eBusiness Institute

A Private Training Organisation For Beginners Who Wish To Re-Train In Digital Or Earn Income Online

We teach practical digital skills for future-proof income, through building, renovating and buying websites

Who We Are

At the eBusiness Institute we are committed to education for the future. We provide specific digital training courses that allow our students to generate income online anywhere  – anytime.

With the massive changes that are occurring in our society, like digital disruption, individuals are struggling with job and income security and just keeping up with an increasingly technological economy.

"Digital Education is Your Key To A Secure Future Proof Income"

Matt and Liz Raad Presenters

Now more than ever individuals need specific training on how to generate additional income on their own terms to future proof their income.

Here at the eBusiness Institute we know that the right digital skills can give you exactly that.

Our courses are highly specific private training courses designed to retrain even complete beginners, and have been created by successful on-line entrepreneurs so you get the most practical, money making digital marketing skills.

The laptop lifestyle is real, we got there with the help of Matt and Liz Raad and the team at eBusiness Institute.

Meet The Founders - Matt and Liz Raad

Matt and Liz Raad eBusiness Institute

Matt and Liz Raad are entrepreneurs and website investors who have been buying and selling all kinds of businesses for nearly 30 years, and online businesses since 2008. They have generated millions of dollars in sales and trained thousands of people in their strategies for digital marketing and business success.

They are recognised as experts in buying, renovating and selling websites and businesses valued at up to $20 Million, and are also Angel Investors and mentors.

They were one of the first in the world to buy & renovate a portfolio of websites, a strategy they now teach beginners to reach 6 & 7-figure website portfolios.

Matt and Liz have a passion for digital education and training, and are experts at breaking down the complex and sometimes overwhelming world of digital marketing, website development and online business into simple, easy to follow steps that get real results and profits for graduates.

What Our Students Say

Matt and Liz Raad are excellent educators in the field of digital marketing. If you want to fast track your knowledge for the digital age, these are the best people to learn from as they are knowledgeable, explain concepts well, and they are walking their talk.

Matt and Liz are amazing people. True role models. If I could bring the time back, I wish I had known them earlier. Learning how to make money whilst I am sleeping is awesome.

Matt and Liz Raad teach business website profit strategies and entrepreneurship at the highest level. What you wont get anywhere else is all the personal development strategies and support that are the true keys to success in this and all endeavours. They are not just educators and leaders. They are life changers.

Matt and Liz Raad are on the cutting edge of digital education and online marketing. You could not learn from a better team.

One of the most authentic couples who incorporate learning, goal setting, and wealth building into a manageable course to build a portfolio of income generating websites.

“Liz & Matt are 2 of the most down to earth, focussed and committed mentors we have met. They make it all feel achievable for the average person with so much support and hands on assistance. Thanks guys”

The eBusiness Institute Community

eBusiness Institute Australian team training day
Matt and Liz Raad keynote digital speakers
Students Champions program 5
Matt Raad with successful students at website investors meetup
Amish and Avani SME Digital with Matt Raad
Liz Raad having fun live
Nathan and Alexa with Matt Raad at website investors meetup
eBusiness Institute digital training conference
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What We Teach

We specialise in teaching digital skills and strategies that are designed to make money online. These are highly valued and highly compensated skills to have in today’s rapidly changing technological economy.

Website Skills

Website design and UX
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Conversion Optimisation (CRO)

Website Strategy

Creating passive website assets
Buying and renovating websites
Building content websites
Building websites for small business

Earn Online Strategies

Online business strategy
Starting and running an online business
Alternative online income strategies Automated online income strategies

Bankable Digital Skills To Help Create Your Income Online

Our Digital Training Courses are suitable for any level, especially beginners, and are designed to produce well rounded students with formal digital training and excellent practical skills in the fundamentals of making money from websites and digital marketing, as well as being able to confidently use the new digital communication methods, tools and opportunities that are now available in the new digital economy.

