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Local Newspapers Closing Digital Opportunity

New Opportunity To Build Websites For Local Businesses

Many of our Graduates find that building small, simple websites for small local businesses is a relatively easy and quick way to generate an income online working from home.

For instance, this is how Ward was able to retrain and completely change his career so he could work from home online after losing his corporate job.

This strategy can often be a nice stepping block to help the transition when changing careers to earning money in the new digital economy.

How To Get Local Business Website Builds – Even Easier Now?

Once you have learnt how to build a website, the main bottleneck here to actually earning money from building small simple websites, is simply getting a local business on board and getting them to build or fix up their websites or online presence (which is usually poor).

Well a new and very sudden opportunity may have just opened up here in Australia to help you with this:

Local Newspapers Are Starting To Close Down!

Newspapers Closing Due To Digital Disruption

Somewhat sadly but not unsurprisingly those local and often free newspapers we all enjoy reading over a coffee are about to disappear. 

You only have to read these recent headlines to see that things are dire for local news print:

Regional papers close as coronavirus wipes out more than a century of tradition: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-24/coronavirus-has-impact-on-local-newspapers/12084548  

Newscorp just suspended over 60 local newspapers: https://theconversation.com/local-newspapers-are-an-essential-service-they-deserve-a-government-rescue-package-too-135323

We were on borrowed time: coronavirus could strike final blow to local newspapers 


The digital age was already threatening them but the recent environment and lock downs is literally the final nail in the coffin.  

Everyone is reading their news online today.  

There is of course a great opportunity here if you know how to build websites for local businesses.   

Remember towards the back of all those papers – and all throughout – there were lots and lots of print ADS for local businesses?   

They were quite expensive to run (and arguably too expensive or even useless for the non- trackable results they may or may not have produced).

Well, I hope you kept some copies of those newspapers. Because all those local businesses that used to pay heaps to advertise in them… well as long as they are still in business they will now be looking to spend that online or get into online local directories!  

You know what they spend each month in the now non existent papers (just ask the business owner bluntly) so you know their advertising budget.  

A Simple Strategy To Get Local Website Builds…

One of our friends main strategies he used to get new clients in his big digital agency – was by simply contacting businesses advertising in his local newspaper in a specific big Sydney suburb and seeing if they wanted help getting an online website built for their business, and get rankings and leads from Google etc.

This is a strategy we teach at the E-Business Institute – How To Build Websites For Local Businesses

His main simple sales pitch? – being online is way more effective than being hidden in an expensive print newspaper ad.

This strategy worked really well for our friends digital agency – because he knew the local business were fine with spending money on advertising and it was clearly a relatively high amount (those newspaper ads are surprisingly expensive – and useless:)

He hired backpackers to compile the info into simple excel spreadsheets and then ring the businesses for appointments.

Why this online business strategy could be even more effective now…

This has been a very effective strategy over the last few years. Imagine how well it would work if newspapers were suddenly not available at all to accept any advertising from local businesses!

Where would they now spend their advertising money?

mmm…     Just my thought or tip for the day 🙂  

Thought For The Day…“Be ready when opportunity comes…. Luck is when preparation and opportunity meet.” —Roy D. Chapin Jr.

Here are two ways you can learn more about this smart strategy of building websites for local businesses:

  1. Check out the details on our beginner Web Design Course on How To Build A Website – includes Web Design certification from the E-Business Institute
  2. Read about our successful Graduates who have done the career change and replaced their incomes by building websites for local businesses