When it comes to buying websites and domain names, it can be a bit confusing whether to own it against a business name or your own personal name or an ABN. Especially when you’re buying a domain name in Australia. Today we chat to Jeanette Jifkins from Onyx Legal, about whether we need an Australian Business Number (ABN) to buy websites or domain names.

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Do I need an ABN to own, operate or buy a website?

Matt Raad:               Today I’m here at the kitchen table with Jeanette Jifkins from Onyx Legal. And today’s question is – here in Australia, do I need an ABN (or a business name) to operate a website, or to buy and sell websites?

Jeanette Jifkins:         An ABN and a business name are actually two different things. An ABN is a business registration number. And a business name is basically just a name.

If you want to register a business name, you do need to have an ABN. But regardless of that, you don’t have to have either of those things to buy a domain name. Particularly if the domain is a “.com”.

Do I need an ABN to purchase a domain name in Australia?

Matt:               And being in Australia, it’s immaterial, isn’t it? When using a “.com”, you can purchase in your own name.

Jeanette:         Yes. But if it’s a “.com.au” (or it’s got a particular ending like that) , there may be other obligations that apply.

Here in Australia it’s a bit harder to get a “.com.au” unless you have an ABN. There are conditions around “.org” etc. so you just have to comply with those conditions.

But if you’re just getting started, and you’re purchasing a “.com”, then you don’t need anything special.

Do I need multiple ABNs to purchase multiple domain names?

Matt Raad and Jeanette Jifkins speak about buying websites, domain names & ABNs
Matt Raad and Jeanette Jifkins speak about buying websites, domain names & ABNs

Matt:               Great, but if you do want to go the Australian “.com.au”, then you need an ABN. Do I need separate ABN’s for multiple domains?

Jeanette:         Oh gosh, no!

Matt:               You can have one ABN and have multiple domain names sitting underneath that.

Jeanette:         Absolutely.

Matt:               And they don’t have to be related or anything like that?

Jeanette:         No. And actually, if you do want to go down the path of registering a business name, then you can use the business name to identify the registrant of all the domain names, with your ABN, instead of your own personal name.

So, it’s just a privacy thing instead of paying for privacy, you can do it that way. But you don’t have to have it by any means.

Matt:               Because registering a business name in Australia, was it around $36 a year?

Jeanette:         Yes, perhaps around $85 for three years.

Matt:               So there you go. $85 dollars to register a business NAME in Australia – I think that’s worth it especially if you are going to be buying websites or building websites. Awesome, thanks for that Jeanette.

Jeanette Jifkins regularly speaks at the E-Business Institute’s Digital marketing workshops & training boot-camps about the legal aspects of buying websites and all things to do with website legals.

Matt Raad
Matt Raad

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