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jordan and simone sharing how they achieved all their 2021 goals and earned their first $1000 online

How Jordan and Simone Achieved All Their Goals (And Earned Their First $1000 Online)

According to the University of Scranton, 92% of people who set New Year’s goals never actually achieve them.

Yet, Jordan and Simone met every single one of their goals, including:

  • Cutting their work hours
  • Earning their first $1000 online off their passive website portfolio
  • Adding 10 websites to their portfolio

One of the strategies they followed to make their first $1,000 in passive online income was building content websites from scratch.

When Jordan and Simone shared what they had accomplished in just 12 months, I was so excited I wanted to share their success story with you to help inspire you.

Watch the video, or read the transcript below, to hear the online income goals that Jordan and Simone achieved, and how 2022 is shaping up to be a very exciting year!

Liz Raad: Hello again. It’s Liz here with you and I have some very special guests who I invited to be here today.

In our Champions program where we help transition professionals to earning full time income online, we follow up with each student every month. We ask them to let us know how they’re going, what they’ve achieved, any challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve overcome them. We also get them to set their goals for the next 30 days.

When Jordan and Simone’s accountability came in, I was so excited. I really wanted to share it with our readers because I think it’s very inspirational.

So a big welcome Jordan and Simone! Thanks so much for coming on.

Simone: Thank you for having us.

Jordan: Yes, thanks for having us.

The Three Online Goals that Jordan and Simone Achieved in 2021

Liz: You have both been out there and what I really noticed was when you said you are looking back at your goals that you wrote down at the start of 2021 (12 months ago). We always start off the year with a goal setting webinar.

Do you want to give us a bit of a rundown of the goals you were setting last year? And how has that gone over the last 12 months now that we’re in the beginning of 2022?

Simone: At the end of last year, I decided to pull out my little book where we wrote down all our goals. I had actually forgotten some of them, and I just wanted to reflect on where we’ve come from.

Some of the goals that we wrote down was for me to transition to part-time work as a physio and part-time work with our websites. So I achieved that, which is super exciting. That was one goal I didn’t think would happen.

Our other goal was earning our first $1,000 through our Passive Website Portfolio

Again, we’re super excited about that.

Liz: Cracking that first $1,000 is such a big milestone. You know you’re on your way when you crack that first $1,000.

Simone: That’s right. And all the hard works paying off.

Jordan: Our other goal was building our website portfolio of at least 10 websites. And we’ve achieved that now. We now have 10 sites that we’re working on and they’re growing. It’s a mixture of sites that we’ve created ourselves (built from scratch), and ones that we’ve bought from other people.

Liz: Awesome.

Simone: Our final goal was for our web design agency in Penrith. I wanted to get my first paying client for our digital agency, which I’ve done.

Jordan: We’ve had clients along the way, but they were all from family and friends or people Simone knows. This was her first end-to-end client that wasn’t from someone we already knew. So that was really good.

Liz: That’s very cool.

How Jordan are Increasing their Online Income from their Digital Agency

Jordan: We wanted to have more website clients and have some ongoing work. So yeah, we’ve definitely had quite a few clients last year. And I think we’ve got about four active client website builds on the go now.

Liz: Well, your total number of clients is probably more than you said here than now.

Jordan: At the moment it is, yes.

Liz: Fantastic. And what’s your average sale level at now? How much do you sell a website for generally?

Jordan: Generally, we charge between $2,000-$3,000. But we’ve also had bigger projects where we’ve charged around $8,000. It was a bit more work, but it justified the higher price.

Do you need to have technical experience to build websites and make money online?

Liz: Just to give our readers a bit of perspective, are you both leading web designers by background or anything like that?

Jordan: I have a background in IT, but what I did in university is completely different to what I’ve learned now. This way is a lot easier than what we did back at uni. I rarely need to hard code stuff or anything like that anymore. The amount that you can do with what we’re taught in WordPress, you don’t really need to know any coding.

Liz: So, you’re creative in a different way now?

Jordan: Definitely. When I was back at university, I was like, “Oh, websites. You know, it’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of hassle. It’s a lot of tinkering and it’s very technical.”

But doing it now, it’s not exactly technical in a way. Anyone can do it.

