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how crypto affect buying websites for passive income

How Does Crypto Affect Buying Websites For Passive Income?

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies start to move again, how does it affect our world of buying websites for passive income?

In this video, Matt and Liz Raad talk about what the movement of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies mean for our world of buying websites for passive income.

They’ve been saying this for a decade but “digital assets” like websites are becoming mainstream and accepted.

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Liz Raad: Hi again everyone. Today we wanted to look at some exciting things that are happening in the marketplace at the moment. We’re watching cryptocurrency start to move again, which is really interesting in our world.

What does the movement of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do in terms of our world of buying websites for passive income?

Now, I’m sure a lot of you are involved in Bitcoin and making a bit of money at the moment, so that’s exciting. But what we’re getting really excited about is the growth in the online marketplace, because we’re now seeing these digital currencies getting taken up by institutional buyers. We’ve even recently seen Elon Musk from Tesla get on board, which is very cool.

But what that means for us? What we see is that digital currencies are opening up even more now for the online trading world and economy.

Matt Raad: Not only that Liz, but I think we can safely say now too, “digital assets” are becoming mainstream. And they’re becoming very accepted.

Now that’s kind of amusing to us, because we’ve been harping on about this for the last decade! And finally, people are starting to listen. Digital assets are real. They do really make you money, and the great thing that we’re seeing is that people are finally realizing, “Wow, digital assets are like online real estate“. Particularly websites because they generate money, they have value in just their presence online. But I think more importantly:

“You haven’t missed the online boom. I think this is just the beginning.” Matt Raad – eBusiness Institute

Liz: Yes, this is only just starting guys.

Matt and Liz Raad teaching their students how to build website assets for online passive income

Institutional buyers are now investing in websites

Matt: So obviously we’re watching cryptocurrencies becoming mainstream and well accepted. The other evidence that we’ve got of that (of why it’s becoming more accepted), is that over the last 12 months, we are seeing a lot more bigger (institutional) buyers come in.

These bigger players are coming into our space and are starting to buy up websites. These are the exact same types of websites that we’re buying and that our community members are buying. Admittedly, there may be a few extra zeros on those buy prices that these institutions are purchasing.

But what’s even more surprising is some of these institutions (such as private equity firms, venture capitalists and high-level entrepreneurs or companies), are buying up the exact same websites that we teach our eBusiness Institute students to buy and build up.

Traditionally, a private equity firm wouldn’t look at a business under $1 million, or even under $5 million for that matter. Now we have private equity firms buying up what they would consider quite small websites for around $1 million. And I know some of you maybe think, “Wow, that’s a really big site”, but to a private equity firm it’s not.

Have I Missed the Online Boom?

Private equity firms generally have unlimited funds. They just raise funds, and they can buy up whatever they want. Traditionally they’ve bought bricks and mortar businesses. So the cool thing is we’re seeing them move more and more into our space with what we’re doing online.

Liz: Which is great because that means we’re seeing a lot more growth. So if you ever thought, “Okay, have I missed the boom?” No, we definitely don’t believe you have, and we think there is a whole lot more to come.

We’re still seeing really good, strong, consistent growth in the move to retail sales online, so e-commerce etc. And of course, the more money people spend online, the more money is spent on advertising (which is our model), so we make more money out of that.

Think of buying and renovating websites the same as buying and renovating a property

The other major benefit to buying digital assets such as websites (and the difference between crypto and what we do), is that we can add value. As this market’s growing, what we’re seeing for us and our students, is that we can do really simple stuff.

This of this like buying a property, rather than buying into an investment fund etc. We actually control the asset and we can add value to it. We can do some quick and easy renovations to the website and double that site’s income and value very quickly. So not only are we riding the growth up, we’re actually increasing the value of these assets.

Renovating websites for profit is similar to renovating a house, but much simpler!

Example of our student building a website asset from scratch to make over $1,000 passive income per month

And we’ve got students also building these websites from scratch. Actually, Jason (one of our Champion students) told us the other day that he built a website from scratch just over a year ago. It’s now hit $1,000 a month in income, and he’s about to sell that asset off. He’ll get somewhere around $40,000 or $50,000 out of that, and he certainly hasn’t had to pick up a hammer or nails or work with tradies. He’s done that all from home on his computer.

So this is a very exciting time, where you can build assets for yourself, starting from scratch with very little funds, and basically use just your knowledge and skills to create assets online.

Now’s the time to consider a new Asset Class for digital assets

I’m sure you’ve heard, we’ve got a whole lot of classes of assets and the ability to trade assets going forward (using these non-fungible tokens etc.). We’ve also got the ability to invest directly in businesses and companies using these new cryptocurrency technologies. So it is a very exciting time going forward.

Matt: Absolutely.

Liz: You don’t have to know about all that though. All you need to know is that:

“In the world right now, there is a moment of great change in our history. And it’s definitely a time to be up on this knowledge and understanding what’s going on.” – Liz Raad, eBusiness Institute

Matt: And to be considering digital assets as an investment class. So, it’s not just the traditional own a business or own shares or own real estate. Now we’re adding a fourth one, which is owning digital assets.

Liz: So get into it guys, over this coming month. I know many of you are already onboard with us. We are doing exciting things at the moment. So you’ll be investing in those assets and growing those. If you haven’t already, then maybe find out more because we’d love to show you how to actually get into this marketplace and add value to your very own digital assets by buying websites for passive income.

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