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Learn from experienced online investors how to buy, build, renovate and sell websites and digital assets, to generate cash flow and a portfolio for the future

About Us

The eBusiness Institute is a private digital education company that helps Australians upskill or retrain for the future with high-demand digital focussed skills. We offer a range of Digital Marketing Training courses, certifications and micro-credentials .

Our courses are highly specific private training courses designed to retrain even complete beginners, and have been created by successful online entrepreneurs so you get certification in the most practical, money making digital marketing skills.

E-Business Institute Mission Statement

Practical digital skills and training are the smart way to future proof your income

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Who Should Enrol in Our Courses?

  • Need to re-train or a new career
  • Need to work in a rural or remote area
  • Need to rapidly grow or start your own business
  • Don’t want to commit to a four year degree
  • Need alternative part-time income
  • Need to work from home
  • Total beginner needing digital literacy skills
  • A goal to retire early or live a laptop lifestyle

Become Certified in Digital Marketing

Get certification in the most important digital skills

Ebusiness Institute digital marketing certificate online course

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) certification
UX Website Design certification

Ebusiness Institute website design certification course

WordPress Website Development certification
Webmaster management certification

What Our Students Say

Live Digital Training Events

Experience digital learning like never before! Enhance your online learning with unique Training Events, Conferences and Live Webinars - designed to educate and inspire!


The Founders of eBusiness Institute Matt and Liz Raad are experts at breaking down the complex and sometimes overwhelming world of digital marketing, website development and online business into simple, easy to follow steps in a fun and highly engaging way.

Their live events always inspire, educate and energise audiences - with lots of laughs thrown in!

Come along and experience Digital learning at a whole new level for yourself!

Why Study With The eBusiness Institute?

  • Cutting Edge Content

    Everything you need to know in today’s digital marketing world – from website design and user experience to SEO, mobile marketing and social media – updated for today’s marketplace

  • Practical Training

    Not just theory – these courses are designed specifically to give you the skills that make money online.

    Get hands-on, bankable digital skills that work in the real world of online marketing

  • High Dollar Outcomes

    Learn how to how to create money making websites for yourself and create a valuable online portfolio of cash generating websites, or become a valuable consultant with the digital skills to transform a business.

  • Fully Supported Training

    You can also get yourself up to speed with our digital live training events, live webinars and the full support of our awesome team

  • Ecourse 24/7 Study Flexibility

    All our Digital Marketing courses are delivered as online E-courses so you can study anytime, anywhere at your own pace. No rushed deadlines or need to leave home. Perfect for distance learning.

What Our Students Say

Matt and Liz Raad

"Digital skills are becoming more important and more valuable than ever before – now is the time to educate yourself and be ready for the changes that are coming."

Matt and Liz Raad, Founders, eBusiness Institute

Retrain For A New Career In The Digital Economy

Earn more and secure your future income

Is Your Job Safe? The Digital Career Shift Is Coming!

Will your job or career be safe? Current reports predict that over 40% of Australian jobs will be lost due to disruptive technology and digitisation over the next 20 years.

Now is the time to re-train in jobs for the future with high-demand digital-focused skills.

At the E-Business Institute we help complete beginners re-train in digital skills so they can successfully make money online and/or work in this new digital economy

  • Even 'Safe' Jobs At Risk

    Traditionally secure careers and sectors like law, accounting, insurance, administration, transportation, accommodation and travel are under high levels of change and digital disruption

  • Online Business Skills Are Becoming Essential

    If you are in business and don’t have an understanding of digital marketing, you will probably be overcharged and under-serviced – making it hard to stay profitable and ahead of the competition

  • Two Thirds of Students Studying For Jobs That Won't Exist

    According to the Foundation For Young Australians, students need more digitally focussed education. More than 90% of Australia’s current workforce will need digital skills to be able to perform their roles in the next 2-5 years

  • Learn Bankable Digital Skills

    The key is to learn the digital skills that can make you money going into the future – whether through a safer job or career, through business, or through investment in online assets

Protect yourself from future job loss

Learn how to re-skill in the digital economy to create cash flow and digital assets

What Our Graduates Say

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