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Passive website for sale with Matt and Liz Raad and Empire Flippers

Website For Sale Showcase – Makes $3,100 Per Month In Music Niche

Today we showcase a new website for sale with Alex Champagne from Empire Flippers. This website is currently earning $3,100 per month, and it’s in the music niche. This might be a passion niche that a lot of you are already familiar with.

What’s great about this website is that it very much aligns with what we teach our EBusiness students around building websites in passion niches for Affiliate or Amazon income. This might give you an idea or two for your next passive website build or purchase.

Liz Raad:                   Hi and welcome to our website showcase. Today we welcome Alex from Empire Flippers. How are you going Alex?

Alex Champagne:                Doing well, how are you all?

Liz:                   Awesome, well we’re excited this week because you’ve got a great website for us. Do you want to tell us a bit more about what you’ve got on your books at the moment?

Amazon Affiliate Website For Sale

Alex:                Absolutely, so we’ve got a great Amazon Associates Affiliate site for sale on our marketplace. It’s right in that sweet spot. The list price is $124,000, and it’s producing $3,100 a month in average monthly net profit. So there’s a lot to really like about this site. Would you like me to go straight into the details?

Liz:                   Yes, let’s hear a bit more about it. What was it about this listing that made you excited?

Alex:                So, one of the things I was thinking about is when you buy a business, you’re not just buying a business – you’re buying a relationship with the seller, and that’s one of the things we often coach our newer buyers with.

About The Website Seller…

Alex: And this particular seller is extremely seasoned. He’s sold with us before, and he’s bought with us before. He’s the kind of guy that if you do acquire a business from him, he’s going to be there, he’s going to be able to answer difficult questions, and he’s seen it all. So, it’s not a matter of you buy the website, and then “game-over”. This is a guy who has a process, a system. He builds these assets and it’s something he can help you understand, so I think that’s one critical aspect of this business that I really like.

Website Demonstrating Exponential Growth…

Alex: The other thing is it has exceptional growth potential and we’re always careful about how much we want to talk about growth potential because it’s an unknown. There is a lot of opportunity there but if we look at the trend on this, it’s pretty clear to see. In November of 2017 it made $540. In November of 2018 it made $3600. That’s exponential growth there, right?

Matt:               Great, and what niche is it in?

Website makes money in a “passion” niche…

Alex:                That’s another reason I brought this one up – it’s in the music niche.

So, it’s another passion site. If you like music there’s a good chance that you’re going to enjoy what this site talks about. It’s actually focused around a particular music instrument but it’s not the one that you’d probably think it is so I would take a look.

The way our marketplace works is we do hide a lot of the listing details to make sure that the seller’s privacy is respected. So, you would need to go in and place your refundable deposit and that’s something that we talk about on the site.

Semi-Passive Content Style Website For Sale, 2-3 hours per week work

Matt:               So, this is a website that’s making around $3,000 a month net (to the owner) as a content site isn’t it?

Liz:                   Yes, and what’s the maintenance on this website? What do you have to do to keep it going?

Alex:                Great question. The seller’s currently spending two to three hours a week on the site, so he’s not spending very much time at all. It’s really just passively running itself and that’s another area for growth opportunity. If you do have those extra cycles of time and if you love music and you can write great content, then it’s really a no-brainer.

Website Renovation Potential…

Another potential opportunity (and this is what’s great about music) is you can sell courses off the back end so you’re getting all of this great traffic and you can literally just build a course to teach around the specific musical instruments.

Liz:                   Right, so at the moment it’s only monetized by Amazon Affiliate. So we’ve got a really big opportunity here to create more products, get info products in there. And actually, we’ve just seen recently some amazing sites that have, we’re talking hundreds of thousands a year from info product around passion niches. They’re a really lucrative niche.

Matt:               So I see why you’re so excited about this one. There’s a lot of potential for someone to add in these extra info products on top of the growth that’s already happening in the business.

Liz:                   Excellent! Thanks again Alex Champagne from Empire Flippers. If you want to check out more about that listing or about Empire Flippers, check out the listing here. Thanks again for being with us and we’ll see you next time.