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Re-train for digital marketing

Can You Re-Skill For A Career In Digital Marketing?

Thinking of re-training for a completely new career and looking for a growing secure, career path for the future? Of course a career in Digital Marketing is a no brainer! These days you hear the phrase ‘digital marketing’ more than you hear the phrases ‘please’ or ‘thank you.’ At least it seems like that anyway. But ask 10 different people what digital marketing is and you’ll likely get 10 different answers. So

lets have a quick look at what this growth industry of Digital Marketing is all about and how you can benefit…


Delivering Online Consumer Experiences

Like marketing in traditional channels (newspaper, radio, billboards), digital marketing is created with the intent of having an audience take action. Unlike traditional marketing, which does little else than highlight benefits and include a clear call-to-action, digital engagement offers true customer experiences delivered in ways they control. That’s a major benefit to the consumer.

The challenge to the digital marketer, then, is to understand the customer’s journey and expectations so they can effectively reach them through the din of other digital messaging.

Re-train for digital marketing

Empowering Customers

Online consumers seek information. Brands that give them that information empower their customers. Digital marketing is about offering valuable information using as many strategies and channels as necessary so the customer can make an informed purchasing decision that solves a pain point.

Think Integrated Engagement

Digital marketing is a term used to describe an online integrated marketing approach leveraged by businesses to attract, engage, and convert customers. It uses various channels of delivery such as SEO, social media, and influencer marketing to connect brands to a targeted audience.

Though it can be simply defined, the reality is, because of its continued evolution and customization capabilities, digital marketing is a complex topic with numerous layers.

Managing Customer Relationships

Digital marketing is not so much about sales as it is about building and nurturing customer relationships. Digital marketers must know their customers and prospects better than their competition so they can communicate with them when, where, and how they are most receptive to the message.

Digital marketing gives business owners a consolidated view of customer preferences and expectations across all channels (mobile, social, SEO, point of sale). This information can then be used to develop coordinated campaigns that steadily move prospects through the sales funnel. The more insight digital marketers have into customer behavior and preferences, the more apt they will be to engage customers in lucrative interactions.

How Can YOU Benefit from Digital Marketing?

The emergence and evolution of technology has forced business owners to focus their efforts (and budgets) on digital strategies to stay Digital Expertise in Australia with Matt and Liz Raadcompetitive in a global marketplace. This has created a serious demand for independent contractors with digital marketing skills, and that demand is expected to increase because of the digital skills gap.

This skills gap is a significant competitive disadvantage to Australian businesses who feel their lack of digital expertise slowly taking its toll. According to an Australian Digital Skills and Salary Survey commissioned by the Slade Group Digital Practice and NET:101 and undertaken by Sweeney Research, one quarter of businesses are having a hard time sourcing employees proficient in digital marketing and as much as 70% are feeling the sting from this widening gap.

Elizabeth Ebeli, Slade Group digital practice manager has said, “With the growing importance of digital in today’s business landscape, a lag in digital expertise in Australia is a major concern – one that has the potential to hinder the ability for growth and innovation.”

While the digital skills gap may be bad news for business owners, it’s great news for anyone interested in a career in digital marketing. This gap means a booming job market, replete with numerous career choices and competitive salaries.

With a digital marketing career, you don’t have to start ‘at the bottom’ or wait for a coveted internship to open up like you do in many other industries. In the digital world, there are a wide range of opportunities for skilled marketers to create their own career path and reap tremendous success or to even start their own lucrative Digital Marketing business like many of our students do.

Earn as You Learn and Re-train in Online Marketing Skills

This can even be done as you are perfecting and learning your digital skills and you can earn as you learn quite literally as you build websites for businesses and get paid. To learn more about how you can get trained in digital marketing check out our WebDev Accelerator Program.

There’s no better way to start this new, exciting career and get paid while you learn!