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How To Buy Profitable Websites (2023 Update and Trends)

If you want to learn how to buy profitable websites in 2023, you’re most likely asking questions like…

Where do you find these websites? How do you buy them? How do you know what’s worth buying? How do we value them? How much money can you make buying and selling websites?

Today, we’re going to look at those questions, so whether you’re looking to buy websites to make money, or you want to learn how to buy websites for passive income, learning how to do it right can mean the between a wasting a bunch of time and money or having a lucrative and secure way to learn money online.

In fact, if you buy websites the way we teach, you’ll be able to build a small empire of income-producing websites, that pays you month after month with just a few hours of work each month.

And if you decide to sell your portfolio later on (for a bigger website), you will be able to get between 20-50x your website’s monthly profit, which is a lot higher than you can get for any traditional businesses.

But figuring out how to buy profitable websites can be daunting if this is your first time. In today’s video, we’ll look at some of the trends and niches you should know about before you start buying websites for profit. If you have a question about buying passive income websites, leave us your comment and we’ll follow up with you.

CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW to learn what trends we’re seeing and what niches are best for buying profitable websites in 2023…


Liz Raad: Hi, it’s Liz and Matt Raad, and we help people grow their income and their assets by investing in the digital world. And what we want to do in this video is talk about what are the best website investments for 2023, because we’ve seen phenomenal growth over the last year because we’ve had, of course, COVID.

Matt Raad: What a dramatic change in the world. And maybe you’re here now being forced to work from home. It’s a huge movement now. There is so many more people online, but also the vast amount of online commerce is just gone ballistic.

Online retail sales are predicted to hit $5 trillion in the coming 12 months

Liz Raad: It is growing phenomenally. So in the last, this year, there’s predicted, I mean, in the last year, we’ve had incredible growth. We’re predicted to hit $5 trillion in retail sales online next year. That is predicted to be a 265% growth rate for online retail in the coming 12 months. So if you’re looking to jump on a trend and grow with a movement, then the digital world is certainly a place to be. Because at the moment it’s kind of phenomenal. Only 17% of retail sales are currently made online. And that shows you, there is a huge room still for growth, and we’ve seen some really interesting trends as well. We’re seeing shoppers buying products from all around the world.

Matt Raad: We’re based in Australia, but we’re seeing increased traffic and buyers from all around the world, buying our products and I across our clients as well.

What is creating this growth?

Liz Raad: And it doesn’t matter where those products are being sold from interestingly. So we’ve got a worldwide marketplace and I think that’s only going to grow and by owning websites, online businesses, we get to benefit from that worldwide increase in commerce, whether that’s retail, like buying products and things like that, or whether it’s actually advertisers wanting to put their advertising messages onto our websites. So we’ve got huge growth there. The other thing that’s really impacting the growth over the coming year to five years to even 10 years, is that it’s easier and easier to pay for stuff. Now online, we’ve got a growth of payment options.

What things were like when we started earning money online?

Matt Raad: And that’s new for us. So we’ve been around doing this for a decade now. And when we started online, it was hard to accept payments with our websites as a small player and we were selling information products. But now we’ve seen for our clients and across, and also maybe for you listening for obviously for buyers of products online, any kinds of products, you’ve got options now, not just PayPal, but square pay, Google pay, Stripe and look at the share prices of some of these companies. So with these companies that, some of their share prices have tripled or quadrupled over the last 12 months. And of course we have the rise of Bitcoin and crypto in general. And I think that will really open up the online world even more. But the bottom is, it’s a lot easier if you’re a beginner getting online now to set something up yourself, or there’s a much more bigger markets.

How does Buying websites for passive income work?

Matt and Liz Raad's free masterclass on how to buy websites for passive income and profits

Liz Raad: I think it’s a lot easier for people to pay that there’s a seamless movement through from researching something online to actually being able to buy it. And so we’re seeing greater transactions because it is so easy for people to buy stuff. And basically that’s what our websites do. If you don’t know what we do, we invest in websites that either make money out of advertising. So putting an advertising message in front of people who are interested in certain products or topics and things like that. Or we promote other people’s products. So we actually don’t own any stock. We don’t do anything like that. What we do is recommend people to great retailers and we get paid a commission from the online retailers to do that. So that’s the main monetization that we have on our websites. So in terms of 2023 and what the trends are showing and where we are focusing for 2023 in the best websites to target for this year and beyond.

