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Mike Rhodes shares with Liz Raad Google Maps Strategy

Simple Google Maps Strategy To Beat The Corporates!

I recently interviewed the legendary pioneer in paid traffic and a long time friend of ours Mike Rhodes who is the founder of WebSavvy, a Melbourne-based digital agency that does over $100 million in online ad spend!

Today he shares with us his simple and leveraged strategy for getting local business websites appearing on Google Maps and even beating the big corporates!

CLICK ON THE VIDEO BELOW to hear from Mike Rhodes

Liz Raad and Mike Rhodes at the 2019 DMDU

Liz Raad:                  Hey guys, I’m here at Digital Marketing Conference with the awesome Mike Rhodes. And he did a fantastic presentation on AdWords.

Mike Rhodes:              Thank you.

Liz:                  But what I really wanted to share with our readers is a really cool strategy, which I didn’t even know existed!

Local Ad strategy that beats big corporate competitors

Mike:              Yes, so this is for local ads.

Not to be confused with local inventory ads, which you can do if you’re a retailer, and selling physical products. But local ads are a way that you can put an ad on Google Maps, that’s going to show up on a mobile device just underneath the map.

This is perfect for small businesses. Because bigger businesses are often going to show up organically on maps, because they’ve got loads of stores and a bigger footprint, and Google knows that more people go there.

Low-cost online paid advertising for small businesses

But for just a few cents a click, you can get onto Google maps. And you don’t pay if no one clicks on your ad. You can be showing an ad that’s for the people that are nearby, on Google Maps, looking for stores just like yours, and show them that little ad.

Liz:                  That is so cool!

Mike:              You only pay if people click on the ad.

Liz:                  Yes, and with the small business example you showed us in your presentation, he was beating a massive national brand.

Mike:              Yes, he was beating Officeworks. Little tiny business in Melbourne beating Officeworks on the first page of Google essentially.

Liz:                  That is so cool.  So, if you wanted to learn more about Google Ads, then of course, you need to get over to WebSavvy.

Mike:              websavvy.com.au, or agencysavvy.com.

Liz:                  Thank you so much for that tip Mike, that was fantastic.