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How Niche Website Builders Helps Busy Corporates Build Successful Content Websites

If you’re a busy corporate with money to invest but no time, Niche Website Builders may have a done-for-you solution to help you build a profitable online business

Do you want a side income, but don’t know how to get started?

Are you extremely time-poor, but you’ve got cash to invest?

If that sounds like you, then Niche Website Builders might be the solution for you.

In just 3 years, Niche Website Builders have grown to 150 employees and £5 million in revenue by solving one of the biggest problems that website investors and owners have.

Today, you’ll hear what that problem is, why Adam started Niche Website Builders, how he quit his corporate job, exactly what they offer, and who they get the best results for.

If you’re a busy corporate with money to invest but no time, then click below to watch or read this interview.

Matt Raad:          Hi again, everyone. It’s Matt Raad, CEO and co-founder of eBusiness Institute. We specialise in teaching beginners how to get online, particularly to buy and build websites

Many of you reading this in our community are either corporates or getting out of your full-time job. And so, I’m guessing that time is probably a major issue for you.

We can teach you how to do buy, build and sell websites well, and you’ll love learning it. But then you might be working long hours. And you might have the money to do this, but time is the issue.

If you are in that situation, then today’s special guest, Adam Smith, may have the perfect solution. Adam offers a “done for you” system of what we teach here at eBusiness Institute: they help you create content websites.

Today I want to go into detail about what Adam does. He will share some of the success strategies around how all this can work.

So, if you’re trying to exit your corporate role and are excited about what you’re learning here with us, Adam can help you if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. You may want to add this as an extra arm within your portfolio of websites. 

Adam, thank you so much for coming along today. It’s great to see you and have you on board.

Adam Smith:       Thanks for having me, Matt. I’m excited to connect with your audience, explain what we do, and share our story and background.

Adam Smith shares how Niche Website Builders started

Matt:                   You are one of the co-founders of Niche Website Builders. I’ve heard good things about you guys for several years now.

It was good fun the other day when we caught up, hearing about what you can do. And like I was saying to you, I realised this could be the perfect solution for a busy corporate with a bit of money. 

So obviously, your service is not free or anything like that. But in a nutshell, do you want to tell our audience what Niche Website Builders do? What have you and Mark created over there?

He bought his first semi-passive content website for $10,000

Adam:                 I think the best place to start is why we created it because it will probably be a similar answer to what your audience is looking for. 

I was working a corporate job for a digital market agency several years ago and was learning all about SEO. I learned all about digital marketing and had that light bulb moment of, “If I’m doing this for everyone else, why don’t I do this for myself?! I’ve got the skill set.” 

I bought a website from Empire Flippers because I had some spare money saved up. This was back when you could purchase websites for $10,000 on Empire Flippers. They don’t sell them that cheap anymore.

Matt:                   No, the good old days!

Adam:                 I bought the website for about $10,000, and it was in a space I knew nothing about. We don’t have barbecues and smoke machines here in the UK because the weather is usually terrible. So, I knew nothing about this space. 

But I dived in and immersed myself in the niche. I joined a ton of Facebook groups. I started writing content and reviews. I was asking for surveys in Facebook groups about what kind of content I should write on my website. And I asked people for pictures of themselves with their grills because I didn’t have any.

Matt:                   Awesome.

Adam:                 The site grew quickly, and it was very content-heavy. I was writing every evening and every weekend. Thankfully, I didn’t have a family at the time, so I didn’t have any commitments. 

And it was great. I was like, “Wow, this is great. I can work my job, come home, and work on this website.” 

And then, eight months later, out of the blue, someone emailed me to say, “Do you want to sell the website?

I didn’t even know this industry existed. I knew about Empire Flippers, but I was still very new. I thought it was a scam to start with! But I was like, “Yeah, okay. I’ll sell the website.” 

Adam then quit his corporate role to build his website portfolio

Adam:                 So, I sold the site, which was more than I made in a year of working at my job. I thought, “This is great. I want to do more of this. But I’m going to need time.” So, I asked my boss, “Could I drop down three days a week and do two days of website investing?” And they said no. 

But I had sold the website for $60,000. With that money fresh in my pocket, I thought, “Okay, I’m going to quit and do this full-time.” And that’s what I did.

Matt:                   Awesome.

