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Liz Raad chats with EBusiness student who tripled her income with digital skills

Anne Triples Her Income Through Digital Skills

Anne’s like us – she loves animals! She has a passion for caring for all creatures great and small.

And what we love about Anne’s story, is that just like many of our students, she has taken the practical digital skills she learnt from E-Business Institute and combined it with her existing skills as a vet.

As a result, she has now tripled her income by helping other vets build their own online practices.

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Liz Raad:                   Today I am with Anne and she has an incredible story because she again has taken her digital skills and gone another direction. So, Anne tell us a bit more about where you’ve taken your business since you’ve been on the Champions program.

Learning How To Build and Buy Websites Kicked Off Anne’s New Income Stream…

And, you learned how to buy and build websites so where did you take that? How has that changed your world because you’re a vet.

Anne:              I started off with the Champions program just to get a good website for one or two practices. And that worked out really well.

Anne now helps Vets improve their websites and their businesses virtually (so she can work from anywhere)…

I’ve also been coaching other vets in a virtual way, and then looking at their websites to see what it looks like. And I find there’s always some problems with their website, so we’re signing them up as well to get their websites better.

But it’s all encompassed in the coaching and getting their practice running better and their business. So that’s the main thing, but the website builds help.

Liz:                   And we’re standing right now right where your view outside your vet practice. So, a pretty amazing place to be.

On Tripling Her Income…

Now that you’ve grown your own vet practice, you’re now helping other vets from all around the world and here in Australia create their own successful vet practices and online presence. So what has that done for your income?

Anne:              Yes, that’s tripled my income!

Liz:                   And you said earlier that part of that was just changing the way you thought about the way you earned income.

Mindset Shift Through Coaching With Matt Raad…

Anne:              Yes, I think the best part of the whole Champion program was the mindset shift that you do with the bootcamps and with talking to Matt [Raad] on the phone. So, just finding your own self-worth is priceless.

Liz:                   Fantastic, well congratulations Anne, that’s awesome! Thank you for having us here in gorgeous Adelaide. Blessing us with beautiful weather!

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