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SPY500 Index chart april 2020

Corona Market Update – Will The Market Go Lower?

Last night we ran a special update webinar to look at the latest economic situation as the Coronvirus pandemic rolls out across the world. Many things are have changed in even just the last week including my personal views on the share market and the economy.

This webinar is split into three main parts:

  1. Why The Market May Fall Further –  we take a look at the current economic situation and then a look at history to show us how and why a market can continue to drop to new lows
  2. Signs Of A Market Bottom – One day this shall pass and at that time understanding how to recognise the signs of a market bottom can be a lucrative skill to have under your belt. For example, some of the worlds wealthiest investors like Warren Buffett made their fortunes when everyone else was selling.
  3. I invited a special guest – one of our awesome graduates Pete who has been quietly buying up simple, safe, small websites as a side hustle to build up an alternative “back-up” side income for insurance in these challenging times. He shares with us some awesome wins he has had online in the last two weeks and takes us through a site that has now doubled in income due to the Coronavirus outbreak

There’s no doubt that Coronavirus is having a significant impact on the world economy right now and this webinar is designed to give you ideas to help you in your planning moving forward through these challenging times and most importantly set you up on the other side for success.

Please note – this is NOT financial advice or a recommendation to buy or sell certain assets. We just want to share the strategies and thought processes that we and many of our business friends are implementing.

Here is another interesting article on this topic written by Dr Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy and Economics and Chief Economist for AMP Capital: https://www.ampcapital.com/au/en/insights-hub/articles/2020/march/is-coronavirus-driving-a-recession-depression-or-an-economic-hit

Interestingly Dr Oliver suggests there are big differences compared to the Great Depression and a long drawn out global downturn is not inevitable. Furthermore he says that growth could rebound quickly once the virus is under control.

If you would be interested in hearing further updates from us as events unfold, comment below and let us know.

Or if you would like to add to this perspective or have new information that would help our community, share with us in the comment section as we can all help each other through this volatile time in history.