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Learning Digital Skills with Matt and Liz Raad

How to Quit Your Job or Business by Setting The Right Intentions

If you’re thinking about changing careers, then you’re absolutely going to want to hear Eva’s story.

Because when Eva first started her online journey with the Digital Investors Program, she was a total beginner.

Yet with the right intentions, she’s been able to completely change her career as a Chiropractor and now lives a digital lifestyle…

Traveling when she wants and works as much as she wants, all because of the digital skills she learnt.

How did Eva do it and what can you learn from her experience if you’re looking to change careers?

WATCH THE VIDEO or read the transcript below…

Find out how Eva created her ideal digital lifestyle by building websites and setting the right intentions

Liz Raad: Hello Eva!

Eva: Hi everyone.

Liz: Eva, we loved your recent Champions accountability report and wanted to check in with you because there’s so much happening in your world.

Matt Raad: Yes, you study on the Champions program and run your online business with your daughter Alana. She’s here with us in the background.

How Eva Completely Changed Her Career By Learning Digital Skills

Matt: I really want to focus on your story here Eva, because we’ve been talking to our community about setting goals and setting an intention. And we’re watching all of that come true for you.

It’s been quite a journey over the last few years for you. We knew it was coming together for you at the beginning of Champions. But all of a sudden it seems like it’s all happening for you now with the sale of your Chiropractor business.

The leads generated by Eva’s website increased the value for her business sale

Matt: I remember when you first came onto our Digital Investors Program, your site was up for our “Best Website Build” award. You were a total beginner, but you built the website for your chiropractor business. That website generated a lot of leads for you over the years, and here we are selling it now.

Eva: Correct, yes. The first site that I built was for my Chiropractic clinic. It still brings new clients in, and we get heaps of leads off the website.

Liz: Awesome! A big part of your business sale was all the leads that came from the website.

Eva: Absolutely, and that’s because we don’t advertise anywhere else. People go on the website and read what we put on there. But also Google My Business has been huge for us. One of the comments we always get is, “You’ve got more five-star reviews than anybody else.”

How Eva Transitioned from Local Business Websites to Passive Portfolio Strategy

Matt: So, in this journey for you and Alana – you’ve bought websites, and you’ve built websites for local businesses too. That’s where you’ve honed your skills, and that’s hitting the tipping point now, isn’t it? You’ve decided to be focused more on the portfolio strategy. Is that right?

Eva: Yes, so because Matt said we had to, we started off by building a few websites for local businesses.

It was just after we bought the portfolio of parenting group websites that we decided, “Okay, we’ve both been chiropractors. We’re both dealing with multiple people on a daily basis.” We really didn’t want to deal with people anymore.

So, we basically pulled back from building local websites. We still have client sites that we do a little bit of work on. We have 2-3 core clients that we offer hosting and local SEO for. But that will be it for us.

The rest of our time is spent on building up our portfolio of websites for passive income, which I have to say we’re really enjoying!

Liz: Yes. You’ve got some good sites there.

How to Quit Your Job

Eva’s New Digital Lifestyle Allows her to Move Closer to Family

Matt: You are at a stage in your life where you can basically now semi-retire. You’re going to move up to God’s country, aren’t you? Is that still on the cards, when you come to the Sunshine Coast?

Eva: There’s a year hiatus in there now, Matt. I have now moved to Melbourne, because my first grandchild is arriving. Also, as I’m selling my practice (and Amanda Steel was involved in this next bit), Alana is now buying a practice in Melbourne. She takes over the practice in October, when she’s seven months pregnant, so mum is now going down to work for her daughter, being a grandmother, and run my website.

Matt: All right, that’s awesome.

Eva: Not quite retiring and not quite getting to Queensland. But in 2023, I’ll be up there.

How Mum and Daughter Team use their Digital Skills to Grow their Website Portfolio

Matt: It is really cool seeing you and your daughter Alana. You guys work so closely together on these websites. You’re in separate cities at the moment, but you guys are basically business partners on the portfolio sites, aren’t you? How often you’re speaking about them. Is it good as a mum working with your daughter on that?

