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Flippa sells website in bizarre niche

Website For Sale – $1,100 per month in Underwater Welding!

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In today’s website for sale showcase, Ben Weiss from Flippa shows us a really interesting content site, in a some-what bizarre niche that is generating the owner a steady side income from a simple affiliate website.

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Passive Content Website for Sale in Bizarre Micro-Niche

Matt Raad:      Hi everyone! It’s Matt Raad here and welcome to this week’s Website for Sale Showcase. And today I’ve got Ben Weiss from Flippa. And Ben, you’ve got a really interesting looking website to show us today in a fascinating niche that you would never have thought of.

Ben Weiss:      Thanks for having me, Matt. Great to be here again. Yes, so the site that we’re looking at today is WaterWelders.com.

I don’t know the first thing about water welding, but it exists and there’s people out there who are excited for it. So, this is a great content-based website that exists in this highly specialised category, and it’s doing really well.

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This Website Attracts High Amount of Traffic Each Month in its Micro-Niche

Matt:               Yeah, and as you were just telling me before, when you were looking into the stats, you were pretty surprised at the amount of traffic in such an unusual niche.

Ben:                Yeah, I’m fascinated. I love really tight niches as I’ve said before, just because it becomes something you can really target very well through SEO. But a lot of times, these tight targets have minimal page views. This one’s actually getting nearly 40,000 page views a month. 23,000 unique users on water welding. Are there that many water welders in the world?!

Matt:               Maybe people are looking it up for a career? In this niche, 40,000 visitors a month, who would have thought? I mean, we’re in a worldwide market, but someone’s interested in water welding. So how much money does it make?

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Ben:                According to this listing, they’re making US$1,128 a month.

Matt:               Nice one. And what’s it currently for sale?

Ben:                Basically, the highest price is going to win at this point. It’s over the reserve price of US$9,000, so whoever has the higher price will win.

Matt:               So, it’s around that US$9,000 mark so far and it’s making $1,000. And this is just a content site about water welding? What does the owner do to run it?

Current Owner Created High-Quality Content About Under Water Welding to Generate Traffic and Leads

Ben:                Well that’s what’s actually interesting on this one too. It is a content site about water welding and whatever goes into water welding. I’m sure there’s hundreds of key words that I wouldn’t even know where to begin with. It mentions they have over 100 blog posts within that niche.

What’s interesting is that opposed to a lot of content sites that are either making ad revenue or maybe they’re affiliates with Amazon or something, this website’s making majority of its money (almost 80% of revenue), with lead generation to commercial diving companies, such as constructions, schools, etc.

Matt:               Right, so getting paid an affiliate commission for sending leads through to commercial diving companies where they can presumably train in underwater welding.

Ben:                Yes, so I’m assuming that a lot of their blog posts must be around: how do I do this, how do I do that? Oh, maybe I should go to school…

This Passive Website Only Requires Minimal Hours to Operate

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Matt:               So, it sounds like it’s pretty straightforward to run actually, because, like you said, it’s in such a tight niche. Does the seller tell us what he does each week? Does this website require minimal hours for the seller, do you think?

Ben:                I think at this point, it’s been grown and is now minimal hours. It obviously takes some time to have a hundred extremely expert quality blogs on such a bizarre topic. Either you know the topic well enough yourself, or have some very specific friends who can write that for you.

But at this point, the website runs itself. The seller’s mentioned that you can grow the website by forming new relationships with other commercial diving schools, because he’s only working with two or three right now. So just adding two or three more could really raise the potential there.

Additional Website Income Potential using Advertising and Affiliates

And from my side, what I can see is that they’re only making 20% of their money from ad revenue. I think there’s got to be some upside there if you know how to optimise that a little bit.

And then, of course, you could add general affiliate sales to this. So, there’s got to be water welding tools available on Amazon and things like that which you can add into it.

Matt:               Because, this is a high-ranking site with such a tight niche of 40,000 visitors, you’d think there’s opportunities to add in other products to sell. So, this seller done a great job setting the site up. He’s got a ranking and there’s some good opportunities to sell.

Current Owner Selling this Website to Focus on Another Business Venture

Does he say why he’s selling? I noticed he’s sold on Flippa before, so he looks like a good seller.

Ben:                Yes, like a lot of people, he’s looking to grow another business.

You know, I see it all the time. People say, “Well, you’re making $1,000 a month, why would you get rid of this?” And the answer is, “Well, I need $10,000 today to do something else.” It’s pretty common.

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Matt:               And, so for someone who’s interested in going a bit further and maybe buying this website, we recommend you do due diligence on this website. What would be the next steps from your point of view?

Steps To Buy This Website…

Ben:                You can use the comment section on the listing on Flippa, where everyone can see what’s going on. The great thing about using the comments is that, once you’re watching that listing (or you make a comment), you’re going to get an email notification anytime anyone else makes a comment. That way, you can stay in touch with the community conversation.

Or you can just start a private discussion with them. Tell them why you love the site and ask them what’s going on.

Matt:               Great. So, if you’re interested in this one, you need to have an account; so get in touch with the guys at Flippa. You can have a look at the website for sale listing here: https://flippa.com/10532632-services-sports-and-outdoor

Thanks so much, Ben, awesome website and showcase. Fascinating one.

Ben:                Yeah, very fascinating. Thanks, Matt.

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Website Listing Update

Since publishing this website for sale showcase this website has sold already for $20,000 at the buy it now price. There were 22 bids, so you can see that this style of passive website and the way it makes money is very popular with website buyers and investors looking to make a nice passive side income.

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