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How She Makes $1,000 – $2,000 Per Week Working The Hours She Wants

Today’s interview should be a huge dose of inspiration for you, especially if you’re brand new to the world of making money with websites, or you’re interested in learning how others buy websites for passive income…

How Tori quit her 9-5 job

Tori was a third-grade teacher working 17-hour days with no weekends and no holidays.

“It was basically slave labor” she told Liz in a recent interview.

Then she came across Matt and Liz Raad speaking about building and buying websites, and it lit a spark in her to learn how she could do the same.

In just 11 months after she signed up for the Digital Profits Program, Tori has built a small portfolio of passive income websites, and has been paid to build 4 websites for local businesses.

Best of all, she’s now been hired by a Digital Agency and makes $1,000-$2,000 per week working the hours she wants.

We thought this would be an inspirational story to share with you guys, so today, you’re going to hear Tori’s story, from how she went from working 17-hours days to making a full-time income online using her newly developed website skills.

CLICK ON THE AUDIO BELOW to hear how Tori makes $1,000-$2,000 per week working the hours she wants…

Liz Raad: Before you met us, what were you doing? What got you interested in the world of websites?

Tori: So I started out with teaching. Actually, I was a third-grade teacher and then I went on to have a son. 

And so I was at home all the time and I kind of had an entrepreneurial heart and I slowly figured out you can sell things online. And that’s where I began to start an Etsy shop. 

I was just doing some searching online and found your guys’ program. And I was intrigued with how you can make money online, like seriously. And I just didn’t know that existed before. It just kind of lit this spark in me that I was like, okay, I’ve found what I’m meant to do now.

Tori didn’t know ‘making money online’ even existed…

Liz Raad: Awesome. So you weren’t a technical person or anything before that then?

Tori: No. I could get my way around things, but not anything crazy for sure.

Liz Raad: And so when you started, you actually got quite captured by the WebDev program.

She heard Matt and Liz Raad talking about how to buy websites for passive income…

Tori: Yeah, you were doing an interview with someone and you were just talking about building websites buying and selling websites. And that’s the part that kind of got me really engaged and interested to learn how to do it kind of thing. So I think I was interested in both the WebDev and the Digital Profits Program.

Liz Raad: Good on you for taking awesome action. So, how long ago did you join Digital Profits?

Tori: Oh, it’s been about six to eight months now. Not too long.

Today she has a small portfolio of passive income websites…

Liz Raad: I just want to talk about your portfolio growing portfolio already. So you’ve got your ESL sites, which is selling resources for teachers. So you built that one?

Tori: Yep. I built that one. That was my very first site. Yep.

Liz Raad: That’s now getting traffic and making sales?

Tori: Yeah. It’s, it’s already starting to make some money, so it’s awesome that it could do that in such a short time.

Liz Raad: And then you’ve also bought two websites?

Her newly built website is already making her affiliate income…

Tori: Yep. I bought two websites and I’m building them out now. One is actually starting to get a little bit of affiliate income. So that’s really fun.

Liz Raad: And both of them really good domain names, really good topics and some awesome potential there, which we’ve just been talking about, and getting some content on there and there’s going to be some really exciting potential with both those websites.

Tori: Yeah. I’m excited where it might end up as I’m planning on renovating that.

Liz Raad: So you hit 1000 unique visitors per month on both of those websites, which is really cool. That’s a good milestone.

Tori: Yeah, it is. It’s just pumping me up, hitting these little small wins, you know, it keeps you going.

To generate income even faster, Tori started building websites for businesses…

Liz Raad: But then the exciting one, which I think is fantastic is you actually decided okay, I’m going to actually generate some income here even faster. You went out and started building websites for businesses as well.

Tori: Yeah, I’ve done about three websites now. Oh, actually four websites now. And building some websites with a Digital Agency too.

Liz Raad: Well, that’s what I was going to say too. So you got hired. How did that happen? You actually got hired by a Digital Agency.

Opportunities started opening up for her to make money with websites…

Tori: Yeah. So it’s actually a funny story because my uncle started his agency with a few partners. And as I said, you know, I’m learning a lot of really cool things. 

And I came on board and I was actually teaching them a lot of the good practices. I’m like, Oh wow. We could improve this here. And I can do this for you

It was really cool to see, what I’m learning is like the best of the best, you know? Like these guys are a professional agency. This is a professional agency that I am a newbie telling them some great practices of how they can improve, you know?

Liz Raad: Well done1 And the other cool thing you’re saying to me too now, so you get to work the hours you like, cause you’ve got kids?

Tori went from working 17-hour days as a teacher…

Tori: Oh yeah. That is a game-changer for me. It’s just because when I was teaching, it was basically slave labor. I woke up and I went to school at 5:00 AM and I didn’t stop working until 10:00 PM every single day. No weekends, no holidays, cause there’s always work to be done. 

To making a regular income, working when she wants…

buy websites for passive income story with Tori

But now I can work when I want to. And I just have a lot more free time to play with my son and be there with him. So, it was just a dream for me to do what I love and have the time for myself and for my family. So I think that was just really exciting for me.

Today Tori earns $1000 to $2000 a week…

Liz Raad: That is just fantastic. And, you’re earning good money too. You say $1000 to $2000 a week depending on how much you want to work.

Tori: Yeah, for sure. 

Liz Raad: So that is fantastic. Congratulations on that. And it’s really exciting that 6 to 8 months ago, you were at level zero and now you’re making a consistent, regular income from it. 

You’re building up, you’ve got three sites so far in your portfolio. You’ve had built three or four sites for clients as well. So a huge congratulations to you as well.

Tori: Well, thanks Liz. Yeah, I’m really happy with the progress that I’ve made and to see where I can go in the future too.

Liz Raad: Oh, I’m very excited about that for you. A very big digital future for you.

What can we learn from Tori’s story?

1) You don’t have to work the traditional 12-17 hour days to make a living. There are ways to earn a full-time income that requires a lot less work.

2) Learning how to make money with websites is no different than learning how to make money in your current career. 

At first, it’s hard because you’re new at it. But with practice and consistency, it becomes easier. What’s hard at the start becomes easy if you stick to it. 

3) Tori’s story goes to show you that you can achieve quite a bit in a short amount of time if you learn the right skills. Tori used her new website skills to build a portfolio of passive income websites while building websites for businesses.

How you can get started buying websites for passive income

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