Adam:                 I was pretty burnt out because working a job and doing content in the evenings and weekends is very demanding. So, I took a month off, bought another website, and started again. But this time, I realised I needed to build. And I needed help. I couldn’t really do this at scale by myself

So, I started looking for good quality content writers on Upwork and Fiverr. But it was hard because you’d find someone who’s great. They’d stick around for a month or two, then disappear, and you never heard of them again. And it’s just that continuous cycle of trying to find good people. It was really hard.

He and co-founder Mark Mars created a solution for finding good content writers

Adam:                 A while later, I was on a podcast talking about my frustrations with finding good-quality people to help scale my portfolio. Mark, my co-founder, heard me and was in the same position. He was working full-time with his portfolio having the same issues. 

So, we met up and said, “Hey, between us, we should build a team to service our portfolio of websites.”

Matt:                   Perfect.

Adam:                 And we did.

We started with some content writers and some uploaders. Then we brought in some keyword researchers. After a while, we realised, “Actually, if we need this service, other people need it too.” And that’s how Niche Website Builders was born. 

How Niche Website Builders went from start up to multi millions in 3 years

Adam:                 So, three years ago, we launched the business. And now we cover a bit of everything for content website owners.

What does Niche Website Builders offer?

Adam:                 We do the entire end-to-end content creation

We do all of the keyword research for you. That involves an onboarding call, understanding your website, your niche, and where you want to take it. And then, we’ll help with that keyword research piece. But you can also have some inputs. 

Once that’s finished, we will write the content. We have a team of in-house content writers, so we don’t outsource anything. There are no freelancers or anything like that. They’re all full-time employees of ours. And that means we’ve trained them how we want them to write.

Once the content’s written, the next bottleneck is getting that content on your website. How do you make it look nice and formatted with images and things like that? So, we do that as well. If you want content, we’ll do the keyword research, and then the content is uploaded to the website.

Matt:                   That is perfect. You’ve overcome all the main bottlenecks you found when you started this for your own sites

They now have 150 staff members…

Matt:                   And Adam, I know you’re very humble about this, but we should give people an idea of the scale of what you’ve grown in the last three years. It’s pretty darn impressive, and this is not a small business. If you look up Niche Website Builders, they’re really big. 

How many employees do you have?

Adam:                 We’ve got about 150 employees. 

…And have grown to more than £5 million in revenue

To give you an idea of the trajectory, we did £1 million in our first year and £3.2 million in our second year. And we’ll do £5.2 this year, and we’re projecting around £7 next year

So, it’s fair to say there’s demand for this service.

Matt:                   Yes, because it’s such a huge marketplace. 

Well done, seriously. You were like many of our students, working a full-time job and learning how to build a portfolio of websites. You and your business partner got together and said, “Hey, we can start doing this whole end-to-end content service.” 

Their passion in delivering quality content for their clients is what helped them grow so quickly

Matt:                   And now you’ve turned this into a multimillion-dollar business. You’re already at £5 million turnover within three years. That’s how big the marketplace is. I mean, that’s inspirational in itself, seeing how big the marketplace is and what you guys have achieved. Well done, seriously.

Adam:                 It’s been a journey, to be fair. But it’s been good.

Matt:                   No, I make it all sound so easy! I’m sure it’s been a walk in the park taking a business from start-up to £5 million in three years. 🙂

That’s impressive, though. And with your accent, Adam, I’m going to repeat the number of employees. It’s 150, isn’t it?

Adam:                 Yes, 5-0. 

Matt:                   And as you said, they’re your staff now. They work for you full-time, and primarily, it’s just content. You guys are legends at pumping out lots of content.

Adam:                 Yes, and we do offer other services now. But the content is the primary core service that we offer. And content production is the heart of the business

To give you an idea, we launched a new case study recently. In this study, the website went live on the 8th of August; by the end of this year, we would’ve put 4.6 million words of content on the site.

Matt:                   That’s unreal.

What makes Niche Website Builders so successful for content site owners?

Adam & Mark apply the same principles they use on their own content sites for their clients

Matt:                   Would you say part of your business strategy is solely focusing on content creation? Is that your bread and butter? We’ll also talk about some of the other stuff that you do. But is that what you focused on first in the business to get dialled in?

Adam:                 Exactly, because that’s how we grew our website portfolio. It was very content-centric.

