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Why 2020 is the year to buy websites with Matt & Liz Raad

Why 2020 Is The Year To Buy Websites

2020 is shaping up to be the year (and decade) to build and buy websites for passive income and turn your digital skills into massive profits.

NOW is the time to be laying the foundations and setting yourself up financially for the future decade.

There are awesome opportunities opening up now with online businesses that will allow you to free up your life both financially and time-wise, IF you take smart action – and have a smart strategy for creating an online portfolio of website assets.

Today we share with you some amazing opportunities that you can really capitalise on and make 2020 the start of your best decade ever.

CLICK ON THE VIDEO BELOW to hear from Matt & Liz Raad on why 2020 is the year to buy websites

Liz Raad:          Hi and happy new year from Liz and Matt!

2020 is an exciting decade to be investing in websites

Liz:                   What we’d like to do is give you an update for 2020, the new decade, and what’s happening in the online marketplace. And it’s a really exciting year.

Our students successfully using their digital skills to increase value and generate passive income from their websites

Matt Raad:           Yeah it sure is. Well, we’re kicking it off with some examples from some of our students, wow! We’ve got Mark – last year he bought a website already making good money and he has just doubled the monthly passive income of this website. Mark has already made his money back on the website in less than 6 months! Pretty impressive.

And then we were speaking to Pete.

Liz:                   I recently interviewed one of our successful graduates Pete about buying websites, which you may have seen on our facebook page.

Pete set a goal just at the end of last year to set up his online passive income quickly. He said “Right, I’m going to do this.” So he bought 3 websites and his goal was to crack $1000 profit within 90 days. And he achieved that in just 81 days. He got his first thousand dollars in the bank. So well done Pete!

Read how Pete made $1000 in 81 days buying small passive websites

New update: At our latest boot camp we invited Pete along to share his 90 day website buying experiences and he told us that not only did he make his goal of earning $1000 from the websites he bought, but he has already been offered $10,000 US for one of the sites he paid $6,000 for just 2 months ago.

Matt:               And we should mention this, Pete works a full time really full on job. So, he was just doing this passively in the background. That’s pretty impressive.

Liz:                   Yes, part time in the background.

Leading by example – Matt & Liz paid off a website purchased within 6 months

Matt:               And then one of our sites. We bought a website, about halfway through last year. And we’ve just done the figures for up until January 15th. We’ve already doubled the income on that one. So we’re very happy! And we bought that website on what’s called a “20 times monthly multiple.”

– Liz:                 Yes so now that just brought the buy price down to 10 times. We paid that website off in half the time.

So, lots of exciting things happening in this marketplace.

2020 is a year of growth in the number of websites for sale

Now what we’re seeing also is a huge boom in growth of the number of website listings for sale and the number of website brokers coming online now.

This is really exciting because what that means is, we’ve got more and more people becoming aware that they can sell their websites, and more and more people (website brokers) helping that to happen. So really good to see. Because that means there’s more website buying opportunities for all of us.

The number of new website brokers is increasing along with the demand for buying and selling websites

Matt:               That’s right. And one of the things we’ve been doing is networking with a bunch of the leading website brokers including new website brokers who were not around even 2 years ago.

I am surprised, I’ve had two or three conversations this week with several website brokers from around the world, and they’re all reporting that basically in the last two years, their web property sales volumes are going through the roof. This is not only in terms of website sale sizes, but in the numbers of website for sale listings as well.

So, there’s still lots of growth opportunities out there for buying profitable websites.

“The buying and selling website marketplace is now much bigger and we have BIG buyers looking to invest in good websites…”

Liz Raad, E-Business Institute

And the other really interesting thing that we’re seeing through talking to a range of website brokers, is that we’re getting big professional website buyers entering the marketplace now as they want to own and invest in virtual real estate.

Institutional money starting to invest in websites

There are some really big website deals happening in the seven and eight figures, a lot more than we used to see even 2-3 years ago.

These 7 and 8 figure websites are being bought by high net worth’s and successful entrepreneurial individuals. But we are also seeing private equity (specialised private managed funds and high net worth’s who invest in website businesses) looking to invest in or buy outright good website businesses.

A new and really interesting development is specific website investing companies are being set up around the world and are actively buying up good websites.

STRATEGY TIP: Create your own opportunity by building websites these larger website investors would want to buy…

So for all of you who are building good websites, the really good news is you’re going to have an awesome opportunity to be selling good websites to these potentially very big buyers. And they make quick decisions. If the website fits their model, there’s the cheque. Well, no one does cheques these days, but there’s the money.

So really interesting times. This is absolutely fascinating for us. Especially coming from our mergers and acquisitions background to see so much activity in this space.

Where to Buy and Sell Websites For BIG $$$

Liz:                   Yes, so if you’re interested in getting involved in that big website deal space, get out there and start having a look in the buying and selling website marketplace.

Some of the bigger more established website brokers…

If your interested in bigger online investment opportunities then make sure you start with the specialist website brokers listed below. These are the biggest website brokers and have all been involved in helping people successfully buy and sell websites for the last 10 years so they are trusted and quality website brokers who can help you purchase good websites:

Go and have a look at some of the bigger website deals these brokers have listed because there’s some really beautiful website businesses that we’re seeing coming up for sale now.

Being the beginning of the year, now is the time to do something about it.

All we can say is get out there and get into this online marketplace because it is certainly happening. And we can see some huge growth coming for this next decade.

Its a very exciting time to be in this new website investment marketplace.

So there’s our update for 2020. Have a fantastic decade, and we’re going to see you soon in the next video and we’ll share some more tips and things to do in order to be successful in this website investing marketplace.

Get Started On Your Own Website Investment Portfolio…

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