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Holly from Flippa shows Liz Raad successful website for sale in passion niche

Website For Sale Showcase -$1,831 Per Month From Camping Niche!

Interested in buying a website that’s making over $1,800 per month with very little work involved? Sometimes these gems come along, and they can make for interesting buying opportunities.

This week Holly O’Conner from Flippa shows us a content driven website that’s generating incredible traffic and solid monthly revenue in the camping and sustainability niche.

This website sale has some great lessons and inspiration of how much traffic and automated income a website in a passion niche can generate .

We also discuss the potential to improve the website that a new buyer could take to increase its current revenues even further.

We also teach how to search for websites for sale on Flippa.com at the end of this article (just scroll to the bottom of the article to see how).

CLICK ON THE VIDEO BELOW to hear from Holly

Liz Raad:                   Hi and welcome to today’s website showcase. I’m joined by Holly from Flippa.

Successful DIY-content website for sale

And you found us a good one this time. I really love the site you’ve highlighted this week.

It’s called happiestcamper.com. Can you give us a bit of background about what Happiest Camper is about and what sort of figures it’s doing?

Website started from simple travel passion and then morphed into something much bigger…

Holly:               Yes, it’s a DIY-content site and a blog. The seller (Heather) originally set it up when she and her husband were travelling around in an R.V. So, the site was set up explaining how to renovate an R.V., and how to make it liveable.

It expanded from that and now there’s a lot of content and posts around things like making your own soap, raising animals, sewing, gardening. And just a general all-around DIY lifestyle-content site.

Liz:                   Okay, so it morphed into sustainable living and those type of topics as well?

Holly:               Yes, but there’s a huge opportunity to further expand into being more about sustainable and environmentally-friendly etc. At the moment there’s a lot about sewing and making soap and household-related posts.

Websites in passion niches can generate huge traffic opportunities

But the amazing thing about this is it’s got a huge amount of organic traffic that comes to the site. At the moment it’s averaging 66,000 page views a month and 46,000 unique visits according to their Google Analytics verification.

Liz:                   Wow, that’s incredible! And I think a lot of people don’t realize with a passion subject, how much traffic this kind of topic can actually attract.

Website monetized with passive ads and Amazon affiliate offers…

Holly:               Absolutely. The seller has really capitalized on this. The site has been setup with Mediavine (website advertising network) and Amazon Affiliates, so that’s how it’s currently monetized. And the new seller could potentially monetize it further by putting new ads on the site as well.

Liz:                   Great, so there’s potential for it to grow and for it to be better monetized as well.

Holly:               So much potential to be better monetized. You could also diversify some of the existing content and potentially even introduce tutorials (including paid tutorials).

The site is three years old. It’s got good Google ranking and it’s got just a lot of repeat customers (return visitors). It has a really good sticky audience.

Big Tip – find out reason seller is selling the website

Liz:                   Fantastic. And what’s the reason they are selling it? Because it sounds like a fantastic site!

Holly:               I spoke to the seller and she needs the money for personal family reasons. But she is a really nice lady and is super genuine.  

If they didn’t need the money from the site now, it’s not something that she would be selling because it’s had the same revenue coming through month after month.

Liz:                   Great, so it’s nice and consistent. And that’s a really fast growth path too, being over three years to get to that level, it’s really impressive.

Holly:               Absolutely, it’s a great site.

Genuine, good quality content can increase website value

Liz:                   And part of that magic probably is that it’s a genuine site and she’s writing from heart and creating really great content.

Holly:               I need to double-check the number, but she’s got more than 20 pieces of content on there. These pieces are evergreen, and they’ll just keep generating traffic.

Liz:                   That’s fantastic. Okay, so we might just have a quick look and see what this site looks like. So here’s the listing on Flippa for the Happiest Camper. We can see it’s travel and camping and that’s a good price too. It’s not an unreasonable asking price.

This Passive Website Sold For A Great 20x Multiple

Holly:               It is really reasonable. Also, for anyone that’s interested – when you’re on the listing, and click through to the blue Enquire button, you’ll see that it’s actually an auction, and there’s 15 days left on it. And the current bid price is $30,000.

Liz:                   Well I would certainly say it’s worth that. And really nice net profit, obviously we haven’t done due diligence on it. But a really nice site to bring to our attention and I think that will sell very well and very quickly, I hope for her sake as well.

Holly:               Me too.

Liz:                   Excellent! Thank you so much for that Holly. A great site to highlight. If you’re interested, head on over to Flippa.com. You can see there, just look up the Happiest Camper. And Holly, will you find that in the Auction section, not in the Marketplace? Or where would you find this one?

Holly:               You’ll find it in both. Or if you just click down to search under “Advertising” sites, you’ll find it in the section priced below $50,000.

How to search for websites for sale on Flippa.com

Liz:                   Actually, let’s show that because we’ve had some people a bit confused about how to find these websites.

Holly:               Sure, let’s go through it.

Liz:                   Firstly, I’ll go to the home page.

Holly:               Yes, and then click “Advertising”.

Search for Advertising Websites on Flippa platform

From there – if you scroll down in the left-hand side, you can put a max price range 50,000 and a min of 25,000.

Filtering Advertising Websites on the Flippa platform

Liz:                   Then press “Search”, and we should come up with the listings that match that criteria.

Holly:               Yes, then scroll down and there it is.

Website search results on Flippa

Liz:                   Fantastic. All right, so now we know how to find this website for sale! Thank you so much for being with us again Holly.