One of the things that’s made us successful is Mark and I still own our own portfolio of websites. We still walk the walk. It’s not like, “Oh, that was something we did in the past. And all we do is run the business now.” 

And we’ve been passionate about testing new strategies on our own websites. And when we see them working (or not working), we update our Niche Website Builder SOP. So, we’re always developing, always learning, and always transitioning that into what we offer as a service. 

They’re passionate in sharing their knowledge with others

Adam:                 That obviously gives clients good results, but it also means that we’ve always got something new to discuss. We’ve always got something interesting to share. That really sets us apart because another thing we’re very passionate about is giving away 100% of our knowledge

If you’ve watched any of our YouTube videos or been involved in our world at all, you’ll see that if we launch a new service, the first thing that we do is go and publish a podcast or YouTube video and say, this is exactly how we do it step-by-step. 

If you want to go and do it yourself, that’s great. But if you don’t have the time, we’ve got a service that does it for you. And I think that’s been really important.

How did Niche Website Builders attract such a large audience?

Matt:                   So then, how have you grown? 

Typically, in our world, as you know, internet marketing (making money online) is dominated by the American market and American marketers. And typically, people like yourself, let’s not kid ourselves; most of them are in the US. But you guys are in the UK. 

So, how have you gotten this out there so big? Like to do £5 million turnover, 150 employees, pumping out the volume of content you have; how have you gotten the sales side? 

In our community, we have lots of students with digital agencies, and they do a bit of content marketing for their clients. And as we know, there are content marketing agencies everywhere. But what’s made you guys grow so big so quickly? Have you got any secrets to success there?

The 2 key parts to Niche Website Builders growth:

Adam:                 I literally did a presentation to some local businesses last week on this, so it’s fresh in my mind.

Matt:                   Okay, great.

1./ Their in-house writing team have a US focus for their content

Adam:                 The first thing I should point out is that even though we’re based in the UK, 70% of our client base is in the US. And almost 90% of the sites we create content for are focused on the US market because it’s the biggest. 

So even though our writers are based in the UK, they’ve all got Grammarly set to the US. And they’re used to writing with a US focus. So that’s the first thing.

2/ They give away their knowledge for free

But in terms of growth, it’s all been about giving and giving and giving. As I said, it’s all about giving away our knowledge, and that’s how we started. We launched the business and had a small Facebook group with a couple of hundred members. 

Adam & Mark used a live case-study to prove their methods to their followers

Adam:                 We bought a website from Flippa and said we would do an over-the-shoulder case study. During this study, we recorded everything we did to this website, what we were doing to optimise it, how we were adding content and eventually, how we sold it. And that built a lot of trust.

Anything that we saw was working on our own websites, we would leverage other people’s audiences. We’d go and speak on other people’s podcasts and say, “Hey, here’s a great story about how I bought the website and sold it. And these are the exact things I did to do that.” 

It’s the mindset of giving but not expecting anything in return. We still are today, but in the early years, we were exceptionally good at giving time, knowledge, and secrets (well, what people would classify as secrets when running an agency). 

Some people take the knowledge and use it themselves, others use the done-for-you service…

Adam:                 You give away your secret sauce to everyone. And you know that a subset of people will take that knowledge you’ve given them and go and do it themselves, which is great. Some of them have got the time and effort to do that.

But a big subset of people thinks, “I don’t have the time to do that. Or I don’t have the inclination to want to do that, but I want to get involved.” And then you’ve got service. That’s the important bit. There’s a productised service on the back end to service them.

Matt:                   So, in effect, you give away free content, your bread and butter. You’re providing useful content to people, marketing more in the physical world. 

By giving away such high-quality information, Niche Website Builders don’t need to do any marketing to grow the business…

Matt:          We’re all used to doing it online with our content niche websites. Your business is based on the same online strategy, but you also do more networking with real humans. You’re giving away free content people ask for around the niche website strategy.

Adam:                 Exactly. And that’s worked incredibly well for us. To give you an idea, around 90% of those sales are inbound. So, we don’t really have an outbound sales team.

Matt:                   Wow.

Adam:                 We have seven to eight sales calls booked every day inbound. And of those, we convert about 60% of them. 

So, all that lovely information we put out (all that hard work) results in people saying, “Hey, those guys are experts. I want to work with those. How do I get involved?” And it’s all inbound there. We don’t need a sales team for that.