Our Student Certification

Foundational Certification

eBusiness Institute digital marketing certified
eBusiness Institute Champions Graduate Badge
SEO UX Certification badge eBusiness Institute
growth digital marketing badge eBusiness Institute
Website Design Certificate eBusiness Institute
Digital Marketing Fundamentals Certificate eBusiness

Premier Certification

Outbound Marketing award eBusiness Institute
Website Development award eBusiness Institute
Website Designer Badge Certified eBusiness Institute
SEO Content Marketing Badge certified eBusiness Institute
Certified Growth Digital Agency badge eBusiness Institute
SEO Guest Posting Certified badge eBusiness Institute
SEO linking certification badge eBusiness Institute
SEO Auditing Certification badge eBusiness Institute

Our Student Awards

eBusiness Institute Student Award For Excellence
eBusiness Institute High Achievers Award
eBusiness Institute Graduate Of The Year Badge

Learn From Experience

How to Buy & Build A 6-Figure Portfolio Of Digital Assets

What Our Students Say

What a great program! Matt and Liz are the two most inspiring, engaging and genuine presenters I have been involved with (and Ive seen a few). The program not only teaches awesome strategies for making money online, but great life strategies also.

The eBusiness process is a method of learning how to establish a passive income from building websites while learning a great deal about yourself, how you live your life and how you can improve how you live your life.

Matt and Liz's course is comprehensive and provides the necessary education to develop an online income and more! The BEST course on insuring your future! Thank you Matt and Liz, you have filled in the blanks!

The eBusiness Institute Community

Coaches Ebusiness Institute
Digitalsurfer Agency wins Award for Excellence from Ebusiness Institute
ebusiness institute live training event
eBusiness Institute team with Liz raad
Matt Raad Teaches Champion Keywords
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Matt and Liz Raad with graduates
Liz Raad in red dress
Learn New Digital Skills with Matt and Liz Raad
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Matt Raads alternative to university education

Who Should Enrol In Our Digital Training Courses?

Wondering why your online advertising isn’t delivering the results you want? Digital marketing skills are essential for any serious business owner these days and can give you the edge in your industry and help you drive sales and expand rapidly.

Online Beginners

If you don’t know much about digital marketing or have no experience, don’t worry, our courses are designed specifically for beginners who wish to retrain or earn income online.


If you have a big idea, you need to know how to create a website and digital marketing campaign that will launch your business and get the word out fast.

Working From Home

Digital Marketing can be done from anywhere, so if you need a flexible career or home based business that’s future-proof, this is the place to start.

Upskillers & Career Changers

Looking for a new career or looking to upskill into a more secure career? Get the qualifications you need and learn new digital skills that can help you change careers, earn more and secure your position for the future.


Whether you’re finishing school, college or uni, this will give you training and certification in an exciting new career and practical skills you can use to help find a great job or create your own business and income online.

Business Owners or SoleTraders

Wondering why your online advertising isn’t delivering the results you want? Digital marketing skills are essential for any serious business owner these days and can give you the edge in your industry and help you drive sales and expand rapidly.

Current Online Entrepreneurs

Already online and looking to extend your knowledge and take your online income to the next level? Learn from experienced online entrepreneurs and leading digital experts – understand the complete picture and learn real online money making strategies.

Rural, Remote or Distance Learning

Learn alternative ways to generate additional off farm income. As long as you have internet access you can create income online so no matter where you are there are no geographic barriers. Ideal for rural or remote people.

Early Retirees

It’s never too late to earn new skills and start generating an online income.  With our easy-to-follow strategies,step-by-step teaching and helpful support you can be well on your way to learning how to make money online to supplement your retirement.

What Our Students Say

Matt and Liz Raad's course is life-changing. Ive been able to not only learn the skills on how to build a website but how to further improve my life with not only wealth but health and happiness. Super grateful for this opportunity. Does it get any better than this!!

Matt and Liz are real people doing real things. With them you are taught a fool proof way to earn money, enjoy life and stay humble. Their philosophy around the “simple” life is a joy to be part of. Just watching them together inspires. They are a family, but have created another family of Champions we are proud to be part of.

This program is far more than a course to make money from websites. Matt and Liz and their team have turned me around from a techno dinosaur to creating awesome websites and elevated me to a new person. They attract really nice people who have now become friends. This course has far exceeded my expectations.

I am so surprised. I came along this weekend to support my husband in his decision to change careers & employment, but instead I found this an opportunity we can do together. Liz & Matt have such incredible passion. Its contagious!

In the last 3 months I have made $6390 from designing and delivering websites for business owners. My lifestyle used to be working 5 days a week 9-5 to make approximately $1200pw with no time for other things. Now I can see that I can earn double this, working from home - no travelling in traffic! I have now set a goal of earning $3000 per week.

One of the best training courses that I have been privileged to attend. Matt and Liz really know how to deliver. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in online business.

The Digital Investor Podcast

Follow Matt and Liz Raad on the Digital Investor podcast for real-life stories that will inspire you and provide insights for online investing.

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