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3 Passive Income Website Strategies Perfect For Introverts

3 Passive Income Website Strategies That Are Perfect For Introverts

Are you a little bit shy and not sure if you have what it takes to make money buying websites for passive income?

The good news is, you don’t actually have to talk to a lot of people to run an online business. Matt is a classic ex-introvert, yet he makes a very handsome profit from his portfolio of websites across a wide topic of niches – all without having to speak to a single person.

In today’s lesson, we show you 3 simple strategies that you can use to create your own portfolio without ever having to be the face of the business. And for a bit of extra inspiration, we share real-life examples of our students (who are all introverts!) who have all created a laptop lifestyle by following these exact strategies. Watch the video and/or read the transcript below.

If you’re shy and not sure if you can run an online business for passive income, then read on for our 3 simple strategies for our introverted friends…

Liz Raad: Hi again. It’s Liz and Matt Raad. And what we wanted to cover today is a really interesting topic that we keep getting asked about – which is, do passive income websites work for introverts?

I think this topic keeps coming up because there are a lot of programs out there at the moment teaching you how to be the expert in your field. They teach you how to create courses, and how to do all that sort of stuff online.

But I think for a lot of people, it’s a little bit intimidating to think that you’re going to be out there. The thought that you are going to be the face of the business. You’ve got to get on social media – Facebook, Instagram and YouTube etc. And there’s obviously a lot of work to that, such as creating all those funnels and all the stuff that goes with that.

So, I’ve had a couple of people ask me lately (who were doing that whole process), “Okay, we’re buying websites for passive income, and I’m more introverted. I don’t want to be the face of the business. Can this work?

Matt Raad: In other words, can I be anonymous?

Liz: Yes. Can I be anonymous?

Matt: Another example we have is some students of ours who are actually in the military, or they’re in high corporate positions etc. And they say to us, “Look, I really want to do this, but I can’t (for obvious reasons) be showing my name publicly that I own a pet training website or a website on how to raise ferrets etc.”

The first big thing to realize when you’re online, is that it’s not about being anonymous or being hidden away etc. When working online, absolutely everything is tracked. But to the public, just like with book publishers, you can do everything under a pseudonym name. It’s very easy. It’s perfectly legal and perfectly ok to do it. You’ll actually find that a lot of websites are done under pseudonym names.

Liz: Yes, and in a lot of cases too, you don’t even need to be a face to the business.

A lot of the websites that we buy don’t need to have a personality behind them. That’s because these websites are reviewing certain products, or they’re focusing on a topic and giving answers to that topic. So they actually don’t need a personality to be associated with them. That’s one of the reasons why we buy them. We own a range of websites across a huge number of topics. And we couldn’t put our name to all those different sites.

You don't need to be the face of an online business to make passive income

3 Strategies you can use for Passive Websites if You’re an Introvert

So, today we want to go through three really cool strategies that you can use if you’re an introvert. These strategies will be able to make some really good money online without you having to be the face of the business.

Strategy #1 – Building your own Portfolio of Websites for Passive Income

This first strategy is probably the simplest and the most cost effective. If you don’t have a lot of money to start, the most cost-effective way to do this is to actually build some websites for yourself.

We usually get all our students to start out with this strategy. Buy building your own portfolio of websites, you get to really understand how websites work. These websites are monetized with advertising, with affiliate referral income, or program income etc.

Using this strategy mean that all you need to do is pick a topic. It could be dog training (the pet niche is awesome), or electric bikes, or toasters etc. It could be any product basically. And you review products (or even websites) around that topic. There are millions of topics out there that you can choose from.

What that means is you can put together a portfolio for yourself. If you do it yourself, it doesn’t cost any money. It just costs you time. Well, actually there’s a cost for hosting, but that’s around $10-$15 a month for hosting your websites and then the rest is up to you. So, there’s a lot of leverage in that.

Matt: There is a lot of leverage, and learning experience with this strategy. You get to earn while you learn. Basically, your time is your learning experience. You might also have the cost of getting a few articles written, maybe around $10-$20 an article.

Strategy #2 – Buying Websites for Passive Income

Liz: The second strategy is one of our favorite strategies. I’m impatient! So this is what we do all the time to help shortcut that building phase. And that is buying the cashflow straight away.

Matt: And you’re definitely not an introvert. Isn’t that what we’re talking about here?

Liz: I’m not an introvert, but I don’t need to be seen on all my websites. So, I’m not the face of all our websites.

You can go to sites such as Flippa, Empire Flippers and FE International etc. There’s a lot of website brokers coming up now where you can buy websites that already exist and are already making money. You can just buy that whole money-making system and then you own it. And as soon as you buy that system (that website), you get to own the cashflow as well.

So, we buy these assets and we renovate them just like you would a property. Then we keep these assets for the cashflow.

Don’t use being an Introvert as an Excuse NOT to Make Passive Income Online

Now, just like the last strategy – when you buy these websites for passive income, you don’t need to be the public face at all. Nobody ever knows who you are or what your job is. You can do this relatively anonymously, just in the background. So if you’re an introvert, it’s perfect.

Matt: Don’t use it as an excuse. I know that you’re an extrovert Liz. But for me, I’m a recovering introvert. I was very shy as a child. So I know what it’s like if you are an introvert.

As business mentors and advisors, I’ve come across many introverts over the years, too. I’ve noticed that introverts can use it as an excuse (and it’s a very valid excuse by the way), to avoid doing what appears to be scary things. But typically in life, it’s the scary things that make you the most money.

