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Matt and Liz Raad discuss traits of successful students

What Do Our Successful Graduates Have In Common?

We often get asked how do our most successful students make the amount of money that they do? How do they achieve this level of success, and how do they do it so quickly?

Matt and I have been teaching this for over 8 years now, and we consistently see common traits in the people who become successful in buying and selling websites. So today, we wanted to share with you the top three things we commonly see in our highest performing students to achieve their level of success.

Matt Raad:               One of the questions we get asked all the time is what makes the difference with our really successful graduates when buying and building websites.

Liz Raad:                   Yes, what is that key to success? And it’s interesting, it’s not what you probably think. It isn’t to do with technicality, or computer ability.

Matt:               Definitely not.

Liz:                   It’s not to do with business-sense or business experience. It’s not even to do with wanting to be on a computer. Actually, a lot of our graduates say, “No, I never thought I would be on a computer all day.” And the great thing is, a lot of them aren’t!

Success Trait #1 – Knowing Something Has to Change

So, this is the first of the top three things we see in our top graduates, and what’s made their success.

Matt:               Yes, the big one is that all our graduates had a reason they came on with us. They want us to teach them, and they knew something had to change in their lives.

Liz:                   Yes, they were sick of the daily commute, they hated their corporate jobs, or they were stuck in a world where they felt like they were just going around and around. They knew that to change, they had to learn something different.

Matt:               Or, for a lot of our graduates too, it was a financial decision. They wanted to fix up their finances or have some assets outside of real estate going forward into the future.

Liz:                   Yes, because that has happened in the marketplace, we’ve seen that real estate has changed, shares have changed. So, people want other options for creating that income, and perhaps for retirement, too.

Matt:               So that’s number one. That’s the big one, what drives our really successful students.

Success Trait #2 – Being Open to Learning

Liz:                   The second thing we see is that they’re open to learning.

Matt:               Yes.

Liz:                   They’re open to the idea that in this digital age, where maybe they’re feeling really uncomfortable to start with, but they don’t let that stop them. They say, “Okay, we’re just going to learn it anyway, and we’re going to get in there, and be open to the opportunities that are out there in this new changing world.”

Matt:               Yes, because 95% of our students are coming on as total beginners in this digital space. They have to be open to this idea of completely retraining. A lot of our students have been very successful in their other careers, but now they have to go back to square one, and completely retrain in digital.

Liz:                   The great thing, though, is that they do it in such a short amount of time. So, we have people who are lawyers, and doctors, and all sorts of backgrounds (even tradies!) who have had to spend years and years training to be able to even start a job in their careers that they had. And now, they’re condensing that down into just a year of training with us. So, it’s pretty cool, it’s a place where you can learn very quickly.

Success Trait #3 – It’s All About Reps, Reps, Reps

Liz:                   The third thing that we see (and this is our favourite), is that once they’ve got our system, and once they’ve understood it, it’s just reps.

Matt:               Just applying the knowledge.

Liz:                   Applying it in there -reps, reps, reps!

Matt:               Gosh, how many times have we all heard that one as a success strategy in life.

Liz:                   Just take action.

Matt:               Show up! Show up, do it. The 99% of success is just turning up, because if you don’t turn up, you’re not going to make it. So, seriously, we have this thing called reps, reps, reps. We got that idea off Arnold Schwarzenegger, and it really works.

Liz:                   You just do it.

Matt:               Turn up. Day-in, day-out. The little things online that you need to do to make money. Once you know what you’re doing, that’s basically the secret to success in any field.

Liz:                   Because, now you’ve got that big picture knowledge; and that’s what we really focus on, is getting people that big picture knowledge. So, then, it’s actually a lot of the reps, reps, reps – the small stuff is done by other people, and you get to free up your life.

So, there you go, that’s the top three things that we see in our students who get success in this world of buying and building, and owning a portfolio of websites to generate income for themselves in the future.

We would love to hear from you in the comments below! Do you see any of these three key factors in your own situation? What actions are you doing to turn up with your online business, each and every day?