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Buying a turnkey website in the pet niche with Liz Raad

Website For Sale Showcase: $3,700 Monthly Cash-Flow In The Pet Niche

Have you ever thought it would be possible to make over $30,000 a year from a website about fish tanks?! Today, Holly from Flippa walks us through a passive website currently for sale which is making great income and generating a lot of traffic.

Here’s a big tip for this week – the online pet niche is a very lucrative one. Even for simple websites such as fish, there are a lot of questions out there that people are searching the answers for.

So, take a look at today’s Website For Sale Showcase with Holly to see how simple it is to leverage money online. You might just find some inspiration for your next website purchase or build.

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Liz Raad:                   Hi everyone. On this week’s website for sale showcase, I’m joined by Holly from Flippa. And this is a niche that we’ve actually talked a lot about in our programs. It’s the pet niche, which is incredibly lucrative, and it’s all about fish. So, tell us about this one.

Turnkey Website Opportunity in the pet niche

Holly:               So, this week we’re going to take a look at Love Fish Tank. This is a one-stop shop for anyone who is a first-time aquarium or fish owner.

The website is filled with articles around what sort of fish to have in your aquarium, how to look after them, what sort of feed to use, product reviews, and the best type of fish that you could have for an aquarium.

It’s just a perfect place to go if you’ve just bought an aquarium. Now the reason that I’ve highlighted this site is it’s currently bringing in $31,000 in profit a year. In terms of monthly traffic, it’s averaging around 50,000 page views a month.

Monetizing websites through Amazon Affiliates

The site is currently monetized through Amazon Affiliates. You can buy a range of products on there for an aquarium, and you’ll receive money through the Amazon purchase. However, there’s no ads on the site at all, so there’s a real opportunity there. Especially given that it’s got good traffic, you can put some ads on there and potentially monetize it through that as well.

Liz:                   Yes, fantastic. And this site isn’t very old, and it’s grown quite quickly.

Profitable Website in Lucrative Niche

Holly:               The site is about 2 1/2 – 3 years old. I think the reason why it’s got such good traffic, like you mentioned earlier, is it’s just in a good niche. We find that anything with pets, people want to do their research, particularly when it’s their first time for something around pets. And this site is aimed specifically at people buying their first-time aquarium. So, you’re automatically getting that traffic in through Google.

How did the website develop a passive income stream?

Liz:                   Given there’s just so many questions that need answering on that, I can see that a content strategy for this website would be quite easy too. There are so many questions you could answer on the website.

Website generates quality traffic & revenues through answering people’s questions

Holly:               Exactly. And all the content that’s on there is evergreen, it’s not going to grow old. Any of the pieces that you’ve got around livestock, or plants within the tank, they’re just going to continue generating views.

Liz:                   What’s the story with the seller? Do you know why they’re selling? Because again, it’s a really nice website.

Holly:               It is a really nice site. I haven’t actually had a chance to speak with the seller yet, he is new on Flippa. But this is for sale through an auction model. I think the auction has about 20 days left on it at the moment. You can go on and have a look, and for any questions, you can either post in Comments, or message the seller directly.

How To Improve The Websites Income…

Liz:                   As always, if you’re going to look into this website, make sure you do the website due diligence. You need to go through that process, and make sure you tick off and verify all the profits and traffic. I think there is some really good room for growth on this one, and there’s room for more monetization too, isn’t there?

Holly:               Yes, exactly. So, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s monetized at the moment through Amazon Affiliates, but it doesn’t have any ads on the site. If you were to buy it (because it’s already got pretty decent traffic), you could easily put ads on and begin to monetize it there. So, you’d have the two different revenue streams coming in.

Liz:                   Okay, fantastic. Anything else we need to know about this one? So, it is a high asking price on this one.

Website Selling On a 3x Profit Multiple

Holly:               Yes, the asking price on this one is $100,000, so it’s about a three-time profit multiple. But if you click through in the Enquire button, the minimum bid on the starting price for the auction is $75,000, if you were interested in placing a bid on it.

Liz:                   Okay, fantastic. All right, so if you’re interested, go and check it out. Go through the Flippa marketplace. Again, is this one listed under the Advertising category?

Holly:               Yes, this one’s in Advertising. If you just click Browse and go to Advertising, and if you just set the price, the asking price is $100,000 with the starting price $75,000. So, you would add a max price of $100,000 and a minimum price of $50,000, it should appear within the top 10.

Liz:                   Great, thanks again as usual, Holly. Great to speak to you and looking forward to keeping those websites coming. It’s always inspirational and a really good opportunity every time we talk to you, so thanks again.

Holly:               Pleasure, thanks Liz.