It would be a real shame here if you’re thinking, “Well, I don’t want to be buying websites because I’m an introvert and I’ve got to be out there in the public.”

Matt is an ex introvert who makes passive income online
Even though Matt Raad is an ex-introvert, he was still able to make passive income online. He and Liz Raad teach students how at a recent closed-door event.

We’re trying to smash that myth for you right now. The good news is with websites, you don’t have to be the public face. So you can’t let yourself off the hook anymore, can you? You can no longer be saying, “Well, because I’m an introvert, I can’t be involved with online businesses.” The opposite is actually true.

This is also just a very valid observation, isn’t it? Liz and I have both observed this with introverts. You can use being an introvert as an excuse for not doing those uncomfortable things. But in our experience (especially for me as an ex-introvert when I look back over my life), it’s the uncomfortable stuff that I’ve done in business that’s made me the most money longterm.

Well, we went off-topic there a little bit…

Liz: No, that’s good. It’s very important.

Online Businesses actually help you to reach thousands of people around the world, without even having to meet or speak to them…

Matt: And I would like to say too – I think being online has actually helped me a lot in business. I was always good with one-on-one sales, like when we had a manufacturing business, or when we’re selling multimillion dollar businesses to private equity firms etc. To me, that was actually pretty easy, because I was operating one-on-one.

But the minute I was out in a crowd, it was a very different situation. If I had to speak to more than five people at once, I would just freak out.

When I started buying websites for passive income, was thinking, “Wow, I’ve got to get these website businesses out to as many eyeballs as possible. I’ve got to reach out to millions of people around the world.” That’s a pretty scary proposition. Then I realized, “Oh wait, I’m totally anonymous!”

Liz: Nobody knows your name.

Matt: They don’t know me. I don’t speak to a single customer. They’ve got no idea who owns this website. It’s just got advertising blocks on it. That’s all there is to it.

And it’s like, “Cool. I can be totally anonymous dealing with tens of thousands of people across the globe.” They’ve never met me. They don’t even know we’re based here in Australia. Most of our sites are in America. It’s really cool.

Liz: There’s a great comfort in that for an ex-introvert.

Matt: Yes, it’s a big eye opener. It’s like that light bulb moment where I just go, “Wow, I can actually make lots of money from dealing with tens of thousands of people.” It’s pretty impressive stuff.

Liz: So strategy number two is to buy them, renovate them and keep them for the cash flow.

Strategy #3 – Buy, Renovate and Sell

Liz: The third strategy is to still buy and renovate a website, but with the intention of reselling. Some people call that website flipping.

We don’t tend to do that. When we invest in a website, we’re looking to invest in it for the long-term. But there’s been plenty of times throughout our journey where we’ve decided that we’ll actually sell a website and roll the cash into another deal. And so we’ve done a buy, renovate and sell.

Nathan sold his passive website for 1600% profit

Actually, Nathan and Alexa did that really, really well. Nathan and Alexa sold their website for 1600% profit and have rolled that into other deals.

And a lot of our students do that too, especially when they’re starting out. So again, that means you can get into any topic, into any niche. Nobody knows who you are. Matt, you’re a lovely lady on a lot of niches out there, aren’t you?!

Matt: In certain niches, yes. I have a female pseudonym name online.

It makes me think of Mark and Silvia, who is another student who’s done this really well. In some niches, Mark does use his own name online. But on other sites he uses a pseudonym name. And I would suggest that Mark’s a bit of an introvert as well like me. He doesn’t really want to be out there in front of tens of thousands of people. But online, Mark’s built this whole empire through buying and selling passive websites and you want to check out his interview and see what he’s done.

Start by purchasing smaller websites to renovate and sell at a higher price

Sell website for profit and reinvest into bigger deals

Liz: Yes. So that’s the final strategy, which is to actually buy and renovate the website with the intention of selling it for a higher price. And the really good thing about that strategy (especially if you’re starting out with not much money) is that you can start out small. We actually recommend this because we’re pretty risk adverse.

We like to be able to buy and renovate, and then you can sell. And then that bank is there for you. That’s kind of free and clear. So you can then invest that profit back into the market, back into another website and you can build your bank up from there. So that’s a really good strategy.

And actually, Joe Burrill did that as well. He was a clerk. And again, he’s not a particularly extroverted person as you’ll hear in the interview. He’s a lovely, lovely guy, but not necessarily someone who’s out there.

Matt: No. And Joe’s made this his life by selling websites for passive income.

Liz: He’s almost hit $2 million in website deals.

Matt: Yes, and as an introvert, that’s pretty impressive. You can see for yourself in this interview how Joe is an introvert.

The other interesting one for us introverts is our interview with Mark and Chriss who did our first strategy, which is building websites. So you can go and see these legendary introverts making big money online and might get you changing what’s achievable out there.

Learn more about how you can buy websites for passive income as an introvert

Liz: Well, hopefully we inspired you today! If you’re introverted and a bit worried about doing the expert authority strategy, or you don’t really want to put yourself out there to earn some money online, then check out this way of doing it. Using these strategies, you can be sitting in the background, and you can be an absolute introvert and still make a whole lot of passive income online.

Matt: Yes, you can still make extra money.

If you want to learn more about buying websites for passive income as an introvert, our free masterclass will delve into these 3 strategies in a lot more detail.