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Liz Raad interviews student Mark about how buying websites can be lucrative

Can buying and selling websites be lucrative?

Have you ever thought to yourself it would be nice to have a bit of extra cash around Christmas time? Imagine for a moment having a semi-passive asset that triples its income over the festive season. That’s exactly what happened for one of our students, Mark. He bought a website a mere 6 months ago, and used the strategies and skills we taught him to renovate it for improved traffic and conversions.

The results? In less than 6 months Mark had completely paid off the website he bought. He created a plan and did the work. He identified how to increase the website’s traffic and different ways to improve monetisation. During the Black Friday and Christmas period he was able to triple the amount of income generated compared to the previous owner.

And now Mark’s already set his sights onto bigger and better website deals. Go Mark!

Now, you don’t always get these results for every website you purchase. But gosh, we’ve heard many similar (and even better!) stories from people who take the time to learn the skills, buy smart, and renovate effectively. We’ve seen it time and time again, and we know it can happen for you too if you apply these simple principals.

Let us know – what’s been your most successful website purchase?

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Liz Raad:    Hi, I’m here with one of our current students, Mark. And Mark’s been doing some amazing things. So, I wanted to just talk to you more about the websites you’ve bought just recently. And what’s happened with them.

So, the first one we’ll share we’re really excited about. When did you buy this website?

Buying websites smart – look for good renovation opportunities

Mark:         So I bought the first site in July last year. 2019.

Liz:             And we had a call about that, didn’t we? Because it needed renovation.

Mark:         That’s right. It was a good website and I could see some quick wins in terms of renovating it. But I had a call with you and you gave me some tips about how to really expand it. Particularly about the layout of the front page, and make it look visually better, and getting content on there. And it sparked my motivation to really expand the site.

Liz:             And good on you for taking action. So, this is a website that makes money out of an affiliate program. You don’t have to handle any stock or anything like that, do you?

Mark:         That’s right. Its very easy.

Liz:             Even though it sells product but you don’t have to handle any of it.

Mark:         That’s right, yep.

Take advantage of seasonal peaks in your niche

Liz:             And, so what happened over Christmas? Because that’s a good time for these kinds of businesses.

Mark:        I knew it’s a seasonal niche, and so we were expecting a bit of a bump up at Christmas time. But we really saw the content strategy payoff because we bought the website for US$6,000 in July.

Liz:             And what was it making then?

Mark:        It was averaging $100 to $200 a month, with a bit of a spike at Christmas…

…but then in December of 2019, it made over $6,000 in the month!

So the website more than paid for itself in one month.

We had some nice celebrations, and very happy with that!

Liz:             That is fantastic! What a cool return on the original website investment.

Mark:         Yes, we’re very happy.

Can buying and selling websites be lucrative?

Rinse & Repeat – apply the skills you learned to buy the next website

Liz:             All right, so you paid that website off. So, that’s $6,000. But you bought another website as well, didn’t you?

Mark:         Yes, we had a very busy time in July. We bought another site around then. Its an Australian-based site (so these numbers are in Australian dollars), and we bought that website for AU$18,000.

Liz:             Yes, and what was that one making?

Mark:        It was making just shy of $1,000 a month, so we really got that for a good multiple.

And our main aim was actually to make it more passive in terms of income, and to look for other ways to monetize it.

Liz:             Yes, which you have done. So, that site now has a whole new monetization on there?

Mark:        That’s right.

Liz:             So, what’s that done for the income?

It Really Skyrocketed!

Mark:        It’s really skyrocketed! I have to keep on checking regularly because it’s income is going up so fast.

It was making less than $1,000 (when I first bought it) and in the most recent month it made about $3,500.

So really happy with that, too!

Liz:             Again, a great return on investment. Fantastic!

You don’t need a technical background to make good money with websites

So, just to give a bit of your background, is your background IT or technical? Or what got you into this?

Mark:        No, so I have some technical skills, some assignments by training, but I was never a web developer or IT person. And so, I came into this needing some support in terms of that. And certainly, I was very green in terms of earning money online, basically no skills.

Liz:             And so, the program kind of guided you through step-by-step on that.

Mark:         Yes.

Liz:             And you did that on the Digital Profits Program, didn’t you?

Mark:         Yes, I started with the Digital Profits Program.

Liz:             Fantastic! So what’s the goal from here? What are you going to do?

Mark:         Well, the thing is there’s so many opportunities, it’s like being a kid in a candy store. Given my first website really went gangbusters at Christmas time, I want to expand that and just see how big can this get.

So if Christmas last year was that big, what can we make Christmas this year?

Model your inspiration from bigger website deals

Liz:             And actually, just here at the boot camp now we heard from Thomas Smale about a site that was bought for $20,000. And so, afairly similar site that he just sold for $15 million. So, I think you’ve been a bit inspired by that?

Mark:        Definitely. At $15 million, I’d be very happy with even half that!

Liz:             Well, congratulations Mark! You’re doing amazing, and well done! Good luck for the future where you’re going to do amazing things.

Learn for yourself how Buying and Selling websites can be a lucrative side business

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