Eva: It’s great. It’s funny, because we have found our own skills. Alana is way more technically advanced than I am, and I’m the SEO nerd research geek. I love all that research stuff.

We run everything off Asana and our keyword research spreadsheet, everything is listed in there. We’ve been able to step back almost completely from our parenting website. We don’t do anything on parenting really anymore, our VA does it all for us.

Matt: That’s the bigger parenting website.

Eva: Yes. We are just focusing on the other two websites that we have. They’re the ones that we’re active on at the moment.

Learning How to Build Websites Allowed Eva to Change Careers

Matt: I’ve got to say, you guys did build some awesome local websites. All our Champions have seen your local plumber site, that’s unreal.

Eva: Yes, but the beauty of it is, Matt, that neither of us are doing it for an income at this stage. We are doing it for choices it creates down the track.

Matt: Yes.

Eva: But we also know (and I think this is really important for us too), that if we do need to make money, then we can. We can go and build a couple of local websites and boost income that way. That’s a great thing for us to know.

There’s no way we could be doing what we are doing in portfolio, if we hadn’t built local websites first. No way.

Liz: Are you saying Matt was right?

Eva: I said that already, Liz! 🙂 I have to bite my tongue and say Matt was right.

The Future is looking Bright now that Eva has Mastered her Digital Skills…

Eva: We’re in a really good space right now. The biggest thing for us is that we hit our first money goal. That was when we realised, “Okay, now we’re starting to get some traction.”

We’re really excited for the next 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 months ahead. We’ll be in here for the next five years, chipping away at our websites.

Liz: Yes, now it’s just a matter of consistency. You’ve done the hard bit.

Matt: You’ve got the skills.

Liz: You’ve got the skills, you’ve got your team, you’ve got people there. Now it’s just a matter of consistency.

Earn More Passive Income From Websites

The Importance of Setting an Intention when Planning to Change Careers

Matt: One thing I want to point out to everyone reading this is (and one thing I love about you guys), is that every month you filled out your Champions accountability emails. You set your intentions many years ago when you started working with us and it hasn’t waived.

When you saw the success from your chiropractor website, you said to me, “Because of life and stuff, I’m over being a chiropractor. At some point I want to exit it.”

You set your intention and you’ve worked consistently towards this point in time. Now, here we are today – you’ve achieved it! It’s done and you’ve got the digital skills.

Owning a Portfolio of Websites will allow Eva to scale back her Chiropractor work and spend quality time as a new grandmother…

Matt: I remember your goals were to be able to exit it, have the skills to not worry about money, and go live wherever you want. Okay, so you’re not up on the Sunshine Coast just yet, life’s done a bit of a zigzag.

Liz: That’s okay, though. Because there’s a baby.

Matt: There’s a baby coming. Another Champions baby!

Eva: There’s a baby. There’s 12 months with my daughter. There are months of consolidating what we are doing with the website stuff as well.

For me, it’s going to be a very part-time thing. I will be working with Alana, but it already looks like she’s got an associate that will come on board later this year, so I won’t be doing many hours.

I will only be filling in where I need to, whether that’s as a babysitter, a grandmother, or doing a couple of hours as a chiropractor etc. It gives me choices.

Liz: Fantastic, Eva. That’s so cool.

Eva’s Next Steps Towards More Passive Income from Websites

Eva: Hearing the income figures of other Champions, we think, “Wow, okay.” But we know that’s coming. We know if we just keep doing the steps, keep doing the outreach, and keep doing the content, we’ll get there.

Liz: You’ve got some really great sites there, so they’re going to be awesome.

Eva: My next goal is to purchase another website for passive income. We purchased a weather site back in February, and we’ve just transferred it to a different theme. So, it should really start to kick in soon. We have a couple of little bits that we need our techie to do on one of our other sites. Then the next thing will be to buy another site, and rinse and repeat.

Liz: Fantastic. All right.

Matt: Awesome.

Liz: Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your story, I’m so excited for you guys. Looking forward to another little Champion! Thanks so much, Eva.

Eva: Thanks, guys.

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