Matt:                   Well, congratulations. That’s unreal. And obviously, you’re doing well with it because you don’t get that level of success unless you’re doing well. So seriously, congratulations.

How do Niche Website Builders build their team of content writers?

Matt:                   Liz and I are in the start-up space, and we are looking at a lot of start-up businesses. So, seeing you go from zero to 150 employees in three years and getting exponential revenue growth to £5 million (soon to hit £10 million) is really impressive. You’ve obviously got a scalable model.

And you’re based in the UK. That also stood out to me when I read about your story. I realised I had to speak to you because, like many others, most of our business is based in the US.

It’s interesting you said that your team is also based in the UK. It’s not even US-based writers. So, that’s pretty cool as well. 

What sort of writers are you generally hiring? 

They hire highly educated writers, who they train further

Adam:                 Well, almost all of our content team have degrees in either the English language or English literature. And we train them as well.

We’ve got a robust onboarding process because we create very specific types of content. We’re either creating affiliate content or content to be monetised to display ads or informational-based content. So, we’ve got a very strict formula and format for how we like that content to be created.

It doesn’t really matter what their past writing experience was, as long as they’re a good writer.

We can train them to write the way that we want to write. We show them how we expect our content to be formatted and the structure of our content. So that’s the way we overcome that.

Some of their writers are even ex-journalists…

Matt:                   I know this sounds cliché, but out of interest, are there lots of work-at-home mums applying to be writers? Especially after COVID and everything, is that who’s applying? Or it’s a broad spectrum of individuals?

Adam:                 It’s a broad spectrum, but most tend to be quite young. 

So, either they’re out of university, and this is their first experience with a writing job. And on the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got others who are a bit older and have more experience. Some are even ex-journalists which has been great when we’re dealing with digital PR and need to speak to journalists in their language.

But yes, there’s a broad mix, and many tend to be quite young.

Matt:                   It’s interesting about the journalists. We’ve found, particularly over the last five years, big media companies here in Australia have been laying off all their journalists, and now they’re on Upwork.

So, we keep telling our students, don’t think you’re just getting beginner writers on Upwork. You can hire full-on journalists who were writing for some of the leading media companies only a few months ago. 

And I guess that’s repeated around the world. Sadly, they’re all being replaced, or these big media companies are down-scaling. So yeah, it’s a good resource having some journalists mixed in there. It balances out your team and your content writing abilities quite nicely.

Adam shares how a client went from zero to $40,000 per month within a year of working with Niche Website Builders

Matt:                   When it comes to results for your clients, you’re obviously doing something pretty good there. Tell us about some of your success stories. 

I want to give people a gauge of how this works because obviously, there’s a fee to this. Am I right, Adam? 

It’s going to be more expensive than trying to do it yourself. But it’s like we teach here; you either have time or money. So, it may be worth investing the money if you don’t have much time. 

He had no time and was looking for a way to diversify his assets

Matt:          Do you want to give us some examples of what you would typically do? Say we’ve got a client, and they’re in corporate like yourself. They’re working five to six days a week; you can imagine what it’s like for them. What sort of examples do you have around that for our readers?

Adam:                 Well, we’ve got tons of case studies if you want to go and check them out. But there’s one that particularly sticks in my mind because it’s an example of an incredibly successful case study.

Matt:                   Yes, that’s what we want to hear.

Adam:                 I should caveat it doesn’t always work out like this. But a customer came to us in December 2020. He was working in finance, so he was very analytical in terms of “What does my ROI look like? What will my return look like if I’m investing X amount of money?”

We walked him through the numbers of what would need to go into the project to get to the scale he wanted. He said, “Sure, sounds great.” But this was the first website he’d ever owned. He’d heard about website investing as an asset class and, being in finance, knew he needed to diversify.

So, he came to us and said, “I don’t know anything. I’m extremely time-poor, but I’ve got cash to invest. How can you help?”

Step 1:       Niche Website Builders helped pick the niche & did the keyword research

Adam:                 And in that case, we said, “Okay, we want to get to this size, so we need to pick a niche that is big enough for you to expand into.” 

So, we helped him pick the space that we should start in. We then helped him pick the domain name because, in this case, we worked with an aged domain. We helped source the domain and then did all the keyword research. 

