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Marcus Murphy shares LinkedIn tips with Liz Raad

3 Awesome Tips For LinkedIn Success With Marcus Murphy

I recently attended the 2019 Digital Marketing Conference on the Gold Coast, and was fortunate enough to catch up with Marcus Murphy, who is a LinkedIn Advisory board member.

He shared the top 3 tips he’s found that will deliver fast results for your LinkedIn presence. And what’s great about these tips is they are really simple to implement. So if your LinkedIn page is in need of a refresh, then read on!

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Liz Raad with Marcus Murphy, sharing Top 3 LinkedIn tips

Liz Raad:                  Today I’m here with Marcus Murphy and I’ve just attended an awesome session with him at the 2019 Digital Marketing Conference. He shared some really good tips for LinkedIn, and I thought this was really important for our readers to do too.

So Marcus, can you share your top three things? The most important things for, getting effective results on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Tip#1 – Have a good profile picture

Marcus:           The first thing you want to do is actually maximize your profile. This is something most people forget. But if you’re going to ever get out there in the world you’ve got to have a good presence.

So, the first thing is to have a good profile photo. Make sure it’s clear, professional, and 60% of the frame.

LinkedIn Tip#2 – Optimize the summary section

The next tip is to have a summary section. I think a lot of people don’t optimize that well. It’s 2,000 characters to tell the world about who you are. Use the summary to start the conversation. Don’t use it as a CV, and don’t put the bullet points.

You want to make sure that you’re expressing, “this is who I am, this is what I’m about”. In other words – insert your personality. If you’re not funny, don’t be. Don’t force it. This is a really good opportunity for people to view you and say, “I want to connect with you” which is good.

LinkedIn Tip#3 – Connect with people who view your profile

The last tip is that most people look at your profile. There’s a section in LinkedIn that tells you when a person has looked at your profile. And what’s really great about it, is that you can start to message them.

Everyone forgets about this. But what this means is, if people look at your profile you can send them a message and say, “Hey I saw you stopped by my profile. Can I help you with anything?” And this typically starts really great conversations that turn into business. So that’s a really great way to not miss those leads.

Liz:                  And I think this is really important. With LinkedIn, we’re connecting with people. So be friendly! Don’t jump straight to asking for business.

Marcus:           No, just like a relationship. You don’t walk up and just introduce yourself and then go for the gold. You need to build a relationship and sometimes that takes time.

So just like business, you can always add value first, then work your way to a significant business relationship but that takes time. It’s not going to be immediate in the first interaction that you have.