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passive income websites for sale with Liz Raad

Website For Sale Showcase – $13,019 per month, 1 hour per week work

If your looking at buying websites for passive income then you will definitely want to pay attention to this weeks website for sale showcase with Alex Champagne from Empire Flippers!

Alex shares with us a great passive website business for sale that includes a package of 5 affiliate websites all in the fashion niche.

This passive website uses the same strategies that we teach – using good quality content to drive traffic. Content is added to the website 4 times a month, so it’s leveraged and automated, and takes the owner very little time to maintain.

Alex also reveals some good opportunities for growth and ideas on how to improve the websites income – CLICK ON THE VIDEO BELOW to learn more about this passive website for sale...

Liz Raad:                   Today I’m here with Alex Champagne from Empire Flippers. And he’s got an awesome website for sale to show us today. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Alex Champagne:                So, we talked about a profitable website for sale, probably a month and a half ago and we actually ended up selling that listing fairly recently. It’s just about to finalize there, so it was a good testimonial for us talking about established websites that buyers really do want to purchase. So, that one sold.

Passive Income Website For Sale making over $13,000 a month

But the one we’re going to be talking about today is listing 46133. And it’s a website that’s in the fashion apparel space. But more specifically it focuses on different types of shoes.

So, a little bit about this, it’s listed at $455,000. The average monthly net profit on this is just a little bit over $13,000. And we’re using a 35x monthly multiple to come to that listing price. So that’s the broad view of this website.

Automated Website Income From Amazon Affiliate Program

Liz:                   So, let’s dive in because this is a really interesting site. How is it monetized? How is it making its money?

Alex:                It’s an Amazon Associate site. And that basically means that when a user goes to purchase something off Amazon, the owner of this website (since he referred that person over) is going to get a piece of that sale.

5 Websites Being Sold – Diversifies Risk

And what’s cool about this one is it is a package. So, it’s actually 5 websites that are in the shoe space. There’s good diversity of revenue across multiple different websites. So, if there were something to happen, say one of the sites started to struggle, while you worked on bringing that one back up, the other ones will still be producing revenue which is awesome.

Liz:                   Yes, and that’s something we always look for. How can we get diversity? And there’s safety and diversity here so that’s fantastic. And it’s getting some really decent traffic and page views isn’t it?

Established Website With Very High Growth

Alex:                Absolutely, so the growth on this is pretty exceptional. The page views in July of 2018 was around 60,000 page views. If we compare that to June of this year, it did over 140,000 impressions, or page views. Pretty successful and significant growth there.

But the cool thing here is there’s still a lot of opportunity for growth with this website. So we’ve seen a really nice trend, but for the right owner I think there’s some good growth opportunity as well.

Liz:                   So, what sort of things do you think a new owner could do to keep that growth going?

How Is It a Passive Income Website…

Alex:                Absolutely, one thing to keep in mind here is the seller only spends around one hour a week on this site (or this package of sites). And what’s great about that is all of the content is outsourced. So that’s already in place and that’s something that we can talk about with the new owner. We’ll discuss how we can transition that to them so that that stays in place, and they have that consistent vehicle that’s already produced results.

How To Improve The Websites Income…

But for the right buyer, there’s some good opportunities. If you are able to spend more time and focus on this, I think some immediate wins would be to:

  1. Start harvesting some of the email addresses and capturing that information from all of those visitors that are coming in. I think that’s a good first step.
  2. Also, since it’s in the footwear category, there’s a lot of social media opportunity here to build up, whether it’s a Facebook group or an Instagram etc. This can help further diversify that traffic and just ultimately diversify risk, and increase revenue.

Both just good things from an opportunity perspective.

Liz:                   Yes, and like you said, there’s no social media at the moment.

Alex:                Exactly, there’s nothing intense from the social media. So it’s a blank canvas, and such a wide range of opportunities in this category since it lends itself so well.

Liz:                   Social media and footwear, oh my gosh!!

Why is the website being sold?

And, do you know why the seller is selling the website? Are they moving on to bigger things?

Alex:                They just have a lot of different assets in their portfolio and so they’re wanting to focus more on their bread-and-butter. Even though this is doing so incredibly well, this isn’t their primary focus. So, they’re looking to free up some space and I’m sure use this capital to deploy into some of their other businesses.

Liz:                   It’s inspirational, isn’t it? It’s amazing what you can do online.

Alex:                It’s truly, one of my favourite things about working here is hearing all the life changing stories both on the buy and the sell side, so it’s an amazing opportunity for sure.

Liz:                   And speaking of the other site that you’ve now sold – that was a great site too in the music niche.

Finding the right buyer for your website

Alex:                Yes it was. When you’re in those more targeted niches, it can take us a little bit longer to find the right buyer. But ultimately, we found a buyer who could immediately see the potential, and see how he could plug it into his plan. And we’re working on finalizing that now and should be having it fully marked Sold any day now.

It’s always great to have a seller to be happy with the sale price, and have a buyer whose really excited about what they just purchased. So good news all round.

Where to buy this affiliate website…

Liz:                   Yeah and you guys do a really nice job of that. Alright, so if someone’s interested in this listing though, we can put the listing number below and they’ll be in contact with you or with one of the brokers at Empire Flippers and they’ll look after you.

Alex:                Exactly, so if you just send an email to sales@empireflippers and if you have any additional questions we can pick it up there. But the best place is to go to that listing link and learn more there. And if you’re interested, we’ll take it from there.

Liz:                   Fantastic, well thanks so much Alex!