How they do their keyword research to find unique opportunities…

Adam:                 I can come back on and share some more keyword research methodologies if you want. But it involved a Tomb Raiding methodology. In essence, we look for weaker competitors who are doing a really good job. We look at weaker competitors in terms of their domain rating and backlink profile, but they are doing a standout job with their content

Then we analyse and say, “What are those guys doing really well? How are they doing a really good job with a weak backlink profile?” We look at how they structure their content and what topics they cover. And essentially, we look to emulate it to make it a little bit better. 

So that was our plan with this website. We identified a couple of these competitors and looked exactly at what they were doing. That built the core for the keyword research plan.

Step 2: They created the content and scheduled it over 12 months

Adam:                 We then wrote the content. We started with 150,000 words in December, had a month off, and then did another 150,000. By this point, the website saw those green shoots, and he’s like, “Yep, this is great. I’ve invested some money; how do we accelerate this now?” 

So we started investing more and more in content. By the end of the year (12 months), we put about 2 million words of content on this website. The growth was phenomenal. By month 13, he was getting around 3 million page views per month. 

Step 3: The site was monetized by Mediavine

Adam:                 His site is monetised with Mediavine, and he was making $40,000 a month in revenue. And he’s like, “Oh my god, this is amazing. I was expecting to make a little bit of side income as an investment, and now this has turned into a real business.” 

After 12 months, the client was confident enough to run the site by himself

Adam:                 Now, they’ve got a team with them. They’ve got a social media presence, are developing a digital product, and, of course, are turning into a real business.

But essentially, for that first 13 months, he did nothing apart from approving the keyword research plan and, every now and again, check-in and say, “The content’s looking great.” Or “Can we amend this, or what about this?” All that kind of thing. 

So, it was very hands-off for him for the first 13 months before he said, “This is a business now. I need to work on it as a business and build it from there.”

Matt:                   That is super cool. And that’s the capability of what you guys can offer.

Niche Website Builders offers a complete Done-For-You service for your content website

Matt:          It is literally done for you end-to-end. So, it’s the keyword research and all the content. 

And did you help him set up the site and everything? Does your team do all of that as well?

Adam:                 Yes, we do everything. We design the website, create the logo, and host it for the first 12 months for you as well. 

Regarding website setup, it’s everything we would do to launch one of our own websites. That includes doing all the internal linking on the content, setting up Google Analytics, setting up Google Search Console and submitting the site maps. 

It’s literally a hands-off process. If you’ve never worked on a website before, we’ll set it up, put the content on there, add all the images, embed YouTube videos, and do the internal linking. We’ll also show you the signs you should look for in Google Analytics and Search Console to see those initial green shoots. 

We’ll usually have a strategy call every month, depending on the commitment (or the size of the commitment) you want from us. We look at what’s going well and what we want to change. Sometimes we change direction as we see things changing and working in the industry because it changes quite often.

There is typically a 12-month commitment for a complete done-for-you service

Matt:                   And then, how long do people typically stay with you? 

Obviously, he’s going to stay with you for a long time. But what would be a typical commitment? Is it one to two years? And then, are people up and running themselves?

Adam:                 When you want everything done for you, it’s usually at least a 12-month commitment. 

And the way that works is you come to us and say, “I want a website that makes $1,000 a month.” And we say, “Okay, we’ve looked at the data project. That means we need to get you to a backlink profile that looks like X, and we need Y number pieces of content.” 

We structure that so we build the website, take half of the required content, and upload it. We write it on day one (or within the first month), and then the rest is split out over 12 months. 

Usually, at the end of 12 months, they start seeing the income and then you go, “Actually, I don’t want a website that makes $1,000 anymore. What do I need to do to get a website that makes $2,000 or $3,000 or $5,000 etc.”

Matt:                   Or $40,000.

Adam:                 Exactly! That’s usually the way it goes.

Do you have existing website that isn’t performing?

Niche Website Builders offers services for existing website owners who don’t have the time to grow it…

Matt:                   I’m thinking of our intermediate to advanced readers. Some of them bought sites a couple of years ago, say from Flippa or Empire Flippers, and maybe they’ve let those sites die off a bit.

Do you help with renovating and reinvigorating old sites as well? And do you help with structuring new content? I’m presuming you do, but does that work well? Is that a part of the service that you offer?

