brisbane
Matt and Liz Raad's best online entrepreneurship courses

The program has been a phenomenal experience. The best thing is that I am not just learning how to buy, build and SEO websites, but that I am growing as a business owner & investor and gaining the mindset that will create success & abundance in all areas of life. Thank you so much Matt & Liz. 

- Leonie Thomsen, Gold Coast

Love the down to earth, really easy to understand way that Matt & Liz put everything across – just at the right pace to be able to absorb a subject that I had absolutely no knowledge about. The way they believe that we will all succeed and become legends in our own right is an absolute inspiration. Thank you so much!!

- Barbara Doogan

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