What are the three trends we’re seeing with buying profitable websites in 2023?

Liz Raad: So we wanted to cover three things there. So first of all one of the things we’re seeing is an increase in value for websites with diversified monetization. So that means websites that don’t just make money from one thing like from advertising, but a website that makes money from several ways. Maybe some advertising, maybe some affiliate promotion, like some promotion of products or referring through to specific products. So we get paid an affiliate commission for any sales that are made. We also make money from people posting content on those websites. So there’s many different ways to make money out of a website in a leveraged way, never owning product, but making money, or selling information. That’s the other way that a lot of our websites monetize by selling information. So that’s really interesting.

Matt Raad: Or just selling advertising space as well.

Liz Raad: That’s really interesting that the actual valuations of these businesses of these websites is also increasing. So that’s a, that’s a safe place to start if you’re looking for a website and it’s also an awesome renovation opportunity, because if you buy a website, that’s just got one income stream, you can add another couple more and not only increase your income, but also increase the value of that website. And that’s what we often do.

Matt Raad: Now, thing number two. And this is really interesting. Where did you pull this out? And that is recurring subscriptions. Here in Australia, here’s a really interesting stat, 70% of us using subscriptions. And he’s really interesting bit at an average of $660 a month. So that’s a lot of money that people are spending on subscriptions. I think about this as the subscriptions you have now, the obvious ones are like mobile phones and stuff. We’re talking about online subscriptions. So for us, we use a lot of online tools that we pay monthly. We have online information programs that we subscribe to newsletters. And maybe also a lot of people are now subscribed to Netflix or those sorts of things.

Liz Raad: Gaming. A lot of gaming platforms.

Matt Raad: A lot of people are subscribing to e-commerce type products as well to actual physical products. So they regularly get clothes delivered to them or pet,

Liz Raad: Oh, wait, we did that? I’ve just done that actually. I now signed up for my pet food just gets delivered. So think about your own behavior online and think about how much you actually spend per month on things that are automatically taken out of your credit card. And I think that’s those, those businesses, those websites are very valuable because it is good, solid, ongoing, safe, recurring income. So those are a great target for you to buy a website that’s like that. And they have potentially good high value and good growth over the coming years. We’re going to see more and more people getting onto these subscriptions and just automating their lives, making things easy. So that’s a really good market we’re seeing a lot of growth in, and are predicted to have a lot of growth over the next three to five years.

Why buy subscription-based websites?

Matt Raad: And those of you that know us know that for many years at our events, we’ve always said, when you, when you want to come to sell… Big buyers, big corporate buyers will love buying subscription-based websites. They will pay lots of money for them. If you have a big one. So they’re very highly sought after by corporate buyers.

Liz Raad: Now, number three that we want to look at is, and we’re going to have some fun with this, is some training products. So what are the categories of the products that we’ve seen rising in search volume and sales volume over the last kind of six to 12 months, but then looking at more growth going forward. So here’s some niches that you might want to look at. If you’re looking to buy some, invest in some websites or even build some of your own. A big one that I love this because it’s a high value product too. So if you’re a promoter of these products, you get paid a really nice commission and that’s mattresses. I don’t know how many mattress companies there are now selling. And these are big, big ticket items mattresses. And they are the bedding pillows, like this pillows that are $200.

Matt Raad: That’s true. Specialized pillows and stuff. And it’s the really good niches. Cause you can niche down with a website and people are looking to research those products before they buy.

Liz Raad: Yes. And they want to see what are the benefits of all the different systems. So that’s a great niche to be in.

Other great niches to buy profitable websites in…

Matt Raad: And I guess all these products, when I look at them, Liz what we’ve got listed out here. I think they’re also a factor of people haven’t traveled as much as you, so they’re willing to spend, now that they’ve got a feel for what’s happening in this COVID world. And they know they’re not going to be traveling. So they’re spending money on themselves. So they’re spending money in the home. They’re not going out traveling and doing the big-ticket things. They tend to be spending more money at home. And these are really great niches because the next one that we’ve got written down on in that vein is rugs and chairs and furniture. These are growing spaces.

