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Alborz Fallah speaks with Matt and Liz Raad

A Peek Inside The eBusiness Institute Champions Bootcamp

Once a year we open our highest level digital training program for enrolments, and we hand select a group of motivated people who want to change their financial future through investing in the new assets of the digital age – websites.

This is our Champions Online Entrepreneurship Coaching Program, where we personally guide people on the transition to earning income from websites and online business, so they can gain freedom both financially and in lifestyle. It is a 12 month journey where members can accelerate their learning, get access to all our strategies and resources, and be fully supported in their growth into the online world.

An important part of the program is the quarterly boot-camps where we bring all the Champions together for 2 days to boost their learning with advanced strategies, grow their mindset for wealth and have the opportunity to spend time around a motivated, enthusiastic and successful group of people.

Matt and Liz Raad Bootcamp review

After seeing the breakthroughs this weekend and reading through the feedback I realized that this is what we love the most in our high level coaching programs – seeing the group bond as a highly supportive community, and seeing the results and breakthroughs that the Champions gain.

“Another fantastic weekend at Bootcamp. It’s so inspiring to see others achieving and seeing the progressions and journey. Not only have I learnt how to build websites and create an income for myself, Matt and Liz have taught me how to value my work, become confident and go for what I want. What an asset!” Alex Mikaelia, Parramatta NSW

Everyone starts out on this journey to financial freedom thinking it’s about learning how to make money from websites and create digital assets, but by the third bootcamp they are realizing it’s so much more. It’s about a complete change in thinking for many, leaving behind the old programming that says you have to work hard for money, having the confidence to ask for what they want in life and the courage to go out and make it happen.

“Being in a positive, safe environment soothes the soul and lights the fire.” Yvette Facchini Sydney

Liz Raad awards top students at eBusiness Institute bootcamp

It’s also discovering the connections with others on the same journey and realizing we can all help each other. Lifelong friendships are forged and they discover a new circle of people who will build them up and celebrate their wins with them. Business networks grow and resources are swapped and shared to help everyone reach their goals.

“I love the network of amazing people on the program. Seeing everyone each 90 days is an awesome boost on top of awesome learning.” Fiona Herbert, Neutral Bay, NSW

Lessons From Student Success Stories

At this latest bootcamp, there was lots of inspiration as students shared their successes and challenges.

We heard from past and present members who are now making full time incomes working from home. It’s always inspiring to hear when someone quits the job they never liked and can now generate income from anywhere in the world! We also heard from members who are proudly getting their first paid website builds for $1500 to $3500 a site, and others who are starting to sell sites in the $2000 to $4000 level.

“Selling a website to a cabinetry company for $2,800.” Kyden Anderson 16 years old!  Perth WA

“Great inspiration focused high achieving group. So many people are having a crack and kicking awesome goals. Such a great group to be around and hear all of the successes and growth of members.” Nathan Broadbridge, Parramatta NSW

We often invite graduates in to share their stories and experiences, the challenges they faced and how they have overcome them, as well as their inside tips and tricks. Every graduate of the Champions program goes out into the world with the same strategies, skills and knowledge – but they all apply it in different ways and it is great to hear the creative solutions and opportunities that they find!

Lessons From Growing and Selling A $35 Million Website

We also invite special guest speakers to the bootcamps – entrepreneurs who’s stories and insights will inspire and add value to the group. At this bootcamp we heard from our friend Alborz Fallah who founded CarAdvice.com.au and grew it into one of the leading car review sites in Australia.

Matt and Liz Raad interview Alborz Fallah

Alborz shared insights into his personal journey of taking a straightforward content style website from start-up to sale for over $35Million.

It is always so inspirational for the Champions to see how real Alborz is and that he did it with exactly the same kinds of sites that they are learning to build and buy with us – content sites that sell advertising, started and grown with straightforward SEO.

To be able to see a practical example of a $35million website is a rare and hugely inspirational opportunity and to be able to ask any questions and hear the inside story from such a fun and inspirational speaker – we are all very grateful for Alborz taking the time to be with us.

“This is the bootcamp where the rubber hits the road. We have been given all the parts to build our own personal supercar for cashflow.” Tim Ellis, WA

Training In Online Law Issues

Matt Raad interviews Jeanette Jifkins from Onyx Online Law

And as always we had our specialist online lawyer – Jeanette Jifkins from Onyx Online Law. At this event Jeanette shared her advice around what you can and can’t say online, and how to make sure your websites are compliant. Jeanette is a rare resource as most lawyers have very little experience with websites and online business – she is a graduate of our program so understands in detail the strategies we use in our website investing and growth.

“Such a positive, supportive environment bundled with quality training and inspirational leadership. A winning formula for training website skills. Thank you Matt and Liz!” Rosemary Anner, Parramatta NSW

Entreprenurial Mindset Training

We also shared our personal success strategies and important mindset shifts that helped us transform from zoologists to creating a 7 figure business. Transitioning from the mindset of “I have to work hard to earn my money” to “Money can flow easily and while I sleep” is one that many people struggle with and need help to break out of these thought patterns.

Matt and Liz Raad with Professor Alan Patching at ebusiness Institute bootcamp
Matt and Liz Raad with Professor Alan Patching at The eBusiness Institute event training for entreprenurial success mindset

Our good friend Professor Alan Patching also dropped in to give some valuable advice about breaking through our own glass ceilings and stepping up to new income levels.

And just as important is gaining the confidence to succeed in a totally new digital marketplace with new jargon and new technical ways to operate. We have seen time and again the incredible results people achieve once they overcome these fears and blockages.

“Champions is more than just learning how to build, buy and sell websites, it’s a complete re-education around wealth and deservability.” Danni Thomas, QLD

“The most amazing course which is so much more than learning about website building and digital marketing. I’m learning life skills and things that will change my life forever. Thank you Matt and Liz.” Annette Charles, NZ

So it was an incredible weekend, and we feel privileged and grateful to be surrounded by such a motivated, supportive and enthusiastic group of people. Thanks to the Champions – both present and past – for helping to build such a supportive learning environment where lives are transformed and confidence is gained to go out into the world and take action on their dreams!