Adam:                 Yes, it’s great, and it’s really fulfilling to work with existing website owners because usually when you build a website from scratch, it takes time. 

Whether you believe it or not, the Google Sandbox period takes a long time to get that traction. An existing website, especially if it’s been around for some time, usually responds very well to an injection of new content or a round of digital PR link building or whatever else you want to do for it

But we look at it on a case-by-case basis. The scenario is either:

  • You’ve got a website you’ve bought, and maybe you’ve neglected it.
  • Or even if you’ve been working on it, you need to scale it faster.

We will look at it and say, “Okay, based on our data project, you are doing extremely well on the backlink profile. You don’t need much work there, but you do need more content.” That’s where we’ll focus and build the roadmap for you.

Matt:                   Great, so for those readers who own existing sites, this is definitely an option for you.

I know many of our readers will get pretty excited about that one, Adam, especially if they’re a bit short of time. I personally coach many of our students, and one of the biggest things we get feedback on (particularly in the last five years) is time. 

Time is the main constraint for everyone now. It’s not money so much; it’s time. So this is good timing on your and Mark’s behalf to launch this business when you did because there’s obviously a huge need for it. 

Niche Website Builders offers Digital PR Services

Matt:                   And what are some of the other services that you offer? Can you quickly go over two or three of the other services you’ve added as well?

Adam:                 Sure. 

So, the most recent one, which is the most exciting in my eyes, is our digital PR offering. And it’s actually true digital PR. It’s not just sending another press release. 

There are 3 types of Digital PR:

This service covers three different aspects. 

1./ Reactive Digital PR

Adam:                 We do reactive digital PR.

For example, say you’ve got a website in the food space. Every morning, the team look at the trending news articles. We also look at what content you’ve already got on your website and how we can use that content to pitch to journalists. 

And then we’ll say, “Hey, Thanksgiving is coming. We’ve got a piece of content on the website about the 30 best Thanksgiving recipes.” 

So, that’s the reactive side of it.

2./ Data-Driven PR

Adam:                 We’ve got a data-driven side where, rather than look for a trend in news stories, you try to make the news story. 

So again, sticking with the Thanksgiving theme, we could write an article about the cost of a Thanksgiving turkey in each state and how that’s increased year on year. And we could say, “Last year, the most expensive state was New York and this year, the most expensive state is Texas,” for example. 

We’ll create an actual data piece that sits on your website. Then we’ll reach out to journalists and say, “Hey, Thanksgiving’s coming up. You’ve covered food (or this kind of topic) before. How about covering this?” 

3./ Visual PR

Adam:                 And we’ve also got a visual aspect similar to the data, but we create a visual representation of it. 

We did one recently about the most dog-friendly beaches in the US and put it on a map. And the way that we pulled the data together was by looking at the Instagram hashtags to see how public each beach was via Instagram hashtags for dog walkers. And then we put that on a map.

And journalists love that stuff! We buy access to that journalist database via Muck Rack, and basically, we say, “You’ve talked about pets, you’ve talked about dogs before; we’ve got this awesome data set.” 

The links that method drives in are incredible, to be honest. And it’s not just links but coverage too. We had one of our clients where they put it online and interviewed him for the newspaper. It’s crazy. 

When should you consider using Digital PR?

Adam:                 When you think about it, these services have been around from other companies for a long time. But it’s never really been attainable or affordable for content site owners because, normally, digital PR is seen as crazy expensive. But we’ve managed to build a service where it’s affordable for content site owners

And it makes sense now. If you want that kind of link building, you want to build that mode around your website that it’s hard for competitors to compete with and to do the same thing. It’s now affordable for you.

Matt:                   I’m presuming that would only be relevant for sites already making some okay money, say through affiliate offers. What would it roughly cost for that particular service? We teach our students to do that with good, established sites. And it’s a terrific SEO boost long-term as well. 

So, how much do you charge for that service?

Adam:                 There are three levels of packages depending on how aggressive you want to be with it:

  1. The base package is US $1,200 a month with a three-month commitment.
  2. The next package up is $2,500. 
  3. And then, if you want to go aggressive, the next package is $4,200 a month. So that’s for really established sites.

Matt:                   So, for our readers – if you have a site earning five and six figures a month, you should definitely check out that service. If you’re not doing that yourself already, it is very powerful to do online PR because many people don’t. 

