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Dennis Yu and Liz Raad discuss Topic Wheel for Facebook Marketing

Dennis Yu Shares His Secrets To Effective 1 Minute Videos

Today I chat with Dennis Yu, who has spent over a billion dollars in ad spend on FaceBook. So he might just know a thing or two on how to do this effectively!

Dennis takes us through the concept of the Topic Wheel. This is such a simple method that anyone can implement when marketing online. And it’s very similar to what Matt and I teach our students in marketing by putting your customers and their emotions first.

Take a look and see if you can start implementing this as part of your online marketing strategy today.

Liz Raad:                  Hey guys, I’m here today with the amazing Dennis Yu, who has spent a billion dollars on Facebook. That’s right – a Billion dollars!

Today he gave an amazing presentation. And one of the things he talked about was getting the Topic Wheel going, which I think is really valuable. And this is something we can all learn from.

How To Come Up With Ideas For Short Video Content

So, Dennis Yu is here today to quickly tell us about coming up with ideas for what to do on a short one-minute video.

Dennis Yu:            Yes, so your Topic Wheel has three layers:

  1. Think of the outside as the Why.
  2. The middle is the How.
  3. And the very inside as the What.

Include “The Why” in short videos

Now, when we have the Why, How and What – we’re telling stories where people can identify with us and what we believe in. Little stories, such as:

Maybe I got cut off at Whole Foods yesterday in the parking lot and this is how I felt about it. Instead of yelling at the woman, I realized, “You know what – everybody is struggling with internal things, and we should always be kind.”

Or maybe another story is “Yesterday, we went scuba diving”. Curtis went scuba diving for the first time, and he overcame fear. So think – what was that like? And when you overcome fear, you can actually enjoy the things like seeing sharks and seeing anemones and seeing colourful fish and, what does that mean when you can get past fear?

So these examples are different stories.

Include “The How” in short videos

The How is you’re showing expertise. How do you make a one-minute video? How do you optimize a landing page? How do you coach a small business owner to sell their website? How do you do whatever it is, etc.

Include “The What” in short videos

The What is what you have to sell. We understand the what. Give me money for a particular product or service.

But in order to earn the right to sell, you have to sequence them from the Why to the How to the What.

Liz:                  And that did feel like too, we’re going through from Emotion first to Logic later.

People buy your “Why”!

Dennis:            People buy your Why.  People don’t buy what you have to sell. They buy, always think about any purchase you’ve made. It’s been because of relationships like reviews or because you believed in that doctor or you believe in the consultant, or the person you’re hiring. It’s always based on relationships.

Liz:                  Awesome, thanks very much Dennis Yu!