Liz: That’s awesome guys. So, not only have you hit your goals for easing back on hours, but you’ve got your own website portfolio. You’ve earned your $1,000 from passive website income, plus you’ve now got over seven new clients in your agency earning anywhere from $2000 to $8000 per website build.

And given you were both starting from scratch, getting to that level so quickly is just awesome. So congratulations. I’m very excited about that.

Should I buy an established website?

Hear how Jordan and Simone added a new affiliate product to their new website purchase to 10x their commissions!

Liz: Some other things that you mentioned in your accountability, which I really would love to talk about, is some successes that you are getting with one of the sites you bought. Can you tell us about that? What’s happening with that site?

Simone: We bought this site back in July. And we’ve done a few coaching calls with Matt Raad.

Liz: Yes, and we did a website due diligence call on that one too, didn’t we?

Simone: That’s right, we did due diligence on the website. One of the important bits of homework that we had to add as part of the call was a Contact Us page. And lucky we did because we were then contacted by a German company.

Our site is a UK-based website, and this German company also has a UK base. So, they contacted us to send us a product to be reviewed.

Liz: Great, a free product. Hand it over!

And don’t they have an even better affiliate program too that you now have access to?

Simone: Exactly. We’ll still direct the visitor to Amazon if they want to click through on our link and purchase on there.

But we can also get a commission from the other company as well, which is even higher than what Amazon pays. So this site is earning commission from both Amazon and the German company.

Liz: Well done. And on that site, you had a big sale happen just recently too, didn’t you?

Jordan: Yes. The commission we received from the German company was £70, which is approx. US$100.

Liz: Which is a big commission on a small niche website. When you think about most products, you probably get a commission of a few dollars, typically under US$10-$20. So, to get US$100 dollar commissions. That’s a nice niche. You’ve got a winner there.

Simone: That’s right. Even if we only made two or three sales in a month, that’s pretty amazing.

Liz: Yes, that’s increasing your turnover which is fantastic.

Why Should You Consider Building Websites For Passive Online Income

Liz: In terms of your journey, what’s next? Where are you heading now?

Jordan: Our focus for this year is to build on what we’ve got at the moment. We’re going to keep building on our portfolio sites.

Like I mentioned before, we’ve built a few websites from scratch. One that we created about six – seven months ago, is really starting to pick up traffic now and starting to heat up a bit. It even made some sales recently, which is pretty cool.

Liz: Did you say it’s only six or seven months old?

Jordan: Yes, about six months old.

Liz: Oh, we have to tell Matt that, because Matt’s always saying SEO is a 12-month minimum. I love it when our students prove us wrong!

Jordan: I’ve just been doing what we were taught and what we were shown to do in Champions by implementing the content strategy for building passive websites.

We’re just doing one article a week, and have some good content in there. And you know? The traffic’s increasing.

Simone: It’s increased to over 300 visitors a month.

Jordan: Actually, 400 this month, and it’s growing quite well organically.

It’s in quite an interesting niche, and the sales of those products are anywhere from $100 to $500. So, you just need to only sell maybe 5-10 a month and that’s a decent income.

Liz: Yes.

You can Make Money Online with both Buying AND Building Websites

Jordan: So that’s our focus – building on those sites that we built ourselves. We might try and build another couple this year as well. We’ve got some ideas.

Simone: Jordan likes to build. I like to buy.

Liz: Perfect. That’s like Matt and me. I’m the impatient one!

Jordan: I prefer to build because I know exactly what I’ve created, and I know how it works like the back of my hand. I know how it runs and how it operates.

Liz: That’s the awesome thing that we are seeing now.

I’m super excited for you guys because we’re hearing stories from our community like Nathan and Alexa’s passive income strategy, who had that little website that they bought for $3,500-$4,000, that’s now just been valued at $180,000. And we’ve got Lisa who bought a content website for $2,000 and it’s now been valued at more than $1 million.

There’s so much scope for you. Now you’ve got a beautiful portfolio growing, and I’m excited to see your journey going forward.

So, thank you so much for sharing your experiences and sharing your wins with us. We love to hear these wins and hearing that progress. Every day is about making progress and moving forward. That’s what counts.

Thanks so much, guys. I really appreciate you being here and congratulations.

Jordan: Thanks, Liz.

Simone: Thanks so much, and for your guidance as well.

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