This is especially true for small niche sites. As you know, Adam, most small niche sites don’t do very good online PR at all. So, it’s hugely powerful, and Google notices it, too, that’s for sure. It adds that SEO footprint

So, this is absolutely fantastic.

Why the launch of Digital PR was so successful for Niche Website Builders…

Matt:          And has that service launch gone well for you, Adam? 

Adam:                 It’s gone really well. 

As soon as he heard about it, the guy I was talking about in the case study earlier said, “Oh my god, this is amazing. I’ve been looking for a service like this. How do I sign up for six months?” And he just paid for six months upfront. He was that impressed. 

So, the launch has gone extremely well. And I think it’s in part because when we were building the service and testing it internally, we headhunted the head of digital PR and his righthand man from another agency. They’ve been running it for eight years and have worked with incredible brands like Cath Kidston and Puma.

We asked them, “How can you guys come in and help us build a service that’s not really for big brands, for small sites, but still make it attractive?” And so, we’re super excited about it. It’s amazing.

Matt:                   You were super excited when I spoke to you a few weeks ago. I can tell by your enthusiasm that’s going to be a big winner. And gut feel, it is a hugely beneficial service for us content site owners

And like you said, it’s not normally available. It’s been a bit of a pain in the butt, actually, over the years to do good HARO outreach and online PR. You’ve got to commit yourself to it and your team, which is pretty specialised. But if you can nail it, the results I’ve seen over the years have just been phenomenal. 

So now, we all have access to you guys to do it.

Why is Digital PR so important for content site owners?

Adam:                 The great thing about it is that the links it drives are awesome. But there’s also a really good side benefit. 

One of the things that we see becoming more important with Google is EAT (Expertise, Authority and Trust). And for many content site owners, the site is typically not by them. It’s usually a made-up persona for the website. And because they don’t exist, they don’t have a digital footprint.

By doing digital PR and getting brand and name mentions, you start to build an authentic digital footprint for this person as an expert, and you build the EAT with Google.

So, the digital PR links are awesome, but you also get a super added benefit of building the EAT too. And from what we can see, that’s becoming increasingly important.

Matt:                   I personally think it’s a perfect strategy for content site owners. I think it’s really smart. And when you think about it, it’s a little bit of an insurance long-term. Because, as you said, most of us do this all the time. We use pseudonyms. 

My name’s not Matt Raad online; it’s all sorts of different names. And our sites have always been pseudonyms, and that’s how we’ve done it with PR. You can do it under pseudonym names. 

You need specific PR writers to write the press releases. The way they’re written is not how we would normally write articles. And it’s great to see that you guys provide complete end-to-end service there as well. 

Niche Website Builders also offers White Labelling services for digital agencies

Matt:                   You also mentioned you do a little bit of white labelling for digital agencies. You can white label anything to do with content, I’m guessing?

Adam:                 So, if you want link building, digital white label or if you want the content white labelled, it’s the exact same service essentially for agencies. 

Perhaps you’ve got a client base for which you need content or help expanding and contracting. Or if you’ve got a freelance model with your business but don’t want to do that anymore (it’s a hassle), you can come to us. You’ll have one account manager, and we’ll do the full end-to-end process

We’ll do the keyword research for your client and write the content. If you want us to, we’ll even go in and format and upload the content to your client’s website and then it’s white labelled. They never know it’s us. It’s all you.

How to find more about Niche Website Builders services

Matt:                   Awesome Adam, that is so exciting. Mate, you’re going to have some excited people reading this interview. And seriously, congratulations on the success of your business as well. It is exciting to see the service that you can offer here for us content site owners. 

And I do want to say a big thank you for coming along today and sharing your expertise. I’d love to have you back on again, and we can go into some more detail on case studies and maybe some of the methodologies behind it. 

So, thank you for coming along today and sharing the overview of the services you offer at Niche Website Builders.

Adam:                 Well, thanks for having me, Matt. And I’m extremely excited to come back and share that kind of stuff. If you can’t tell, this is my life. I love talking about this stuff and sharing case studies and everything. So, whenever you want me back, just set it up.

Matt:                   Fantastic. Well, thank you so much, Adam. 

If you enjoyed today, make sure you go and check out Adam’s services at Niche Website Builders. 

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