You can get paid when people are looking at websites that recommend certain products

Liz Raad: And I wouldn’t have bought furniture online a few years ago and I just spent $1500, two grand on an outdoor setting. He didn’t know that. But I bought that online because I couldn’t find anything that I liked in the shops. And so I started researching online and I’m looking at sites that are recommending certain products or looking at certain layouts and things like that. And so I’m finding these sites. And if I click through and buy something on their recommendation, they get paid a commission as well. So that’s pretty cool. They don’t ever have to own the lounge. They just get paid because I got to do my research on their website. Some fun ones. You might’ve seen these online, so pay attention to what’s going on in your news feeds and things like that. Massage guns, posture correctors to help you sit up straight.

Liz Raad: Air Fryers and pressure cookers and things like that.

Matt Raad: All the stay at home fun stuff or things that make our lives better, that people are discovering or what comes by that online. It gets delivered on have to go to the shops. It’s easy peasy to buy it online.

Buy websites that offer products and information that solve people’s sleeping problems

Liz Raad: Another really interesting category is something that has become, I think more of a problem for a lot more people and that’s sleep, probably due to all the stress. So sleep products, sleep training, sleep apps, sleep vitamins and supplements.

Matt Raad: And they’re very lucrative. And you can buy those on recurring systems, sleep information products like eBooks and stuff, C-PAP machines which are running out of stock. We’ve got clients who own good affiliate sites in those spaces. And their main problem is, well, the C-PAP machines have run out and they sell for a lot of money. They very lucrative.

If you love pets, look at buying websites that sell pet products

Liz Raad: And then a big one, which we always recommend because it’s always hot, but again, it’s grown actually even more during COVID because again, everyone’s staying at home and everyone bought a pet.

Matt Raad: It’s the classic niche online. And it was the one that, as Liz said, we’ve been teaching this for 10 years, we always say, get in the pet niche, it’s a fun niche. People are passionate about it, but it has literally just gone through the roof in the last 12 months since COVID. Just one an example, go and look at the publicly listed company called Chewy’s and they sell a whole range of, of pet products. It’s share prices quadrupled over the last 12 months. It’s a public listed company. Now the good news is we, and you can be working at home in our Jimmy Jams, and we can be an affiliate for this publicly listed company called Chewy. So we can sell their products, recommend their products and get an affiliate commission. So that’s pretty cool. And they sell everything from supplements to dog beds, food, and they sell food on subscription as well.

Free masterclass to buy profitable websites in 2023

Liz Raad: Which I now buy. So it’s a rare unique opportunity in history right now, because we can ride on the coattails of this growth. We’ve got massive corporations who are experiencing incredible growth in this marketplace, but we, as individuals can own small websites or even larger websites. We can start from zero. We can start as beginners and learn how to do that. And then take advantage of that growth. It’s kind of like, we’ve all seen the real estate booms and the share booms. I mean, obviously at the moment, the share market is incredible. We can also ride that in this marketplace and diversify our assets in that way. So if you want to learn a bit more, if you want to deep dive into more of our strategy, how do we do this? How do we find these websites?

Liz Raad: How do we buy them? How do we know a good value website? How do we, how do we value them? We have got a free masterclass. So we go into a lot more detail about our specific strategy. So we’ve been doing this for 10 years now. We’re very experienced. We come from a private equity and VC and M&A background. So we know what to do when we invest and we can share that knowledge with you. And so you can apply that to yourself, to create yourself an income or a portfolio of assets where you don’t have to invest a huge amount of money to start, but you can grow something very, very quickly and ride the trends that are happening now in 2023 and beyond. So if you want to find out a bit more about that, there’s a link in the description box below, or check out a couple of these other videos and learn a bit more about how digital investing works and what sort of digital assets are going to be the most valuable and how you get into this digital investing world.

Liz Raad: So love being here with you guys. Look forward to, if you want to subscribe and get more updates on how this market’s progressing.

Matt Raad: Join our masterclass, and we would love to see you on board.

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