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Liz Raad and Pete talk about how he started buying websites for passive income

How Pete Got A New Income Stream in 81 Days

When we last caught up with Pete in Adelaide, he shared an amazing personal story of how his new digital skills got him part ownership of a million dollar business and a lot of extra cash flow. But his journey hasn’t stopped there.

In the last 90 days, Pete set the intention to realize his goal of earning $1,000 a month from passive websites. And I know that for many of you, this is a common goal to get started with when building your own digital portfolio.

From zero to $1,000 of semi-passive income in less than 90 days.

Today I chat to Pete to discover what finally clicked for him to set out and achieve this goal. What’s really exciting is that once he made that decision, he then took massive action to make it happen.

As a result – he smashed his goal by achieving it in just 81 days. Go Pete!

If you’ve set similar intentions than I’d highly recommend you check out the video below to get some inspiration for your next personal income goal.

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Liz Raad:       Hi everyone, I just had to jump on here and have a quick chat to Pete because he’s got such a cool update for us. Following on from last time, so welcome again, Pete.

Pete:    Hi everyone.

Setting an intention to achieve passive income goal

Liz:       So last time I was in Adelaide, you just had an amazing achievement with having part ownership in a business.

But a few months ago, something happened. You gave yourself a bit of a kick up the butt. What was that all about?

Pete:    I certainly did! I just wanted to finally get my head around the mysteries of semi-passive income. I set myself an intention and gave myself 90 days to do it.

I wanted to try to earn as close as I could to $1000 in 90 days, and put my teachings and practise into play. So, I cracked on with it and I got there in 81 days, which was pretty awesome.

Liz:       Oh yes! So, you did a really great Facebook post to share your experiences as you went through that process.

From zero to $1,000 of semi-passive income in 81 days

Now, in less than 90 days – you’ve gone from zero passive income, and you’ve now created $1000 in semi-passive income by buying 3 websites. What were some of the main learning’s you had on the way? Or what do you think is the main key to the success of you just getting out there and making this happen?

Buying websites for passive income
Pete’s Facebook post sharing how he bought money making websites

How did you first start making money online?

Pete:    I actually think it was just getting out there and doing it. Because when you sit there and get stuck into your own head (which we do from time to time), you can make up a million different excuses why NOT to do something.

Just get started buying websites that make money

But just getting on with it was what I needed to do. I just said to myself, “I need to do this,” and I got on with it. And literally that afternoon, I jumped online and had a look at Flippa, went on a few forums, started scouting around trying to buy some sites. And literally within a day or two, I had plenty of opportunities to buy websites. So I started doing some due diligence and got on with it. And now… here we are. And I’m now seeing results.

Creating a team to help you achieve online passive income…

Liz:       I love that the other thing that you also created (which you’d been putting off), was the team behind you to actually help make this happen and maintain them.

Pete:    Absolutely. It’s one of those things when you’re dealing with technology and if you don’t know it back to front. I like to try to understand what I’m doing, but the ins and outs of IT sometimes scare me.

So, I think I had this mental block established about if I was to give these passwords to someone and allow them into my computer and allow them to my hosting, what damage could they do? But then, I realised that was all a little bit ridiculous! They’re just all good people wanting to make a living like us. So, I should get on with doing it and find some great outsources, which I did.

“This is a very easy process and I got on with it, so happy days!”

Liz:       That’s great! Okay, so in summary, where are you at now? So how much did you invest in those three sites?

Pete:    Altogether I’ve invested $8,000 across the three sites. And in the last 81 days, I’ve made just over $1,000 in semi-passive income which is really awesome. For the month of December, it’s looking like I’m on track to do $600 just for this month alone. So that’s very exciting.

Keep growing – buying more websites for passive income

Liz:       So, the goal now is to get to $1000 a month?

Pete:    Yes, that’s correct. In the next 90 days, my goal is to achieve $1,000 a month, and to do it as soon as I can. This is the goal that I’ve set for myself and I need to get on with it.

Liz:       Yes, and then going forward from there, what’s the next goal, Pete? Where are you heading?

Pete:    I like to double things over and over again. So then the next step is to aim for $2,000. And then we’ll just keep aiming to leverage… “double, double and double”. That’s the goal, so we’ll see how we go!

Liz:       Fantastic! Well, a huge congratulations! Absolutely champion effort!

And I love that it just took you getting out there and taking action.

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